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PokerStars Play App
Ever wanted to test out your poker skills?

The PokerStars Play social poker app is an exciting and well-executed app available for players in the USA and Australia. The app gives players in countries where poker is restricted the option to play online once again. The PokerStars Play app is free to download, with optional micro-transaction payments for chips.

PokerStars have several iOS mobile apps to check out, from the full PokerStars lobby to the PS TV. PokerStars Play is just one of the ways in which the company aims to provide entertainment and gaming across a global market.

PokerStars Play Description

The PokerStars Play app is authentic, competitive and yet fun and sociable at the same time. It’s an ideal environment for both casual and serious players who are looking to practice, improve and enjoy their favourite poker games, without any risk.

PokerStars Play features a schedule of Texas Hold ‘em tournaments and cash games, as well as Omaha tournaments and cash games. Players can also find the signature collection of ‘Spin N Gos’, well known on the brand’s online platform as a fast and furious poker variation with a potential for huge prizes.

As well as poker, PokerStars Plus offers a wide range of online slots, including progressive jackpot slots which give players a chance to win millions, if not billions of play chips.

Following an update, the Play app now even has its own set of Live Casino games with real dealers. These include ‘Bet on Poker’, a twist on Texas Hold ‘em, as well as a quick card battle game called ‘War of Bets’.

There are plenty of social apps because humans are social creatures. The emphasis with PokerStars Play is precisely on social elements. Players can connect the app to their Facebook, compete in leagues and leaderboards, and win trophies as bragging rights. The graphics are smooth, and the interface very easy to use. You make bets with simple finger swipes.

All in all, PokerStars Play seeks to offer players a well-rounded experience, the perfect balance of fun and great poker.


PokerStars Play Features

Social poker gaming from a well-established market leader.

Wide variety of poker games.

Daily bonuses of up to 100,000 chips for free.

Progressive slots jackpots worth billions of chips.

Compete in weekly leaderboards and earn trophies.

Exciting Spin N Go format available, and now Live Games too.

Available in the USA and Australia, where real money poker is not allowed.


Can You Play For Real Money?

It is not possible to play poker for real money on the PokerStars Play mobile app.

Online poker has had a rocky history in some countries, and gambling apps have even recently come under fire from Apple. It is not possible to play for real money in Australia or the USA outside of certain states like New Jersey. PokerStars Play caters to players in these countries, though it is soon to expand to other territories.

Players who want to play for real money should check out the iOS real money app or the online site, but only if it is legitimate to do so in your country.


How Do Players Get Chips?

PokerStars Play is free to download, and players get a set amount of chips to play with for free. It is also possible to purchase play chips for actual money, if you run out and can’t wait for the free ones, or if you want to boost your bankroll and play ‘higher stakes’.

Players can also gain additional free chips by winning bonus spins and completing daily challenges. Completing five spins or three challenges in a day leads to even bigger prizes.

The PokerStars Play app is perfect for practising and enjoying poker cash and tournament games, online slots and social gaming, all without the need to make a real money deposit. The app is well designed and executed, providing a seamless gaming experience for both casual and serious players. PokerStars Play is currently available in the US and Australia for both Android and iOS.

Property inspections are is essential before buying or selling a property. People have been doing it the traditional way, by using simple paper sheets and in some cases excel sheets, making it a tiresome job. A new and better way of inspection was the need of the hour and that’s why the MPPA Lite app was designed. Aimed at meeting the sole intent of simplifying the cumbersome task of a property inspection, the MPPA Lite can help you complete a full building report on site in no time.

Property investment being one of the major markets around the world, MPPA Lite aka My Property Partner App Lite is the perfect go to app for property experts. MPPA Lite is a great app for property inspectors, homebuyers, home sellers, tenants, first time home buyers, property managers, brokers and just about anyone who wants to check or buy real estate and inspect a property. MPPA Lite will make the tiresome job of inspections easy, convenient and enjoyable.

Whats more MPPA Lite provide?

This is the world’s fastest and probably the only property inspector app, which lets you inspect a property by just swiping a few buttons on your phone. It puts the power and control of property inspection right in your palm. What makes the app so great is that it is thoroughly stand-alone i.e. it does not need Internet, WiFi, cloud or any other type of connectivity. Once installed you can use it anywhere you want.

