Control the ball in challenging Hopper & collect the gems

Control the ball in challenging Hopper & collect the gems


Playing the game is really full of entertainment and if it’s full of fun then it gets plus point. An interesting game is only determined when it contains lots of fun. Well, I like challenging games as without challenge any sport is incomplete. The kind of high challenge can be found in Hopper game app which I’m playing nowadays.

Hopper is a highly challenging casual game with 40+ carefully crafted levels and a robust leader board. I find it very much user-friendly. The graphics are quite cool and a lot of efforts have been put on in making this game. There are lots of the features which make a good impression on me.

Playing Strategies:

In this game, you need to control the rolling ball in the way. Moreover, you need to collect the rings which are coming in the way by moving the ball right or left. Mind it sure, that ball does not get fall. On completing one level your next level will get unlock. There are in-app purchasing worth to unlock the other world, rings & gems.

Let’s catch those features

  • Guidance in the beginning: You will be guided at the beginning of the game.
  • Controls: The controls of this game are very nice. Although you must have full control on the ball.
  • User Account: You can make your own account in this game.
  • User interface: The user interface in this game is classic.
  • Leader board: Each level has their own leader board where the scores with player name are shown.
  • Customized setting: A user can change the settings like Music volume, Sound FX volume, Resolution, Anti-aliasing.

Different world: There are four different worlds in which you can play.




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