Disappearing Bedside Clock Utilities App For iPhone

Disappearing Bedside Clock Utilities App For iPhone


Embrace the darkness!

A bedside clock that keeps you in the dark—except when you want to know the time. The clock display disappears after an adjustable time interval, letting you (and the device) rest peacefully.

Touch the screen to check the time, which will again disappear after the adjustable interval. On iPhones in portrait orientation, you don’t have to touch the screen to see the time. Simply hold your hand in front of the screen to activate the iPhone’s proximity detector and the time display!

Optional brightness dimming is also provided, which lowers the screen’s backlight brightness once the clock has disappeared to produce an even darker display and lower power consumption.

# Adjustable, automatic time-display fadeout
# Swipe left to immediately darken the display
# Swipe right or tap to display the time (proximity detection on iPhones in portrait orientation)
# Double tap to toggle between automatic disappearance mode and always-on time display
# Pan vertically with two fingers to adjust undimmed display brightness

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