ClipUp – A Visual Task Management Tool For Everyday Use App for...

ClipUp – A Visual Task Management Tool For Everyday Use App for iPhone and iPad : Review


ClipUp is your friendly little helper, designed to make it easy for anyone to jump in, create a board And start organizing their notes, ideas, videos, photos and other media items. It was meant to Accommodate people with a general need to organize and plan, making it particularly helpful for Mothers (and parents in general) as a way to keep track of their children’s needs, requirements, schedules and school projects.

You can create a special board for every aspect of your life:

# PLAN YOUR NEXT PARTY – whether for a special Holiday, someone’s birthday or anything else, ClipUp will help you store notes, save websites, locations, reminders, photos -> everything you need to make the occasion memorable.

# DESIGN YOUR IDEAL HOME – if you’re thinking of redecorating, ClipUp is just the place for you to store the photos of items you like or have found either online or in real life.

# HELP YOUR CHILDREN BE MORE CREATIVE – they can create their own board and store images, notes and files that will help them do better in many of their creative school projects.

# MASTER THE ART OF COOKING – save your favorite recipes, websites and take photos of your final masterpiece to share with all of your friends.

# SAVE YOUR BLOGGING INSPIRATION – a lot of us have taken a liking to the whole blogging activity lately; with ClipUp, you can keep track of all the different things you want to use in your next post.

# ORGANIZE YOURSELF WHEN WORKING FROM HOME – more and more people are taking advantage of the many different ways one can do their work from home; well ClipUp is here to help you keep everything organized, set reminders and make sure nothing is ever overlooked.

# SAVE YOUR DIY INSPIRATION – when it comes to creativity, DIY and ClipUp go together like peanut butter and jelly! Every time you find a good idea, you can save it (as well as an accompanying note) in ClipUp; if you find a tutorial video, you can save that too!

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