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Website promotion and advertising of goods and services have reached a new level. Active consumers spend most of their time on the internet. To effectively promote your business, you need to use digital promotion technologies. And taking into account the peculiarities of user behavior is key.

In today’s world, ways of influencing potential consumers are changing rapidly. Digital Marketing has become one of the most popular methods in recent years. It is capable of not only collecting accurate and objective information about the target audience but also to track the results of brand or product promotion.

Digital marketing is the new science that is being shaped in front of our eyes. The knowledge of digital marketing basics helps to sell products and services to internet users. This makes specialists in this sphere especially valuable.

10 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help You in Any Career

This type of marketing covers literally everyone who uses the internet. From seniors using social media to connect with their kids to social media influencers. The audience is ever-growing. This approach even allows attracting an offline audience to the online market. For example, when you invite a friend to an event, such as a business breakfast, via email.

Digital marketing allows you to collect clear statistics about users, as almost all actions online are taken into account by special services. As a result, conclusions about the effectiveness of individual channels and the portrait of the consumer are more accurate.

When the data has already been collected, it should be analyzed by experts. If you are not an expert, it is better to seek the services of companies such as Essay Pro. You can get help from someone who understands digital marketing and can make extensive analysis. Sometimes it’s worth delegating some work to other people.

So, here are ten various ways digital marketing can help you in any career: 

  1. Blogging 

Thanks to the continued success of YouTube, Instagram Stories and Snapchat, video blogs are more popular than ever.

Different from other types of video content, such as humor or short films, vlogs are more personal. Vloggers communicate directly with the viewer (PewDiePie style). They create a deeper connection, which can benefit marketers trying to establish a stronger relationship with their customers.

So, if you have a small business and want to connect with your consumers, consider vlogging. Show your potential customers how your product or service gets created, and the process behind it. People appreciate it when the brand owner is willing to get closer and has nothing to hide. Transparency is key nowadays.

  1. VR and AR 

AR (augmented reality) is a medium that helps transform our surroundings into a digital environment.

Augmented reality operates in the existing conditions and applies new images over them. This makes the biggest difference with virtual reality because it creates an entirely new atmosphere. It can be a completely made-up world or a simulation of a common situation.

The new technology has facilitated AR availability, making it accessible through a smartphone. That streamlined the development of a whole variety of augmented reality applications.

Brands are actively using and will continue to use virtual and augmented reality. For example, the augmented reality app IKEA Place allows you to put furniture in an apartment before buying it.

  1. Contextual Advertising 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are designed to simplify your work, including optimizing online advertising campaigns.

Advertising, media buying, customer orientation can all be handled by the software. Not only you get more accurate results, but outsourcing these tasks to a bot also spares you time for more important tasks.

Software such as Adobe Marketing Cloud or SmartyAds can help you navigate your online advertising. Real-time bets can be stressful and time-consuming. Not to mention finding suitable ways to advertise.

  1. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is still as viable as ever. According to Oberlo, almost half of the world’s population uses email. This makes it one of the most efficient tools in reaching your audience.

Instead of abandoning this useful channel, digital marketers are reviving it with new attributes. Recently, we have seen a decline in emails and newsletters. In their place are great, perfectly illustrated emails that look like a web designer’s portfolio.

Digital Marketing

  1. SMM – Promotion in Social Networks 

As in the past year, Instagram and Facebook have been the focus of most marketing strategies. Due to the rapid development and constant innovation, Instagram is expected to become the new marketplace. Facebook, of course, is not losing its grip. However, if you’re trying to reach a younger audience, consider posting more Insta-stories.

  1. SMS/MMS Mailing, and WOW Calls 

It will help you to capture those people that you can’t get through the internet. Here, you can find big data on the US phone numbers. It is also important not to disturb people’s space too often. Installing branded applications or organizing WOW calls to the phone now is becoming more popular than SMS or MMS.

  1. Advertising in the App Store 

AppStore has its promotion mechanisms: ratings, reviews, popularity, phishing. First of all, you need to qualitatively design the product page. Advertising text, screenshots, videos, working with ratings and reviews – it all affects success. Consider working with a professional designer before launching an app. The last thing you want is people not using a perfectly designed app due to an uninviting icon.

  1. Billboards and Self-Service Ads Gadgets 

Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals. We often come across them in shops, on the street, and even in subway cars. It is a kind of digital media that gradually displaces standard outdoor advertising, because it allows us to interact more closely with the consumer and catch them by a message or, as POS terminals, help in making purchases.

