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Mazy Dungeon is a turn-based strategy game set in an endless maze like dungeon, in which the goal is to warp as far as possible by looking for warp zones, while defeating obstructing creatures using attack moves and items along the way.


  • Endless fun in a randomly structured dungeon
  • In Mazy Dungeon, there are creatures that attack player without reason!
  • There are Random Items in a dungeon to help player go through difficult scenario
  • Increase your level and strength by defeating strong creatures.
  • Use your limited special attacks wisely to take advantage over creatures.

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Email koji@muratadev.com

Launch Date :-  Dec 2016 

Sportz Smash is a new match 3 style puzzle game with a sports theme that makes it unique to all the other ‘candy’ style games. It has beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay for all ages.Even your granny can play!

The objective of the game is to match at least 3 or more of the various balls to meet the target in order to pass each level. Level vary in difficulty and requirements, keeping players engaged throughout 100 levels.


The game features cool powerups such as American Footballer, Golfer, Coach and Referee which all have unique powers to help you pass levels. There is a shop available but with very cheap prices compared to other games and it is not pay to play as you can pass levels without needed to pay anything.

What are you waiting for? Get smashing!

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Website : www.sportzsmash.com

Email sportzsmash@gmail.com


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Launch Date :-  May 2016 


The world is a small place, or they say. However, the day you have to send across something special for a loved one in a different part of the world or order something that you need from overseas, you realise how far stretched out we all are. That is where Delivit comes in to play. Thanks to our unique, simple, reliable and affordable delivery option across the world, no one is far enough to be reached out to.

All you need to do is connect with one of our registered travelers who will personally deliver your product without you having to shell huge amounts of delivery charges. You can sign up as a requester or as a traveler who will help people across the world get access to commodities from any part of the world and be a part of our family.

Deliver it through Delivit and be rest assured that your product will be at your doorsteps in safe hands.

USER FRIENDLY:-  Easy menu options will help you navigate through our app
WIN–WIN SITUATION:- Whether you are a traveler or a buyer, the focus is on profitability of both parties involved.
WORLDWIDE SHIPPING:- Now you can ship from across the world without having to pay the expensive shipping charges and taxes
EASILY ACCESSIBLE:- Order or deliver products with a swipe or click of a few buttons
LIMITLESS OPTIONS:- You can order any number of products from around the world without digging a hole in your pocket
PERSONAL DELIVERY:- Nothing is out of your reach now, as any product can be delivered by choosing the right traveler headed your way.
CUSTOM FREE DELIVERY:- Save hundreds of dollars in custom duty when you order from Delivit
CURRENCY CONVERTER:-Easy currency conversion for international buyers
USER RATINGS:- Safely rely on the past reviews of other user’s deliveries
App Launch Date : MID FEB 2016




Cuaround – pronounced ‘See you around’ is a brand new social networking app for college students that automatically connects and groups you with classmates and other students at your school using your unique school email address without the hassle of having to find them and adding them yourself. Interactive maps (Google) also allows you to search for students at any other school. Currently the app is available on Apple devices and going through final testing for iTunes approval.

A messaging app that automatically groups students with their classmates at their respected institution.
A simple signing up process that requires the students school email address, verification of the school email address & let the fun begin.
How it works
The uniqueness of Cuaround is it automatically connects students with their classmates. You can see these steps how app work.

Step 1 :- students can only use their school email address to verify themselves and to make them feel safer.

Step 2 :- The apps API analyzes each students @schoolname.edu in order to group them to their proper institution.

Step 3:-  Ex: would be I am a new, transfer or international student. I am looking to connect with other students at my school other than my classmates I see in class everyday. By signing up with Cuaround, the apps API automatically groups me with other students sharing the same @schoolname.edu. The app does the work for me when it comes to connecting me with other students at my school.

The more and more students at my school sign up, the more and more my contacts automatically increase giving me the opportunity to connect more with other students, than I would have without it.
The app also has an interactive map that can be used to search for other colleges and students across the country or nearby schools and students. The app picks up nearby students at real time letting you know who’s around you.


Launch Date :-  November 17, 2015





Do you love India as much as we do? If your answer is yes, then come with us and join to our journey to the palace! With each step to the palace you gain knowledge about India in a fun and entertaining way. Go head in over hundreds of questions and various topics from History and Geography to India related IT.

