Cookys – make your own cookies and drop them at random places.

Cookys – make your own cookies and drop them at random places.


For all those wanting to satisfy your inner cookie monster, here is a golden opportunity to do just that!


Aptly titled “Cookys”, the game has been designed to catapult you into a world of cookie heaven. You will be given the chance to pick up choco cookies from your neighborhood and add them to your collection.


That’s right, the game makes you pick up cookies strewn all over your city at random access points! Starting from your location, make your way around town, picking them up and increasing your scoreline.


The main aim of the game is to collect as many Cookys as possible, in order to advance. What’s more, you have the chance to make your own cookies and drop them at random places. When you stumble upon your dropped cookies, you are awarded points ranging between 100 and 1000, depending on the size of the cookie.


The game is highly addictive and created to enthrall you. You must navigate through the streets in your neighborhood and make your way to the variably sized cookies. They will be strategically placed around you, in order to help you avail maximum adventure.


The interface looks like Google maps and makes for fun filled game play. The score is available on top of the screen and will keep track of your progress.


What’s more, you have the chance to share your score with friends and family and also compete with their scores. Simply press the twitter button that is integrated on top of the page and you will let your friends and family know your score.


The game is available on iOS 9.0 and above. It is compatible with all apple products including iPhone, iPad and the like. It takes up about 25 MB of space, which is quite low for a high quality game.


The interface of the game is extremely smooth and make for great game play. It has been designed keeping in mind a wide audience base. The latest version has been further enhanced with bug fixes and comes with a rating of 4+.  Play now best game !!
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