Devices that can collect information and transfer it to other media are also useful in this field. For example, smartwatches, oculus rift glasses, fitness bracelets etc.

  1. SEO and SEM – Network Search Engine Marketing 

Search engine optimization of your site (aka SEO) will help you take a higher position in the search engine output. This increases the volume of organic (free) traffic.

Tools for SEO: 

  • websites;
  • blogs;
  • infographics
  1. Digital Television 

With each year passing, digital TV more firmly compresses analog and gradually integrates with internet applications. Even now you can use the TV to go to your Facebook page, watch a video on Vimeo or find out the latest news.

The main point is integration with applications on the phone, second screen technology, synchronization with internet advertising.


Outdoor advertising and analog television are losing ground faster every day. The internet provides endless opportunities for growth and development of any type of business.

Detailed analytics and the opportunity to reach a wide audience, without borders, speak about the total advantage of digital marketing. And this is more and more often proved in practice by companies from different industries.

So if you are not yet using these tools in your business, you should think about revising your approaches and start right now.

There are a lot of advertising agencies that you can turn to for help. But this does not mean that you cannot master all aspects of digitized marketing on your own. All you need is time and desire.


Apple today released the second official update to the iOS 10 operating system, nearly one month after releasing iOS 10.0.2 and a month and a half after providing the new iOS 10 operating system to the public. iOS 10.0.3 comes ahead of iOS 10.1, a more significant update that brings a Portrait mode depth-of-field effect to the iPhone 7 Plus.

iOS 10.0.3 can be downloaded as an over-the-air update on all iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices.


ios10 update


It’s unclear exactly what the issue was. But iPhone 7 owners began complaining late last month and well into October about the device randomly dropping its LTE signal or showing a “No Service” icon when attempting to use Google Maps or Waze. This appears to be an issue mainly with how the phone interacted with Verizon’s network, and some users have theorized that it had to do with how the telecom handles transmitting voice and cellular data simultaneously. So toggling the “Enable LTE” function to “Data Only” in the settings panel seemed to temporarily solve the issue,

With this update, Apple has issued an official fix. So if you’re an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus user who’s experienced wonky cell

Your app will only appear in the search results for keywords and key phrases present in those fields, so it’s a hard decision to make.

Keyword optimization (also known as keyword research) is the act of researching, analyzing and selecting the best keywords to target to drive qualified traffic from app store to your app.

Keyword search optimization is a critical step in initial stages of app store optimization (aso), for both paid and organic apps research. If you do a bad job at selecting your target keywords, all your subsequent efforts will be in vain. So it’s vital to get keyword optimization right. Here are some tricks help to get the most out of your App Name and Keywords fields.

1. Use comma for keywords field

This is a common mistake by all developers. Afraid the App Store will read all their keywords as a giant nonsensical keyword, some developers use spaces and commas to separate words. This is unnecessary and reduces the number of keywords you can use, since spaces are counted as characters.

The App Store algorithm reads both spaces and commas as separators. So, next time you’re filling the Keywords field, don’t write your keywords as “sound, business, profession, app, list.” Follow the iTunes Connect tip and write them as “sound,business,profession,app,list.”


Get Your App Promotion Now.

Increase Your App Ranking Using ASO

Apple Store Keywords Optimization Tips & How to Setup Healthy ASO

2. Don’t use names for numbers, use digits
When you use “4,” the App Store looks for “4” and “four”. Take the extra space and choose another keyword. So you can use digit 4.

3. Don’t repeat keywords

If you’re aiming for the key phrases “Business app for profession” and “Useful business app,” you don’t need to repeat the keyword “business & app” Leave the list as business,app,profession,useful.

4. Don’t use app name into keywords

App store not allow to permission use app title word into Meta keywords. For example If the app is called “Business app for profession,” you don’t have to use the keywords “Business” and “profession” into your keywords list.

5. Add the strongest & relevant key phrases in the App Name.

Since the App Name has more weight in the algorithm, this is where you should place your best keywords and key phrases. The more relevant the term, the higher the conversion.
When using key phrases, don’t break them with other words. In the App Name, word order matters: exact matches with the search query will make your app get a higher position in the search results page.

6. Consider using plurals and typos for languages other than English

If you have already done your research, you’ve probably read that plurals are useless for keywords. The algorithm theoretically combines the results for the singular and plural versions, making no difference choosing between them.