MPPA Lite is extremely easy to use and has everything that a property inspector and a regular user may need. With a few simple touches you can create a complete property inspection report in no time. Homeowners can find out valuable information such as the rate of their house, the rate as compared to their neighbors,

Apart from this, you can use the 5 Star Method, which allows access to 2800 preloaded possible defect descriptions. You can simply click a yes or no and don’t have to type out the defects. Along with these facilities, you can also make a maintenance list according to the seasons. All the reports are saved offline and you can access them anytime. The reports are detailed so you can add every little detail of the inspection. You can also add pictures to the report to make it more interactive and useful.

Though MPPA Lite has many features, it is still lightweight and not at all resource or power-hungry, so if you do not have the latest device, rest assured, you will still be able to use the app without any problem.

The app features a revolutionary design that is extremely minimalistic and simple. Although the app itself is full of features, the interface is simple. So while inspecting properties, you no longer need to carry loose paper, notes and heavy folders with you; MPPA Lite will handle everything for you.

MPPA Lite is currently available for iOS devices and works smoothly on iPhone and iPad alike. So, don’t wait and grab your phone or tablet and install MPPA Lite right now.

Who doesn’t like playing new and exciting games? Games help you relax and forget about your day to day stress. Although after a while, most of the games get boring, but don’t worry, there is a new, exciting game in the market that will never get old thanks to the different themes and objects you can add to your play. The game we are talking about is Touch the Color – Tapping RGB, which is a colorful, smooth, challenging and fun game. Touch the Color will prove to be a refreshing addition to your smartphone and will fill your mundane hours with colors. What works best about this game as compared to other tapping games is the fact that you can unlock a wide array of themes.

Touch the Color is suitable for all the ages and has a pretty simple game play. It may look similar to other touch games but the more you play, the more you will see how challenging and fun it can get. Touch the Color is extremely fast-paced and the player needs to be on his toes all the time. You need to tap RGB icons rapidly to score points and win exciting prizes and themes including seasonal themes such as Halloween, Christmas etc. Although the game is primarily a game against speed and time, you need to be really resourceful and have a strong sense of logic along with rapid reflexes to win.

Touch the Color is a feature-rich game yet it won’t drain your device. Its one-touch finger style of play is available in two modes – easy and normal and both these modes are also available offline. The Dark and Light mode allows you to play the game at any time of the day. Right now, Touch the Color has come out with beautiful Halloween themes for various Halloween related items such as pumpkins, witch, diamond, car, black cat etc. The more you play, the more chances you will get to win these exciting themes.

What makes Touch the Color one of the best games available on the market is its size. The app is hardly 40 MB so it won’t hog up your memory. But don’t be fooled by its deceptively small size, the app packs a punch and will keep you tapping and clicking for hours together thanks to its fun music and a bright and colorful interface. You can also challenge your friends and millions of other players from the game and compare your scores.

Touch the Color is available on iTunes for free and can be downloaded on iPhone, iPod and iPad as well.  It is available in two languages – French and English.

So why wait, download the game now and play away!
To connect with the game socially, log on to or visit

Everyone loves appreciation and compliments. There is hardly anyone who does not like being flattered and praised. Compliments don’t just boost your self-value and confidence but they can also help you work with added passion and dedication. Sometimes a simple compliment from someone special can change the trajectory of your day.


Even though everyone loves to receive compliments, not all of us are comfortable enough to compliment someone personally. Some find it awkward and uncomfortable, while others aren’t good at the art of showering praise without sounding patronizing. For such people and everyone else who loves compliments, Clikq is a blessing.


A simple app that allows you to compliment your friends and family anonymously, Clikq can help you boost the morale of your dear ones and add a slice of positivity to their day. You don’t have to worry about how you will frame the compliment as Clikq has a long list of compliments to choose from, which will make your job easy.


Clikq is a social media platform without the rampant hatred and unnecessary bells and whistles. It allows you to follow your friends and vice versa thus giving you a new and effective way of staying in touch all the time. It allows you to have seamless conversations with your friends real-time.


