Every week you have chance to win $150,000 JackPot guaranteed.

Every week you have chance to win $150,000 JackPot guaranteed.


100% FREE LOTTO – $150,000 JackPot guaranteed – Win every Saturday!
Cash-Out via PayPal starting from $0.10; Ad-sponsored; Real money; Win big – Win small; Teams win extra.

The amount of money you can win starts out a sum as small as $0.10; you can cash out your winnings through PayPal and actually win big! You can also get your winnings converted into an Amazon Gift Card! The app works on a very simple principle; Mooojo is an ad-sponsored game; the more you play, the luckier you get! The logic is easy – you begin to win money when just two of the numbers you enter match the numbers that are drawn in the winning draw! The game is designed to help you win; every person can earn money for every game they play! Even the very name of the app – Mooojo – has been drawn from the word ‘mojo’ which is an African talisman that is usually worn around the neck to ward off evil and to bring in good luck. You can see how this game is meant to vault you into riches; keep playing and you will definitely win!

There are no in-app sales and the numbers of the winning draw are mirrored from the National German Lotto every Saturday. The Jackpot amount is no small thing – it begins at a $150,000! Win that and you can cash out the amount through PayPal! Another fun fact – you can definitely make it a team effort, simply because teams get to win more! When you build a team, each time you have an entry into your team, you get an extra entry into your own account, guaranteeing that your earnings go up! an extra amount of $25,000 is offered only to team winners!

All you have to do is to choose a few numbers and as long as Lady Luck is on your side – which we hope she is! – you will be able to make it big, every Saturday, every Jackpot! The app also offers you a weekly summary of your draws, statements and the like so you are not cheated out of your money or your account details!

The app has been designed to be simple and the user interface is easy to navigate; it’s colorful and it’s funky, so download it today! Users of Android will have to check out their cash via iPhones, but the app is available for play on both Google and Apple Stores, so get it today and hit it big! You do not have to travel all the way to Las Vegas to try your hand at the slot machines – just get Mooojo – FREE LOTTO – and you can sit at home, swipe away with your thumbs and hit Jackpot!


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