Confessiondolls – Tell us your secrets iPhone App : Review

Confessiondolls – Tell us your secrets iPhone App : Review


Share your secrets anonymously and get rid of all the emotional baggage you don’t need in life. A Confessiondoll is your private guardian who lets you ventilate your most horrible, unpleasant, ugly and shameful experiences in life.

The world of Confessiondolls is a dark, gloomy, but emotionally suiting environment to post your stories and read those of others about life as it is. Follow other Confessiondolls and their stories. Support them by ‘heart’-ing their stories. Share or tweet a story to bring awareness to the stories through social media.

In a graphically stunning environment you can scroll through the users and their stories. Browse through the users with different sorting options; favorite, popular or most active users/stories.

Make your own Confessiondoll by creating an account, this requires only a username and password (email address optional). Customize your doll as you like; hairstyles and colors. Boys don’t worry; its not a dress, Confessiondolls are just strange creatures.

With more then 10K+ stories you will have hours of reflecting, confronting and backing material to enjoy or withstand.

Feel free and liberated after reading or writing in the world of Confessiondolls.


=>Beautiful vector graphics
=>iPhone 5 compatibility
=>Physics driven user interface
=>Customizable avatar
=>Write unlimited confessions, stories and secrets (public & private)
=>Password protected archive/diary
=>Read, ‘heart’, tweet and share confessions of others
=>Follow users
=>Sort dolls by: latest stories, popular stories, favorites, most active
-=>Turn your iPhone 90 degrees to switch between writing and reading.


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