Coda – For iPhone App By IDEC, LLC : Review

Coda – For iPhone App By IDEC, LLC : Review


Creative Writing is Satisfying. Collaborative creative writing is fun. Collaborative creative writing on Coda is pure bliss. Better clear your schedule.

Specially designed for iPhone, this app transports you to the writing world in a totally new way via your mobile device. Download now and start creating a masterpiece!

=> collaborate with other writers
=> write ‘solo’ if you choose to
=> contribute to other Coda authors
=> buy pro to create your own literature
=> decide what words to accept or reject
=> choose when to publish your finished piece
=> chat about a piece with other members
=> follow writers that you love
=> gain followers of your writing
=> invite others to a new writing
=> ‘like’ published or in-progress writing
=> get accolades for your actions in Coda
=> share updates on twitter

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