Drawmatch iOS App Help To Test Your Drawing & Sketching Skills

Drawmatch iOS App Help To Test Your Drawing & Sketching Skills


We’re excited to introduce DrawMatch, a brand new drawing game where you can test out your drawing skills and even compete with friends! After drawing a given image from our database, your work will be matched and given a score by our intelligent grading system. Use it to hone your skills or go head-to-head with others!

# Have your art graded by our intelligent judging system!
Upon finishing your masterpiece, your art will be put through our judging system and be awarded a score of up to 100. See just how high you can score!

# Use a variety of different tools to make your masterpiece!
Including tools like pencils, brushes, pens, line tools, and a variety of different colors which are all completely free, DrawMatch offers a variety of different ways to make your art come to life!

# Make use of the 3D touch technology! (iPhone 6S exclusive)
With the brush tool, you’ll be able to make strokes of different intensities. Whether your art requires thick lines or a light touch DrawMatch has you covered!

# Build your gallery and share it on Facebook!
Love your art and your score? Save it to your gallery within DrawMatch and even share it on Facebook so that all your friends can see what you’ve done!

# Compete online with friends and strangers all across the world!
Want to see who the better artist is? DrawMatch’s multiplayer mode allows you to compete with others by having each player draw the same image. Which masterpiece is better? It’s all up to the intelligent judging system to decide!

# Stay updated with an ever-growing library of DrawMatch subjects!
Never fear about running out of unique images to draw! Our developers are constantly updating our database of images to give you the freshest experience possible!

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