FlapThatBat Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review

FlapThatBat Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review


What if iPhone games had existed back at the dawn of animation?

Take a whimsical journey back into an alternate past, where the primitive cartoons of the 1920’s co-existed with the handheld wireless devices of today… a parallel timeline in which the Cellular Telephonic Device was all the rage just as the movie industry was taking its first faltering steps. Aerfish Studios of Glendale was there, hand-crafting some of the most memorable black-and-white “Retr-O-mation” games of that entire (invented) era.

We’ve rummaged through our extensive (though, thankfully, imaginary) archives to find and bring you this early example of the genre: “Flap That Bat.”

“Flap That Bat” asks you to help our intrepid flying mammal get through a spidery graveyard, while tapping your toes to the music of Judy Carmichael and her band of musical misfits. Watch out for tombstones and dancing spiders, though!

And please — if you’d like us to rummage around in our archives for more examples of this lost (some might say “never existed”) genre, help make sure this one is a success by spreading the word!

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