FirstLook: Instant Celebrity Photos iOS App By Noozcard Inc

FirstLook: Instant Celebrity Photos iOS App By Noozcard Inc


Celebrities, celebrities, and more celebrities. Your instant celebrity fix, the best celebrity photo app, just got better! Think of FirstLook as the ultimate digital celeb magazine, made up of only the celebrities you care about, updated as soon as it happens, with a selection unlike any other. Don’t settle for just one or two photos that an editor decided you should see, every photo from every angle is now at your fingertips. You see the photos at the same time the world’s top media editors do, giving you the ability to be the first to see and share the image. With FirstLook you are a trend starter, not a trend follower.

FirstLook features :- 
# Follow the celebrities that matter most to you, no matter how big or small, we have nearly 100,000 to choose from.
# Alerts for new images sent right to your phone as soon as they’re taken.
# If celebrities are there, so are we! View all the related images at parties, events and important social happenings large and small. See all the photos from the entire event, not just one like on other services.
# There are events happening all over the world every day, and we have photographers there covering them.
# Explore is a curated feed around trending, relevant and popular content in entertainment.
# Flashback pics of some of the earliest shots of the celebrities you follow are now delivered to your home feed
# Share, copy, and embed to your heart’s delight, it’s free and legal for personal, non-commercial use
# Follow your favorite photographers to keep up with all of their latest pics
# Discover and follow new artists that you aren’t currently following through search or in the Explore tab.
# Visit a celebrity’s profile page to see every image of them, from every event.
# Search for anyone from our library of nearly 100,000 celebrities and more than 40 million pictures.
# Filter and sort search results by date, to hone in on the exact photo you are looking for.
# Daily updates for featured female and male models and celebrities, daily fashion updates and alerts, and featured worldwide event of the day.
# Create,curate, and share collections of your favorite photos.

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