Now, go to the App Store and search for singular and plurals, and observe how the results change. The algorithm is not as intelligent as it looks. The same occurs when dealing with languages other than English.

I don’t trust the App Store algorithm. My standard procedure is to treat plurals as different keywords. I look at the competition and traffic, compare it to the singular form, and then decide which one I’m using.

7. Cut connector and stop words

Words like a, the, of, and, for and to are so generic they don’t make much difference in your keyword pool, even when making random key phrases with other words. It’s better to take the space they occupy and put in some more relevant words.

There’s an exception: if you’re targeting a very specific keyword that uses one of these words for a reason, you might want to leave it in the Keywords field. A search for “strategy of war” won’t show your app in the results if you don’t have “of.”


After you finish your optimization, you might end up with two or three characters spare you don’t know what to do with. In that case, throw a number in there.

Why? Well, if you have a generic “best” or “top” word in the Keywords field with key phrases like “top strategy game,” the number will combine with them to create more specific key phrases like “top 5 strategy game.”

Besides, you’d leave that space blank anyway. Why not use it?

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You want to get your app in front of the largest possible group of people. And of course, you want to hit The major platforms, especially iOS. There are a number of best practices for cross-platform app localization.

App localization is such a large part of expanding the user base of an app, we think that this is a critical issue that needs to be addressed..

Whether you’re localizing iOS apps, here are some best practices to follow for app localization:

1:-  Check updated version details:

Before start app localization you should check current version details by clicking on the View Details button and View Versions Details

See example here : A


2:- Select Language

When you add a new language, all information except the description and keywords is pre-populated from the primary language metadata, including any screenshots. You need to update the metadata with localized information for the new language. If you don’t upload new screenshots, the previous (primary language) versions are used.

To add store metadata for another language

  1. Open the App Details page for the app, as described in creating an iTunes Connect Record for an App.
  2. On Versions, click the language selector on the right side of the page & press any language to localize app.



3:- Add localized metadata according to language:-

Type or paste in the localized metadata for the language you have done.


  • App Name :- You can localize this if you think it will be better understood by your international audience, but it is completely optional
  • Description: – This is the most important one. Paste in the translated version of your app description.
  • Keywords:- These are very important for discovery, so take time to think through each one and have them translated by a professional
  • Support URLs:- These are only necessary to change if you have localized versions. For most developers, leaving this in English is the best option.


For more details about your app you should ask App Marketing Agency

Why limit your app sales to just one market????

The localization of your iOS application is a great way to widen your customer base and greatly increase the number of downloads of your app. By supporting. Mobile app localization is no longer just a nice-to-have. Mobile app stores are global, so your app should be too.

While your app might be globally available, it might not be global-ready. Today, having a localized app is a must. This is true for iOS app localization

Why App Localization play important role to drive more traffic. ?

Here are several reasons why app localization is important for your app.

  • Worldwide Apps Users: – There is nearly 7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, accounting for 95.5% of the world population.
  • Countries Account: – Just 14 countries account for more than 61% of the global mobile subscriptions. China is #1, followed by India, the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nigeria, Germany, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Mexico.


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Check it out  How App Store Optimization Play Important Role For App Downloads


Which type results you can see from app localization ?

  • A chance to reach globally users :- A study, “The Impact of App Translations” from Distomo showed that localizing iPhone application text resulted in significantly more downloads – 128% more per country, in fact
  • You understand more hits improve good revenue: – Not only that, but companies saw a 26% increase in revenue for each Country added via App Localization. What’s more, these results were achieved within just one week of offering a localized app.
  • iOS app localization play important role in globally downloads: – The “app localization effect” on app downloads is striking. App developer David Janner ran an experiment with app translation. He found that 76% of the total app traffic came from English-speaking countries prior to app localization. And after? English-speaking users made up only 10% of the total, while the total volume leaped from 3,000 downloads per month prior to app localization to 23,000 downloads per month post-localization – or 767% more downloads.


Video is one of the best tools to explain your target consumers about all the features of an app. Once an app is discovered through a video,

Many app developers, especially indie developers, are wondering if it makes sense to use app trailers and or Videos as a part of their marketing strategies. This may be because designing professional videos for your app could be very expensive and many persons do not know where to go to find professional persons to make Their videos.

Here are some ways and Benefits you could you could use videos in your promotion of your app:

Create App Video :- There are three types of videos you could create, an app trailer or a walkthrough about your video or an video introducing your app

 App Video Production

Screenshots  and  communicating:-  Interactivity, animation, seamless video, and a gameplay loop that gives the shivers can’t be captured in an image.