The app is full of features that make it standout among others. The Discover feature allows you to look for new and old friends easily. A person may have a lot of friends but best friends are rare and few, similarly, on Clikq your best friends are determined by a ‘gems’ system. The more you interact the more gems you get. You can DM (direct message) your best friends so that you can make secret plans easily. The rank system allows you to compete with your friends in a harmless and innocent manner. The more you talk, the better your rank will be.


Now you don’t have to miss a person when you can see them any time on your phone. With the quick video call feature, talk to your friends right away. You can even choose a topic before video calling a friend. You can video call anyone except people whom you don’t follow. Want more? Clikq also has a group video call feature so that your gang can hang out together without moving out of your homes. Video calls are a great way of collecting gems too, as more you talk, the more gems you will earn.


The app packs all the above and many more features which makes it suitable for everyone. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, you will find Clikq extremely addictive and efficient, as it will allow you to stay together in a fun and innovative way.


The app needs iOS 10.0 or higher updates to function. You can download the app at   HYPERLINK “” .The app is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Compliment new and old friends and bring a dash of positivity and happiness to their life. Download Clikq and Clikq away!

Playing a mobile game has never been so much fun during this day and age, everyone is playing mobile games every day. New games are being launched every day, and most of them are just copying a previous game and no new ideas. KIIINGS has set to launch something new, innovative and exciting. 10th Oct 2018 is the special launching day for KIIINGS new game Shadow Chase Run Bear Run.

KIIINGS  Developers have made this fun adventure game with one thing in mind people. Giving day to day mobile game players a refreshing adventure game to play. Players will be introduced to Jimmy the bear is the protagonist and Shimmy the Shadow bear is the antagonist.

Most bears love honey and who wouldn’t. However, Jimmy is different and different is good. Jimmy loves his fruits and can’t get enough of them so much so that he will do anything to get the fruits. Shimmy is is a curse put on Jimmy and the protector of fruits. Everytime Jimmy gets a fruit Shimmy sends his shadow clones to chase and capture Jimmy, the bear.

To protect Jimmy the bear and his love of fruits, the developers have put some features. To increase the speed of Jimmy, the bear, there is a secret workout Jimmy does. Jimmy can also defeat Shimmy with the help of 2 secret dance moves. Also, magical fruits will appear, the grapefruit will help destroy shadow clones, and the cherry fruits will stop the bears for at least 5 seconds.

o keep Jimmy the bear alive and to enjoy the game, keep him running, jumping and collecting fruits because staying still will lead to your capture. Each level has objectives they player has to finish to move on the next level. For each level, you will unlock boost features in this game. Some of the boosts are

  • Charm boost: Jimmy charming the player and shadow clones.
  • Dance Boost: Jimmy dancing will stop the shadow bears and destroy at least two shadows
  • Sit-up boost: this gives Jimmy stamina
  • Immunity boost: that will help Jimmy to not get captured
  • Other hidden boosts that players will get to see when they play the game

Avoid Shimmy’s shadow clones all means. If one or one of his Shadow clones capture, Jimmy is game over for you and Jimmy the bear. Always be alert during the shadow chase because you never know your next move might be your last move.

Be ready as soon you will meet your cute bear in Shadow Chase Run Bear Run and get an adventure with lots of fun. The company has already announced the launching date which is 10th Oct 2018. that’s not long to go soon you will be playing the fantastic, fun, exciting game.

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In the world of technology and digitization, security and safety are two terms which
are very much important. Any data if get leaked or threaten by any other third-party leads to
the big misfortune for a person or a company. In keeping this view, recently EXADELIX, LLC
launched a new application VPN-Box available for the iOS platform. The main aim behind this is
to offer the fast and secure Virtual Private Network. This is how one can easily get a
confidential configuration within few minutes.

