ChangeMe Free Health & Fitness App For iPhone and iPad...

ChangeMe Free Health & Fitness App For iPhone and iPad :Review


Significantly improve your personality and quality of life…all while you are fast asleep.

ChangeMe is an ingenuous app that monitors your sleep phase and starts your desired program during your deep sleep to change your subconscious mind.

One of our programs (Lose Weight) is FOR FREE from November 17 to 23, 2014 ONLY. This is a limited time offer so hurry up and get it today.

With the help of the exceptionally finely tuned accelerometer in your iPhone, the ChangeMe app analyzes your movement and starts its hypnotechnology to take you from your deep sleep into a hypnotic trance. You won’t notice anything.

In the hypnotic state, your selected program is played so your subconscious mind is “programmed” to change your bad habits into desirable traits. All while you sleep.

ChangeMe evolved from many years of extensive research.

# Change your personality and bad habits while you sleep
# Has a selection of motivating and self-help programs such as the following:
# Lose weight
# Exercise now
# Free of fear
# Quit smoking
# Self esteem
# Setting goals
# Plays your selected program as you enter your deep sleep phase
# Very user-friendly and easy-to-use
# Works in just three simple steps: listen, start, change
# Lets you track your progress so you will know how far you are in the program
# Time saving – you don’t need to go anywhere else to take advantage of the hypnosis program. Everything happens while you sleep
# Improves depth of sleep

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