Coosi Box iOS App Promotes Your Children’s Unrestricted Creativity With A Twist-...

Coosi Box iOS App Promotes Your Children’s Unrestricted Creativity With A Twist- FREE


Coosi Box promotes children’s unrestricted creativity with a twist. Your child can pick a theme they like most, fill the screen with whatever their imagination tells them to, and watch their own creation become part of a hilarious animated story scene. The same scene will be different every time so there will always be loads of surprises and fun!

“Guess what happened before”, or “Imagine what is going to happen next”. The app not only fosters creative drawing, but it can be an excellent tool to practicing a creative story telling. Children can work with their friends or parents, and inspired by their own creations they can tell their own surprising stories. The picture stories can then be published and shared with other players via a dedicated gallery. Apart from that, the app is full of cute and funny sounds that children of all ages will love!

With Coosi Box your child can
# create their unique profile in a cartoon style choosing from endless cute and funny characters
# choose from many unique scenes that are regularly updated
# use a simple and child-friendly drawing tool to create their stories
# draw their own pictures which will become part of short animations full of surprises
# save and share their creations with other children from all over the world by publishing them in the Coosi Box gallery
# see what other children came up with
# choose their favourites

Additional features-
# Process-oriented
# Fully ad-free
# No in-app purchases
# Ideal for kids aged 5 – 8

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