Crazy Truck Driver : Dump ‘n’ Dash iPhone App : Review

Crazy Truck Driver : Dump ‘n’ Dash iPhone App : Review


Race behind the wheel… pick UP your delivery
Dash and climb, rage and race, uphill and downhill, on road and off-road then deliver the goods and Dump n Dash onwards to the next level. In this fun, crazy and addictively enjoyable physics adventure!

How To Play
Select TAP or Tilt option and away you go !
this is game of skill and stead-handedness

The crazy truck driver waits for his goods to be tipped into the back of his truck. He must then race as fast as he can to deliver the goods but WITHOUT losing any of his load!

This game is a great test of skill and crazy enjoyable to play.
The store is available to choose 4 different Trucks to drive.
The game is synchronised with Facebook. So you can tell all your friends and keep score

Over 16 different levels on 3 different speed modes, Slow, Medium and Fast .
Make sure you deliver ALL of your delivery load AND don’t drop ANY!

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