The level of competition on mobile game marketplace has been a roller coaster ride for game developers. However, it has only helped app store to come up games which have been enjoyed by audiences. Adventure, mission, sports and cards are tried and tested genres. However, the app store games always have a uniqueness compared to the others. Flee Bird game launched for iPhone and iPadusers have managed to grab the attention of gamers throughout the world. As the name suggest, it involved a bird and its journey through different challenges and levels.

Flee Bird has a small blue coloured bird as the protagonist. The players have to tap on the bird along their screens to collect the useful things available on the airway. There are both good and bad things which the bird will find on the journey. By tapping on the bird, the players have to gather as many coins, diamonds and fruits as possible. The birds will also come face to face with sparrows, flying planes and bombs. It has avoid contact with these things to move forward successfully to the next level.

Flee Bird is the brainchild of developer Dana Mallano. The game developer has a history of creating enjoyable games across genres. Some of his creations includeMy Emo, Imalize Free, Swimmie Fish and FruitZzie.This Free to Download Game has simple mechanics which can be easily understood by gamers across age group. As soon as the game opens, there are three options displayed on screen namely, play, store and objectives. The bird will be moving through the air above a green landscape featuring trees and greenery over brownish land. The number of fruits collected and total distance covered are displayed on the right and left portion of the screen at the top.

The players can store a variety of things which they discover on the journey. This includes clever leaf, coins, clock, whistle, jet and magnet. These objects can be used as per necessity in the different stages of the game. However, the player should have enough coins to afford the power ups. Thus, it is important to collect as many coins as possibly while flying in the sky. Flee bird game provides the players with a complete game experience with its graphics, pace, tone and easy controls.

The Action Game is designed for iOS powered devices, especially iPad and iPhones. It comes in version 1.1 which will only occupy 17 mb space. The game is particularly optimized for iOS 5.0 in iPhone 5. It has many exciting levels which would never give a tired feeling to the gamers. The moments of joyride may get the Player addicted irrespective of age and preferences. Universally spoken and understood English language will make it suitable for the language speakers across countries and borders. There is no need to be a hardcore Gamer to play flee bird as beginners can also enjoy this game.

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