What is VPN:
VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network is an encrypted confidential connection chain
from the device to a network over the internet. It secures WIFI & other personal connection.
In addition to making it more compatible, the company adds some of the user-friendly
features which are as follow:
• No registration: Before beginning, this application does not need any kind of
registration as many apps needs. It simply one tap connection where you just need to
tap and enjoy the connection. This simplifies the work for the user.
• No logs saved: Developers also focus on more security and that is why this app is not
saving any kind of log.
• Checking the space of data: User can also check the uploaded and downloaded data
• To reaching unauthorized access: It makes a restriction on unauthorized access. This
will ensure the safety and security.
• One tap connection: It is very easy to make the connection for safety. Just one tap
and the connection will be established.
• Easy accessing: The accessing of this application is really easy. Making the concept
easy for everyone.

The company also reveals about the payment in terms of the subscription. On the
confirmation of purchase, the payment will be charged to iTunes account. The renewing of
the subscription will be automatically done unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours
before the end of the current period. The user can turn off the auto-renewal within 24 hours
using the user’s account settings. When the user purchases the subscription to the
publication, the unused portion of a free trial period if offered will be forfeited.

Overall, the VPN-Box is providing an easy way for browsing data in a secure way. It will
prevent the unauthorized people from eavesdropping on the traffic. It’s a kind of firewall that
will give you security. So make this app is useful for professional and non-professional both.
Secure your browsing with VPN-Box that provides a virtual private network with one tap
connection approach. Get your VPN connection anytime or anywhere.


There are many ways to teach a child to read but it happens sometimes that someone finds it difficult or time-consuming. Teaching a child with fun is the most suitable way for his or her proper development. The initial stage of a child’s learning is sometimes the most important and difficult to achieve. With time the help of technology there is a new way to teach a child. Recently, Integrated Design Solutions Inc launched a new app named Racing To Read. This application is all about fun activities designed to help your child with reading.

The company states that the main aim of this application is to help build the skills of learning to read. This will help him or her learn beginning sounds. In this way, it will provide a better platform to practice reading words in story rhymes. The developers also revealed that two reading specialists with over 40 years of instructional experience designed this app from start to finish.

Coming to the features of the application, it contains 8 levels of activities with a rhyme at the end of each level. It gives a way to practice learning to read at every stage, with each word family grouped separately.  After each activity, the child stays motivated with instant reinforcement.

Moreover, the graphics of the app are colorful. The color combination of the game is suited to a child’s choice. According to the developer, this app is most appropriate for children ages 3 years to 7 years. This app is perfect for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Homeschool.

As far as if the working criteria of the app is considered, it is a very simple application and also child-friendly. There will be letters on the screen which the child needs to drag in order to complete meaningful words that match the accompanying image.

The increasing level leads to increasing of difficulty and challenge in order to test the child’s learning. It’s a different and good way of learning with fun with of all the pictures in an attractive, colorful design.

Overall, the game is all about a child’s learning and his or her development. Racing to Read actually helps in the building of skills important for emerging literacy.  Purchase this platform to make your child perfect reader and learner. You will never get such a great combination of fun and learning while preparing your child for the future.

Racing to Read

JustOut News customizes credible news for the users; this helps each one of you to have ears to the ground.

In an age when Whatsapp forwards are carried as news without verification, here is a digital news product which brings out credible news curated by professional journalists; That is JustOut News for you.   The users don’t have to deal with information overload. We, at “JustOut News”, understand that you are unique and your time is precious; our journalists keep you in mind as they curate news that matters to you. We provide credible news in English and Tamil. This digital news product reinvents journalism with its original rigor. Stay with “JustOut News” for reliable news around you.

JustOut News Features:

JustOut News understands that there are a wide variety of media organizations such as The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Wire, NDTV which take so much of effort to provide people with credible news on developments around us; Our team of journalists appreciate the good work done by journalists in other media organizations and take extra care to curate the news from a vast set of news sources. The first and foremost duty of journalism is to the public. JustOut News team appreciate this fact and put people first in their everyday work.

The selection of news from varied credible sources is done with the users in mind; JustOut News ensures that the options for the users are quite diverse. The technocrats, designers and visualization team at JustOut News are working to ensure a seamless and pleasant user experience.


JustOut News is a must-have news app for those who wish to separate signal from the noise; Here, you get to see only the truth. There is no room for misinformation in this credible news product.

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Dino Car Battle is an action 3D game that provides a way to fight against cars and dinos It is a platform to experience the thrilling concept.

