Developer Cheat Sheet for iOS iPhone App: Review

Developer Cheat Sheet for iOS iPhone App: Review


Learn how to develop your own apps NOW!

Have you ever wanted to make your own app? Have a great idea but don’t know where to begin? Tired of scouring the web only to be disappointed with outdated and misguiding material?

With plenty of material to offer, ranging from tutorials, tips, tricks, shortcuts, advice, practice material, application organization tools, resources and more, Developer Cheat Sheet for iOS will get you and your project going and headed for success.


# A Community section, where you and other iOS developers can discuss Xcode, iOS development, post questions, and more!
# Xcode Shortcuts for using Xcode more efficiently and increasing your productivity while developing!
# iOS SDK UIKit list of objects with their meanings and purposeful uses!
# Many tutorials on adding and implementing features with FULL source code available for download!
# Design tips, advice, and information!
# Quizzes are available to practice what you’ve learned. A new quiz will be available each update!
# Organize your application with the built in organization tool! Save multiple slots and export to clients!
# PDF templates to help in designing your applications!
# Sample backgrounds and icons, in standard and retina resolutions, with PSD templates for modifications as well!
# Sample projects with FULL source code available for download to assist in adding features and get your app going!
# If all of that isn’t enough, then there’re also links with more content available for purchase/free downloads!
# Regular updates!
# All this and more!

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