Darts Scorer iPhone App: Review

Darts Scorer iPhone App: Review


Focus on hitting the bull’s-eye instead of calculating the score with Darts Scorer, the easy, intuitive way to keep track of the score and more. With support for the darts games Cricket and ‘01, always know who’s up next, what to aim for, and who wins .

# Know the score and the current turn, throw, and round at a glance with individual game screens for Cricket and ‘01
# Just tap to record the number hit (or a miss) and the score is automatically updated
# Quickly fix a scoring mistake- just tap to undo
# Keep track of opened and closed numbers in Cricket
# Know right away when a player goes out or the score goes bust in ‘01
# See who wins instantly- Darts Scorer knows the rules and alerts when there is a winner
# Play a game of ’01 with 1 to 4 players or a round of Cricket with 2 players
# Switch up the length of an ’01 game with support for 301, 501, 601, 701, and 1001
# Keep track of each player’s scoring history by tapping his/her name to reveal the score sheet
# Personalize your games with custom player or team names
# Brush up on the rules for Cricket and ‘01
# Mix up the game with Double In and Double Out variations for ‘01
# Plan your next throw in ‘01 with the out table

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