Final Stand: Waterloo iOS Game Based On Battle & War.

Final Stand: Waterloo iOS Game Based On Battle & War.


The year is 1815. After years of chaos and suffering, the end of the Napoleonic Wars is finally near. However, six days before the infamous Battle Of Waterloo, a large British battalion was attacked and decimated by unknown beings. You are now in command of the few survivors and have to repel the attackers wave by wave, hoping for a miracle…

But fear not! Along with the unknown beings, your men found a stash of futuristic looking weapons. Put down enemies and gain money to make these weapons functional.

*Free To Play Till Day 14, Any Purchase Unlocks The Full Game

# Enjoy Breathtaking Sound Effects and Explosions!!!

# Use The Blunderbuss against bosses, it only costs $ 700!

# Defeat Endless Waves Of The Undead

# Use cannons and mortars to put down enemies in explosive style!

# Give your soldiers the command, and they will fire with pinpoint accuracy.

# Or use your own weapons from the tower to snipe down enemies with accuracy or mow them down with heavy guns

# If you lose simply start off from the last level that you cleared by tapping Continue Game

Turn Blood Effects On Or Off And Set Difficulty Settings In The Options Menu

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