Explore the Space and enjoy attacking in the battlefield with “Beyond Helios”

Explore the Space and enjoy attacking in the battlefield with “Beyond Helios”


“Beyond Helios” is a quick shooting action game for Apple devices. If you love playing shooting games on your iPhone or any Apple device, here is an incredible game app for you. You will love and get involved with the game for a long time! You must have tried your efficiency in classic arcade shooter game apps like Sinistar. Beyond Helios is designed with modern tech features and graphics. It is designed with user-friendly features to keep up the excitement level of the players. The players get endless levels and targets in the game.

The Retro Shooting action game for iOS
“Beyond Helios” is available only for iOS. This game is compatible with iOS 8.0 and later versions. This game is perfect for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The stages get generated one after another in a procedure. Every stage contains numbers of different targets. The backgrounds have quite impressive designs and look excellent.

# Beyond Helios integrates several astounding features. Including the major features like-:
# Beyond Helios integrates several astounding features. Including the major features like-:
# Innumerable battlefields generated in a procedure
# Excellent graphics gives a realistic touch to the gaming experience
# Excellent sound brings a real impression of gaming
# Battles are quite challenging and intense to keep up the level of excitement
# Players get currency rewards on completion of levels
# Game gets quite competitive for reaching the high score on leaderboards
# Currency rewards would help in upgrading the game at In-Game shop

Play the Game

The game is quite interesting! Players will start the game with three additional ships which will get replenished after successful completion of the level. In Beyond Helios, your target must be ‘one-hit’ kill. The players can damage the attacking ships with one shot! After obtaining the shield power-up, players will get One-Shot laser. The Shield won’t protect the player’s ship from damage but would give the power to damage other ships. Players can get other power-ups in different levels, i.e., extra ships, bomb, the small stock of heat-seeking missiles, etc. These power-ups appear in a random way which may be useful for the player.

The players must earn maximum gems within less time to for a high score. The players can cross the levels faster but will end up scoring low. The game includes different ships with various unique properties. Players need to buy and unlock the ships. Basic controls and the mechanics of the ships are same. It is quite easier for a new player to play the game. The earned gems would help for buying effects and upgrading the ships. Earning maximum gems at every level, the players would get the support to clear the danger zones and challenging levels and increase the high score!

Obtaining extra ship power-up will be helpful for survival whereas the missiles will be useful to take out the laser-arm battle stations. Players must remember weapons available in their ship will be helpful for the battle.

The players can adjust the size of the UI as well as the zoom level of the battlefield. Swapping visual controls of the game is quite easy. Extract the pleasure of this game paying $0.99!




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