Downloads :-  App Store Video marketing allows potential app customers to view the experience in 2 seconds versus 10 seconds. Less time equals a greater chance of alluring customers.

Good buzz  :- Apps including a video trailer will have an advantage over related apps containing only screenshots. Want proof? being the first app to use this functionality.

Mobile friendly :- How often have you ever tried to load a mobile video and waited while it loaded the high res version? App Store preview videos are mobile friendly, giving you the right video for your device. Less waiting to buffer, more consuming unique content.

Share your app video on Social sites :- After you have created your app video don’t forget to share it on Social Media sites such a Facebook and Twitter and on YouTube

Add Your Video to App Page:-  Google PlayStore, and more recently IOS App Store, allows developers to add a video of their app on their app page. Your app video could be the deciding factor in a user either downloading or not downloading an app. These videos are also clearly visible on your app page


We’ve gathered together our own thoughts and advice on all of the most popular iOS marketing Techniques in Practice today. The goal of the series is to provide you with practical tips and advice you can use immediately to market your own apps on the App Store.

It is said that there is no magic formula for iPhone app promotion- sometimes you get lucky and get Featured on the App Store and the iPhone app sales will pick up. However, many iPhone apps make the Top 12 list Without ever being featured by Apple.
Below are some steps that you can take to improve your kids app & games ?

1:- App icon:-
Icons are very important to the user-interface. People want to use an application’s features to the maximum, and don’t like to it when they can’t find how to complete a specific task. This is why developers should always Create shortcuts to the main tasks that can be accomplished using their application. These shortcut items Must catch the user’s attention, so adding icons will do the trick in most of the cases

2:- Review Submission:-
This is a no brainier, but when submitting to the review sites make sure that you follow the submission Rules. This may increase your chances of being featured in the best app category for that blog.Choose sites that Have the right audience for your app. Submit Your App Acquiring app users takes creative thinking and Strategic planning. … Increase sales and app ranking instantaneously with opted in user

3:- Price Your App Wisely:-
Many parents will pay 0.99 for any app that may seem worthy but may think 10 times harder before paying $1.99.

5:- Select Your Screenshot:-
Particularly appeal to kids, as well as the parents.

6:- Develop a New “pitch”:-
Bloggers may not be interested in talking about yet another spelling kids app & games or a story book App. What is so special about your app? You may want to think about this even before you start Developing a Game. Giving a twist with a trendy topic
7:- Forums Submission :- Identify forums that meet your target audience criteria and participate. By being a Trusted adviser, your suggestions will be valued. depending upon your membership status, your role in the Industry and your interests.

8:- Email Marketing :-
Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email Your Target Customers.
9 :- Category Submission:- Games category by far has the most apps, therefore it would be very difficult to Obtain a high ranking in that category. kids app & games category may be a better bet.


10:- Social Media Campaign:-

it’s the most cost-effective way to promote your kids app & games and get your name known all over The Internet. Sharing content with thousands of followers at once isn’t the only benefit of social media for Business. Small businesses all over the world have been discovering the ways social media can Contribute to Success and growth in all areas of their companies

Educational Aspects :- IF your app in your title, keywords, promotion. Some parents may only pay for an App if it contains some educational value.
12:- Advertising Efforts:- into a few weeks instead of spreading it. Focused advertising With ASO (App store optimization) will help you to create a stronger buzz and help to achieve a top app store ranking.


Hope These Were Helpful! Do You Have Other Tips to Share?



Best App Marketing Agencies List To Increase Your App Revenue & Downloads

Most Important Key Performance Indicators Help To Make A Successful App

App Store Optimization Tips To Increase Your App Search Ranking

What Is Difference Between App Store Optimization & SEO To Increase App Downloads

Apple Store Keywords Optimization Tips & How to Setup Healthy ASO

How App Store Optimization Play Important Role For App Downloads

Top 10 Tools Help With App Store Optimization For iPhone & Android App

How App Store Localization Help To Increase More Downloads & Revenue For Apps

With the growth of the mobile app market increasing at such a rate, there have been numerous app marketing agencies emerging, offering support in app promotion, optimization and advertising.


Why should your app require marketingBest App Marketing Agencies?

