Deleting the MAC files and data lead to a heavy loss. This unexpected situation happened when we are unaware of any format the device. After deleting the files, recovering all those data is a big deal. There is no way other than you have good software. EaseUS is such software which helps you in recovering your Mac data.

This recovery software is helpful in recovering all your documents, videos, audio, music and other files on iMac or MacBook. Vanishing all the tension about the recovering the data, it is quite simple to use which can recover the data up to 2GB.

Key specification of this software:

  • Supporting multiple file formats
  • Supporting different languages like German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese & Dutch
  • Supporting different devices like HDD, SSD, Memory Card, USB Drive etc
  • Multiple operating systems like macOS 10.14(Mojave), macOS 10.12 (Sierra), MAC OS X 10.11 (EI Capitan)
  • File system like HFS+, APFS, NTFS, FAT etc.

The requirement for this software tool:

There should be a minimum of 32MB disk space. Talking about the CPU, there should be at least 1GHz.

How to use EaseUS to recover the MAC Data?

Just a person needs to follow three simple steps to recover the Mac data. The software works on the following approach.

  • Easy Click
  • Fast scanning
  • Automatic Recovery

When a person will download and install the software, launch it on your MAC computer. Select the location where did you lose your files. After that, click on the scan button to start the scanning. Preview all the recoverable files. If the files are ok as per your requirement click on the “Recover Now” option. You can easily save the recovered data to a cloud or a local drive.

Additionally, with all this, there is also the export/import scan status. On clicking on the export button you can select a path to save the scanning result as .rsf file. The import button you can easily import scan status from the file menu. In this select the previous scanning status (.rsf files).

With the help of disk monitor, you can check the list of useful information on the disk you want to recover. This can be disk temperature, disk type or the disk space usage etc. The last one is data protection which protects your Mac data from accidental deletion.

Edition Comparison:

There are three editions available in this which is as follow

  • Data Recovery Wizard for Mac – Free
  • Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Pro – $89.95
  • Data Recovery Wizard for Mac with bootable media – $129.90

Last words:

EaseUS software is perfect MAC data recovery software that is easy, efficient and cost-effective. It makes the recovery work easy

Download EaseUS tool –


Some of you might be engaged in sending the message on Whatsapp and Viber often. Sometimes it is time-consuming task because you need to save the number each time you send a message. Here I am introducing you to one app name as FastChat which is normal messaging app. The special feature in this app is that it provides a way to send a message without saving the number.

If I talk about features, it is having the option to scan the number, changing the background theme and color, sharing it with friends.  Moreover, you can also add a contact. There are mainly four options on which you can tap as per your need and that are call, SMS, Viber and Whatsapp.

The working strategy of this app is quite simple. You first need to enter the number manually or you can scan the number through the camera. After that you can tap on the option for whatever action you want to do like sending a message on Whatsapp, Viber or call.

There are 9 background themes available in this app. You can also share it with your friends through Gmail, Messaging, Facebook, Google+ etc.

Overall, FastChat is one of the most useful apps. I highly recommend this app. If you are a business person and mostly engage with clients then this app is most useful for you.