eMarketsTrade is a financial app, mainly focused on cryptocurrency trade. It provides an easy way to remain updated with the latest cryptocurrencies opportunity.

While the world turned to digital in almost every aspect of human activities, the financial sector has kept the same structure, using technology mostly as an enhancement to a traditional “analogical” general model. Now things are changing and cryptocurrencies started gaining enough consent to shake the giants of the financial industry. It is now that we see the technology behind cryptocurrencies being integrated in the traditional model and it is also now that trading giants of Wall Street are said to be integrating Bitcoin trading in their own offer. Now cryptocurrencies are making their roots stronger day after day and throughout the world, the amount of people engaging in crypto exchange and trading is growing thanks to the potential of performance. Now more than ever it is vital to have an easy and fast access to the market in order to stay in touch with the major trends and seize opportunities.

Here eMarketsTrade enters the picture, providing a simple, fast, reliable and secure access door to the cryptocurrency market, and now it brings the market in your pocket, making trading crypto only one screen tap away.

This app is opening the crypto trading to all those who are engaging in the digital currency world. Volatility is high and rates change very fast, thus yes it is really mandatory in such a market to stay informed and close to the events.


  • Trade: Follow the various cryptocurrencies evolution for simplex crypto.
  • Deposit: Deposit the desired trading amount directly from the app
  • Withdraw: Withdraw the desired amount anytime
  • Bonuses: Access all account information
  • Trade History: Check your trades history
  • Asset Index: easily scroll among the various assets
  • Transactions: Check your pending and completed transactions
  • Past Expiries: Get the information about the asset expires along with expiry rate.
  • Support: Get help from the supporting team related to the app
  • Setting: Select your language and manage other settings like enabling trade notification.

eMarketsTrade is a great opportunity to get grip on the cryptocurrency market. One access point to a complete tool-set to learn, develop strategies and trade.

Availability & price: The app is available for Android platform and its download is free.


eMarketsTrade is a great platform for cryptocurrencies trading. Grab the opportunity of trading crypto directly from your device. Being in touch with the cryptocurrencies market now is literally in your hands.


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