Competitive Trivia iOS App Gameit Offers Deals And Discounts On Your Favorite...

Competitive Trivia iOS App Gameit Offers Deals And Discounts On Your Favorite Products.


Play FREE competitive trivia for deals and discounts on your favorite products. Install gameit to start winning awesome prizes from fun quiz games! Find it. Game It. Win It.

1. Click the play button to answer 10 trivia questions in the indicated trivia topic assigned to the applicable product.
2. The goal is to be the fastest player with the most accurate answers. Remember, once you enter, you can continue to try and increase your score by playing the game as many times as you like.
3. Each trivia contest will remain open until the time runs out.
4. The player who is leading the trivia contest when the maximum number of plays is reached will win a 100% discount on the prize. Other participates will win discounts in accordance with their performance in the game.
5. If the minimum number of players has not entered to play before the end time, then all participants will receive discounts in accordance with their performance.

Gameit makes shopping fun and cheap! Consolatory prizes include items like 10%, 20% ,30% discounts or half off on popular stuff. The contestant with the most right answers wins deep discounts or prizes such as toys, home goods, trendy clothing brands and other great things! The quizzes vary in topic from sports trivia to tricky questions about fashion.
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