Cuaround iOS App Automatically Connects Students With Their Classmates

Cuaround iOS App Automatically Connects Students With Their Classmates

Cuaround – pronounced ‘See you around’ is a brand new social networking app for college students that automatically connects and groups you with classmates and other students at your school using your unique school email address without the hassle of having to find them and adding them yourself. Interactive maps (Google) also allows you to search for students at any other school. Currently the app is available on Apple devices and going through final testing for iTunes approval.

A messaging app that automatically groups students with their classmates at their respected institution.
A simple signing up process that requires the students school email address, verification of the school email address & let the fun begin.
How it works
The uniqueness of Cuaround is it automatically connects students with their classmates. You can see these steps how app work.

Step 1 :- students can only use their school email address to verify themselves and to make them feel safer.

Step 2 :- The apps API analyzes each students in order to group them to their proper institution.

Step 3:-  Ex: would be I am a new, transfer or international student. I am looking to connect with other students at my school other than my classmates I see in class everyday. By signing up with Cuaround, the apps API automatically groups me with other students sharing the same The app does the work for me when it comes to connecting me with other students at my school.

The more and more students at my school sign up, the more and more my contacts automatically increase giving me the opportunity to connect more with other students, than I would have without it.
The app also has an interactive map that can be used to search for other colleges and students across the country or nearby schools and students. The app picks up nearby students at real time letting you know who’s around you.


Launch Date :-  November 17, 2015






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