Coolson’s Pocket Pack iphone Game App !!! Review

Coolson’s Pocket Pack iphone Game App !!! Review


A tasty new word game that fits in your pocket.

From The Penguin Who Brought You The BAFTA-winning Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet, Coolson’s Pocket Pack is a Fun-size Word Game For iPhone and iPad.

Coolson’s Signature Chocolate Letters Are Dropped Into The Top of The Packing Stage One By One. Your Job is To Take Them Out of The Bottom And Pack Them Into Words. Work Faster Than They Drop in, Though, Because The Game Ends When Chocolates spill over the top! Rack up the points by making chains: two or more words in a row without recycling any letters. It’s a game of spelling, speed, strategy and nerve.

Compete against your friends on Game Center for the title of Employee of the Week!

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