Diamond The Game is good way to take challenge.

Diamond The Game is good way to take challenge.


There are so many games on my mobile which are challenging. It’s because I always prefer challenge in the game and I think the game is incomplete without that. Recently I download new game name as Diamond the game. I must say the game is quite full of challenging and use the brain power. There is no complicay in its strategy but yes, it’s somewhat hard to play.

Let’s see its features:

  • Option to choose a background
  • Tutorial to know the playing strategy
  • Game sound
  • Arrow to move the coming blocks in right or left

How to play?

The main thing in this game is to make Gigadiamond. There will be triangle shape chips will be coming from the top and you need to make diamond, rhombus and triangle. This will be possible when you set and arrange the chips in such a manner that it takes those shapes. Mind it sure that chips will be coming in fast speed so need to keep your eyes open.

I would like to recommend Diamond the game to those who like to have a challenge in their game. It’s a nice game that is simple enough to understand. It’s my personal suggestion to keep patience.




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