Change the way of communication with Willy- The future app for iOS...

Change the way of communication with Willy- The future app for iOS users


Willy is a social app available for iOS devices to allow the users to send texts, photos, and videos to the future. Presetting the date and time, one can store the message with the attachments, and those will automatically get delivered to the recipient on the exact date as set by the user. Willy is a future-focused app unlike Facebook working in the past and Snapchat working in the present! Moreover, Willy also called Time Capsule App.

Willy is an app of advanced digital age. Released on 22nd December 2017, Jaroslaw Gorecki developed this app. This future app is compatible with iOS 10 or later versions. Users can use this app with iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Users can send texts, photos or videos to future setting specific date and time. One can set the future timing from 10 minutes to 10 years. Of course, the future time to be set is limited!

Features : 

# Preset the date and time in future and the message will get delivered precisely on the exact time and date
# Send texts, photos or videos specifying the person in your contact list
# Select the availability period of the message
# Users get full control over the operations as well as privacy
# Users can manually delete the stored messages without any hassles
# Easily can add friends to chat with
# Adjusting and customizing photos is easierSmart functions of Willy

Smart functions of Willy
The recipients would get the notification about the message, and certainly, the recipient would eagerly wait for the message. But the app will never show the message until the date and time arrives! Once the message becomes available to the recipient, you can delete the message. The app honors interest of the users and privacy of the user and the message remain protected for a day, week, month, a year or even a decade! The users need not worry about the privacy of the messages. The privacy of the messages will stay protected, and it is the app users who will set Who, When and How Long will the message be accessible! Willy is here with a revolutionary concept of turning the App world upside down!



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