Action games have their own importance among youngsters. Most of the teenage guys love those games which are full of action, thrilling concept and powerful weapons. Recently Belber Natura Trading S.L. launched one mobile game “Dino Car Battle”. It’s a 3D game and it is all about a battle among dangerous dinosaurs, cars, and you.

That means you need to fight against cars and those predatory monster animals. You are all alone against them.

The game is full of action animated graphics that leave you with a realistic experience while playing. The game can be played with only one rule and i.e. kill or be killed. Your task is to drive and shoot all those cars and dinosaurs face to face. This platform will give you an experience of intense destruction. It’s a thrill of challenging everyone in the free. In this warfare, you will need a clever strategy to bring down those creatures and armed enemy cars. It is the best explosive and vivid battle for iOS.

To boost more interest, developers add different scenes like Airport, Arena, Stadium & Harbour. Players can enjoy eliminating dinos and other dangerous adversaries. Those who love cars and dinos can experience the great combination of car and dinosaur in this game. As far as if other features are considered, it is having quality visuals and advanced real physics. There are different camera angles like third person, first person and in-car view. A player can also feel the realistic driving experience in all aspects like dust, smoke, suspension, engine and physics.

The maximum speed of the car is 250km/h and backward speed is 70 km/h. There is partial auto acceleration (x5). Other than this there is a slider for music volume. While killing dino, the player must take care of Brachiosaurus as they are a good vegetarian creature. Other features include achievement option to check the achievement of player & coin shop option that let you shop.

In this game, there are no ads so you can easily play the game continuously without any interruption. There are 7 supersport cars that you can consider and 15 powerful weapons. In free of cost, you will get Audi R8 supercar. Two weapons which are Seeker gun and Railgun. There is unlimited ammunition. Arena Gladiator scene is free. Fuel, lives and ammunition are also unlimited.

So are you ready to take this challenge and want to fight against those dangerous Dinos? Remember that in this battle, you will get many enemies but keep dare in your heart to get the victory. Test your ability to drive fast supercar killing dinos and enemy cars. Good Luck!!

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How many times, even when you have things in control, have you asked someone you trust to remind you of important things?  For example, you set an alarm for 6:30 AM, but you still request someone to wake you up if you are not up by 6:45 AM?  What if an app were to give you an option to include your colleagues, friends, or family in your alarms and reminders? Meet Galarm.


Galarm is a social alarm clock app that enables users to create and share alarms and reminders with their contacts. Galarm offers three alarm types — personal alarm for yourself with someone else as a backup, in case you forget, group alarm to simultaneously ring the alarm for everyone to remind them of a group activity, and buddy alarm to set an alarm for someone else to remind them of something they need to do.


The app is built for everyday use in your personal, social, and work life. It is available on both iOS and Android, and best of all, the app is completely free and has no ads. In the initial nine months of its release, Galarm has been installed in over 90 countries, and has received favorable reviews from users across the world as well as reputed independent organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia.


[Galarm] brings a social aspect to mobile alarm clock. This may just be the most feature- rich, comprehensive alarm app for Android. Better still, it’s designed to be shared.Android Headlines


“[Galarm is] a very simple sounding app that is actually surprisingly useful. It’s a nicely designed app, with a simple yet effective layout that doesn’t clutter the screen, while giving you all the options you need.” – NDTV Gadgets 360


While the social connectivity features of the Galarm app relies on access to your phone’s address book, the app can be used in a non-social mode as well (i.e., without providing access to contacts). As stated in Galarm’s privacy policy, your contact information is completely private to you and the app does not use it for any other purpose.


The app includes an easy interface for chatting within the context of each alarm. This can be highly useful when trying to pick which restaurant to go to or when taking everyone’s opinion for the birthday gift for grandma! Galarm can run in an offline environment as well, and syncs when the phone is connected again to the network, and sync across time zones. Other customizable settings include controlling ringing of alarms even when the phone is on silent, adding custom ringtones (Android-only), or inviting more of your contacts to join you in using Galarm.


Galarm has made the age-old concept of alarms and reminders truly go social. We encourage you to download Galarm from the Play Store or App Store today and realize the full potential of your social network to never miss anything again!

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