Quiz for India: All new quiz and trivia app just about India. It includes quizzes about India, Indian States, Indian culture, Indian Mythology, Indian Civics, Indian History, cinema, Indian sports, literature, the biggest, the highest, the first in India, Indian constitution, about the famous people of India etc. Quiz For India has questions from Mahabharata, Ramayana and some of the other myths as well.

You will get the knowledge about India’s freedom movement and its great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, jawaharlal Nehru etc.


– History (Its cover historical battles of India, Indian history)

– Famous people (Who was the first…?)

– Culture of India (India have 29 state and all the state have there own languages, religions, dance, tradition games, food, dresses etc.)

– India – Information Technology Quiz.

With new categories being added all the time, Quiz for India is sure to keep you entertained.

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– Track your stats

– Share your score

– Challenge your friends via Game Center

– Test your knowledge; share it with your friends!

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You only have 5 minutes? Whether you are on a train, waiting for a bus, at home or at work you’ll be able to enjoy this game. 10 questions, 10 answers. How many questions can you answer?

Coming soon for more details visit on http://quizforindia.com



The most realistic bowling game ever!

Bowling Central takes you on a bowling adventure with mind blowing
Challenges and state of the art physics simulation! Bowl using intuitive
Swipe controls or realistic Wii-like motion gestures! Your very own
Personal bowling alley, anytime, anywhere!

=> 30 unique bowling challenges + Classic Bowling mode with choice of 3,
6 or 10 frames game.
=> Stunning 3D graphics and state of the art physics simulation
=> Bowl in your style – Straight, Hook, Curve or Custom
=> 24 exclusive and fancy bowling balls
=> Compete with your friends on Facebook
=> Play using intuitive swipe controls or realistic motion gestures.
=> Turn your living room into a bowling alley – Also supports Airplay
Mirroring with Apple TV
=> Sync your progress across devices

So someone had this crazy idea to throw in blockers on the lane, think
you can rise up to the challenge? Whether you like to power straight
Through to the ten pin or hook wide and skid-snap to the middle, we’ve
Got you covered!  Strategise before you roll the ball and spin to dodge
Those challenging obstacles on your way to a Strike!

PBA professional? Bowl with a league? Or simply enjoy a good game of ten
Pin? This game is for you. Suited for kids, boys, girls, men and women
of all ages. It’s your mobile bowling alley, in your pocket.

Motion controls are optional and works with Airplay Mirroring on Apple
TV. Bowling Central is powered by Edison Award winning rolomotion™
Technology which converts raw data from your smartphones’ built-in
Sensors into precise natural gestures.

PUBLISH DATE :-  Tentative (expected) date – Jan 15, 2015






“There are many stories but one common theme… stay away from the
Haunted Manor”._ “Haunted Manor 2” will test users’ mental
abilities and observation skills: using all of their logic and nerves
will be the only way to get to the end of this horror themed adventure.
They will have to explore the house and solve numerous and challenging
puzzles in order to progress through the game. If they succeed, they
will finally discover and maybe solve the mysterious secret behind the

#  A Great Horror Story
# Classic and intuitive point and tap gameplay
# Amazingly funny and clever puzzles
# Many different environments to discover and explore
# 3D Sounds e HDR photography techniques
# Film camera composition
# An interactive original & unique storyline.
# Superb game design.
# High-resolution graphics optimized for retina display
# Multiple languages, AutoSave and much more..


HM2 - icon    







Challenging arcade game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Gather sticks
While maneuvering through dozens of hand-crafted futuristic levels with
Fire, mines, chasing saws, rocket launchers and railguns trying to
Eradicate you! With Game Center leaderboards you will try to master all
levels in direct competition with your friends. Use energetic shockwaves
to get rid of enemies and rush through to beat the highscores all around
The world.

Why TwistiX Unique Game

TwistiX have 60 levels with Many more in the pipeline. A bunch of new features and

game elements –Partly already coded – will be added through frequent updates. The game
is visually very much appealing with an unique design and game mode.
Original dubstep music created especially for the app together with the
Futuristic graphics and a highly addictive and fun gameplay are key
Components of TwistiX that make it stand out against the competition.

App Name:- TwistiX (with the capital X!)

Publish Date:-  Early November

TwistiX   logo

For More Details & Updates about TwistiX please visit on FACEBOOK

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