Fire-Balls Simple & Addictive iOS Game By JCMNLCVOO

Fire-Balls Simple & Addictive iOS Game By JCMNLCVOO


Will you be the Fire-Ball Ultimate Champion and have your name displayed at the top of the level screen in all the Fire-Balls apps played around the World? This will be as follows: Ultimate Champion: Jecy (706 balls)
You will be the Top Player of Fire-Balls in the world and the one to beat. Please see screenshot for example.

Easy to play, easy to make it through the Achievements, very challenging to become the Top Player. Made for players of all ages

Will you be the first Fire-Ball champion or better the Ultimate Champion? The name of the Ultimate Champion will be displayed in all the games played across the world as well as the top score, visible to one and all. See screenshot on Jecy

Are you a Top Game Player? Measure yourself with the very best and see if you are a Supremo, WorldClass or Champion Player …

Try … go through the different Achievements and see where you get to !!!

Dare, dare and dare to succeed to be the all time or Ultimate champion. Become the Fireball Champion! The crown could be yours to take!

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