Finding out fashion store around the world is easy with The Reel

Finding out fashion store around the world is easy with The Reel


In usual way I love to engage in fashion and boutique as it is a part of my profession. For this purpose I also need help to find out the stores. Fortunately one of my friends recommends me one app name as The Reel. This brings local fashion at my home. It’s now easy for me to find out the designer outfit and boutiques around the globe.

This app is working for mainly three kinds of things.

  • Discovering of outfits from designer brands and boutiques near by
  • Share the outfit with your friends
  • Upload your views and make the community inspired by you

There is different kind of outfit inspiration for several niche fashion categories like hiking, sports, yoga, whatever you do. The app is perfect for designer shopping.

What kind of benefit I get from this:

It is now possible to get thousands of fashionable outfit from around the world. One of the other interesting things about this app is that they are partner with retail stores, influencers & fashion brands. This helps in finding out new outfit every day. It gives me a new and different shopping experience with the use of technology.

I highly recommend this app as it is easy to search, navigate and purchase shopping.




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