Easy way to expand geography knowledge

Easy way to expand geography knowledge


I love to read geographical facts and I’m really happy to get Geography Amazing Facts App which is really amazing. The app is available in both stores i.e. Google Play & Apple Store. In my free time, I use to access this app to gain more and more knowledge. The app is covering all the important knowledge that makes the complete Geography.

For getting a good knowledge of whole earth, this app is really perfect. You can get facts about dessert, lakes, rivers, continents and many more. It’s a user-friendly app with simple graphics. Let’s see its other features.


  • Easy Language
  • Different topics
  • For every topic, there is quiz
  • There are total 20 topics
  • Sound system is there so that you can also hear the facts
  • Installation of Google Text to speech engine availability
  • Available in English & Russian languages

Noted: The topics from 1 to 7 are free but topics from 8 to 20 are locked which you need to purchase it.

Is this app is age specific?

No, the app is not age specific, its available for everyone as knowledge can be gained by anyone.

Is this app is paid?

No, the app is totally free and is available at both play stores.

Thanks to the developer team:

I want to say thanks to the developer team for bringing this concept.






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