According to Forrester, 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches. This makes search, in the app store, the most used method for discovering and downloading new apps. Recently, at Google I/O, Ankit Jain reported, “For the average app, search actually makes up the vast majority of installs.” Simply put, this means that:

However, if you want your app to sell, you need to get the word out that it exists by using Mobile App Marketing strategies. There are a lot of great apps that were never given a chance to shine, and that’s very unfortunate as that could also mean that other less-useful and designed apps are taking center stage.

A marketing strategy is a plan of action to sell your app. It all revolves around drumming up publicity and doing your level best to get your app to the top spots in the app stores. You are trying to create a buzz, a palpable anticipation for your app, to get users wanting your product before it is even finished. So finally I want to say Best App Marketing Agencies help Or Best App Marketing Company help to increase your app popularity

We hope our list below will offer some guidance in finding the right marketing agency for you, and stop you getting ‘bitten’. In this industry there is no one size fits all so please take the time in discovering what the agencies we have listed have to offer.

1: AppFillip:

App Fillip specialize in app marketing, app strategy, app monetization and app store optimization. They are dedicated to helping you succeed in the business of your mobile application. AppFillip strong marketing team has evolved over the years to increase our client’s app popularity & suggesting profitable business model for client’s apps.

Since 2011, they have helped hundreds of developers, brands, advertisers and content providers take their app to the next level. We do 360-degree app marketing solution to increase your app popularity.

Their services are split into 4 categories; strategy, marketing, monetization and app optimization.

Under Marketing they provide:

      • App Store Optimisation (ASO)
      • PR & Blogger Outreach
      • Media Buying and Management
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Search Engine Optimisation
      • Contests & Promotions
      • Direct Email Marketing
      • Marketing Collateral & Branding
      • Campaign Analytics & Insights Launch
      • Boost or On going Custom Campaigns


AppFillip Sales Person Video

Don’t take our word for it, see what their clients say about AppFillip.Click Here

2 :- Approstar

Approstar is the first mobile app marketing and consulting firms established in 2012, dedicated to providing our clients with a strategic business model and varied promotional campaigns for mobile and tablet devices. Discovering new talent and executing an efficient way to communicate to the public about every project is our life. We create success.

3 :- App Promo

App Promo  innovators in app strategy, marketing and monetization. Our goal is to assist developers and app owners in succeeding in the business of apps. We provide services to increase discovery, optimize revenue and better position applications to set them up for success. Our team has years of proven experience in strategy, marketing and increasing revenue for companies with their digital offerings.


Pulse Mobile is GlobalWide Media’s mobile marketing business, GlobalWide Media is an online affiliate marketing and internet technology  company that specializes in connecting advertisers with their targeted audience  through performance-based affiliate marketing and related services. Founded in  2006 by industry veterans


GameBerry is a global mobile marketing agency based in Seoul, South Korea. Their client list is populated with a variety of Korean and international companies, their main markets are in S.Korea, USA and Japan. They have an extensive portfolio of work including


M&C Saatchi Mobile  pride ourselves on our global reputation as market leaders; if you are looking to build your brand in mobile, drive app downloads, site traffic, m–commerce and app rankings then you’ve come to the right place.
This blog will help to get best app marketing companies to increase your app marketing popularity


How to Build a Killer App for Your Business, Product, Band, Studio, Shop & with new idea. Here’s a list of Top Pitfalls to avoid during your app’s pre- and post-launch phases that will help improve your chances of success.

1: – App’s performance with Competitor and Market Research: – App research most amazing part to start any new app development 1st see what’s your competitors doing ? How they finalize app name? And more like: –

Are they memorable?

Which categories are they targeting?
Which keywords are they ranking high for?

An analysis could prove to be very useful in getting your app in front of the right audience. To get started,Market Research work and create an excel sheet similar and list the key features in order to find out where your app stands against the competition list  also ….

2: -Always Focus On App Store Rank To Fly Your App Into Smartphone Sky: –
ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results

3: – RPU (Revenue Per User) :-Revenue Per User is something that developers should be thinking about at all Times.. You can get a clear idea about your total revenues about your app RPU

4: -Lifetime Value (LTV):- LifeTime Value can be calculated in different ways depending on revenue sources for each App..Some Developers are using dashboards that allow automated tracking of this key parameter

5: -Marketing Involved (MI):- Finishing up Development and Releasing Your App Might Seem Like The Most Crucial Tasks
Here is a basic MI  of activities that your marketing plan should include:

•    Optimize for the App Store
•    App Name
•    Keywords
•    Description
•    Preview trailer
•    Plan your beta test
•    Create a press kit

6:- App Release Date in Advance:-
if you get your app out in the market as soon time  as the last line of code is written is understandable, planning a release date in advance will help you ensure it gets press coverage…
Example:-   #3 paid app in the App Store within days.

