Cubama iPhone App : Review

Cubama iPhone App : Review


Get Ready to Cubama – an exhilarating and endless 3D reflex game with a twist!

Cubama is a game that requires you to manipulate a moving 3D-shaped piece, by tapping on your screen to get it through the opening of an oncoming wall. While the game is simple, it gets challenging as a new block gets added to your piece at each milestone and travels at an increasingly faster speed. With each wall crossed, you gain one point. Hit the wall and its back to wall one for you!

Cubama requires concentration and most importantly good reflexes as you pivot your growing block!

# Journey your way through endless obstacles in a challenging game that is guaranteed to make your heart beat faster!

# Brag your high score on Facebook for all your friends to see

# Keep an eye out for the competition by checking your friends’ bragged scores displayed on the farthest wall they’ve reached

# Enjoy travelling through a tron-esque game environment

# Enjoy original Game Cooks music, which picks up and goes faster as you progress in the game.

Only your Cubama skills can dictate your score. Are you up for the challenge?

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