Find the Melody New Music Puzzle App For iOS Lovers

Find the Melody New Music Puzzle App For iOS Lovers


Find the Melody is the music puzzle game, where levels are famous classical masterpieces and mechanics are based on your musical skills (instead of agility).


Find the Melody has an extraordinary mechanics which makes the most of your own sense of hearing, and only then of the agility of your fingers. In contrast to typical rhythmic games, Find the Melody does not use reflex and skills, but rather your hearing and your sense of rhythm.

Go through 225 levels of increased difficulty in three unique entertainment modes: basic which is based on tonal differences and more advanced: the first one which is enriched in rhythm and the second one which is enriched in sensing the differences between tones.

Play with one of 10 instruments to content your subtle ears even more!
Is Classical music boring? Nonsense! With Find the Melody you will find the fun! \(^-^)/

Game is appropriate for all ages. No exceptions! This game gives great opportunity to elevate your child’s interest for music.

A side effect of playing Find the Melody is the development of music skills, like aural memory, pitch recognizing and sense of rhythm and intervals. Enjoy! \(^-^)/

# A unique gameplay
# Over 200 levels
# Multiple game modes with new challenges
# 10 playful characters with different instruments to unlock
# Beautiful, hand drawn graphic
# Always free updates

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