Fall Of Cutie Is An Arcade Falling Game For All Age Groups.

Fall Of Cutie Is An Arcade Falling Game For All Age Groups.


All the cutest champions are lining up for a jump in the greatest parachuting competition. Play as a cute pet kitty, an adorable elephant, or many more of their animal friends.Become the greatest sky diver! Fall as fast as you can, hi five your fans to earn bonuses and combos, dodge obstacles and finally open your parachute and show them, who’s the best.
The red lights are out, now it’s time to jumping higher then the others….and than fall with incredible speed!
Fall of Cutie is an arcade falling game, mostly for Casual players. Rise above the clouds, collect the stars….than fall as fast as You can. But don’t worry, nobody will be angry or upset, if You make mistakes.
Make perfect flag taps to increase Your points!


# Fun casual gameplay
# 13 unlockable jumpers
# Short sessions, lasting fun
# Different characteristics based on their mass
# Surpisingly tactical gameplay
# Global highscores to show off your skills
# Ideal for children, but challenging for hardcore players too
# Watch ads to earn coins faster and unlock new Jumpers and locations
# skydiving

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