Find your similar interest in images with Sociasta

Find your similar interest in images with Sociasta


Many of us find that company which has similar interest and this same happens to me. There are many apps which are providing a way to share images with the world but Sociasta is a unique app. This app enables you to show your images to the world and find others who have similar interest.

Sociasta Features:

  • No requirement of followers to share photos
  • It allows users to share pictures on the other social media platform
  • Latest photos
  • Explore your feeds based on activities and feelings
  • Feedback option
  • The option of changing the password
  • Editing of profile

The main thing is that there is no system of followers or following on this platform. You just need to post to a subcategory and for 24 hours your image will be there. Other people will be able to like your picture, comment on them, share your picture and dislike the same but this will be only when you will enable this feature.

The uniqueness in this application is all about its connecting through activities and feelings. There are many categories in this app like eating pizza, celebration, traveling, eating and celebrating etc. It’s not a business app, its only use for the personal use.

Why do I like this app?

Sociasta is a unique app. This application is actually a unique app which provides a way to find similar interest through sharing of photos. I find many people who have similar interest like me. You can easily choose the category that best suits you.

Last words:

Overall, I’m happy with Sociasta application. It is a wonderful app on which you can upload a picture and find the similar interest. I highly recommend this application. It is a good combination of features and uniqueness.




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