7:-Paying Attention to Customer Support :-
If  you  have Done Your  App,But in a competitive market, every user must be treated with care

8:- App Review & Email : –
All Most marketers plan and developers an email outreach as soon as an app is out in the market,Reviewers will not give an email a second look if it, Improve your App marketing with your app page …

Include the following:
•    App’s Name, Price, and its USP
•    App Store Link
•    link to your app’s press kit

9:-Share or Like:-
Remember Facebook in 2010? When all that your feed contained were Farmville success stories?
With social sharing

10:-App Downloads:-
This is the most important part your app, It is next to impossible for an App to return its expenses of Development and marketing

“Have you encountered any additional pitfalls? Let me know in the comments section.Hope its helpful ..Most Important Key..  ”


App Store Optimization Tips To Increase Your App Search Ranking

What Is Difference Between App Store Optimization & SEO To Increase App Downloads

Apple Store Keywords Optimization Tips & How to Setup Healthy ASO

How App Store Optimization Play Important Role For App Downloads

Top 10 Tools Help With App Store Optimization For iPhone & Android App

How App Store Localization Help To Increase More Downloads & Revenue For Apps

App Store Optimization is the new Search Engine Optimization. Try these suggestions from ASO Professional Jagdeep Sharma and get off to a great start

App Store Optimization (ASO), while still a relatively new venture for many marketers, is one of the best ways to promote a new or existing app on a lean budget.

App store optimization is becoming a key factor to mobile marketing success…!!

Now we sharing Top 5 App Store Optimizations ?

1: In side -Store App Optimization:-

First, let me drive one important point About: In-Store App Optimization,, its very important part of your app. While the App Store and Google Play have slightly differing app ranking factors, there are a few key Elements regardless of the platform,Based on a study of more than 200 app searches, it would appear that the following In-side factors are the most important within the app store.

App Title:-Keyword usage in the title appears to be one of the most important relevance signals. It is currently unknown whether it’s a direct signal or an analogous one.

App Description:-Appropriate keyword usage should also be used within the body copy…errr app description.

Keywords Data :-A good old keywords tag, you ask? Yes, but it appears Apple is already de-weighting its impact

App Type/Category :-Placing your app into one or more appropriate categories will improve discoverability among users who browse for apps rather than search for specifics. A Forrester study of European app users showed that 58% of Android users and 63% of iOS users use “general browsing” of the App Store and Google Play to discover new apps.


2:-Off Side – App Store Optimizations :-Unlike Google, Apple has total access to everything that happens within the confines of an application, which means there’s a boatload of data to determine user appreciation ,, The following signals can be used to compare apps within similar categorical clusters:


Usage Weights :-


Discard Rates:-

Downloads :-


App Updates:-


3:-Update App Screenshots:-App Store and Google Play Every app update is an opportunity to also upload fresh screenshots of app interfaces. The App Store and Google Play allow multiple screenshots, up to 5 and 8, respectively, with additional allowed for tablet app versions.

4:-Desktop Website App-Related Keywords :- Focusing Your apps marketing effort into a desktop site may seem counter-intuitive, but online search volume for “app” keywords .has seen stable interest over the past two years:

5:-Localization- (ASO) :-localization can multiply the number of downloads that an app gets. Localization is the process of translating the components of an app so that can be used in other countries.

Some app publishers have reported that localization as increased their downloads by over 700%.

However, a complete localization can be expensive and time consuming. There is also no guarantee that an app will do well in another country.

One way to test your app in another country before doing a complete localization is to only translate the app’s metadata. If the app gets a lot of downloads, then you can consider doing a complete translation.

The downside to this strategy is that you will probably get negative reviews. You can reduce the impact that this has by only testing for a limited period of time.


While these simple optimizations can be applied to existing apps, it is most ideal to complete optimization efforts during the initial app design and development project in order to launch with your best foot forward.


What Is Difference Between App Store Optimization & SEO To Increase App Downloads

Apple Store Keywords Optimization Tips & How to Setup Healthy ASO

How App Store Optimization Play Important Role For App Downloads

Top 10 Tools Help With App Store Optimization For iPhone & Android App

How App Store Localization Help To Increase More Downloads & Revenue For Apps