Pet portal is a modern beautifully designed pet managment app to organize all of your pet’s information in one place. Say goodbye to your overstuffed folders of notes and information for your dog, cat, horse, bird, etc. Share photos of your pet on facebook or twitter. Clear and concise graphs to track your pets vitals. Data sent to iCloud with synchronization of data across all your devices. Fun for the whole family to keep track of all your pets. This is a must have app! Try Pet Portal today!

Many more features planned! New features added frequently. Please email us or facebook us for any suggestions!


Pet tracking:
# Track your pets license, ID, microchip, etc.
# Take snapshots of your pet and share them on Facebook and Twitter!
# Modern easy to follow graphs to track your pets vitals at a glance.
# Keep notes and photos easily.
# Track the clubs or kennels your pet is a part of.

Keep track of your pet’s vitals including temperature, weight and L x W x H.
Track of your pet’s vet visits, dental visits, medications, allergies, foods, vaccines all in one place with photo snapshots.
Add vaccine due dates, future dental visits, future vet visits to your calendar with reminders.

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A recording wristwatch.
Here is iReg, your recording wristwatch.
Record all conversations around you thanks to your AppleWatch and listen to them on your Iphone.
It can turn out to be useful in school lessons or exams. It is innovative for reporters who can record easily, just with a click on their AppleWatch, without any other recording devices.
A new way to take notes
Send your recording via email or AirDrop
Share them on social networks
Save them on your Iphone’s video folder
It works only with the AppleWatch

We tested it over and over again, but to avoid any troubles we recommend you to:
# Enable your microphone
# Don’t put your Iphone on vibrate before listening to the recording
# In some devices you may need to restart the device just installed the app

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Keep cyber criminals away from your personal data with one finger tap. Here is your personal online protector that is always on guard for safety of your sensitive information. Download this app and rest assured your credit card details, e-mails, passwords and pictures are protected each time you are using public WiFi hotspots. Stay safe while surfing the web in airports, cafes, hotels and malls.

WiFi Hotspot Protector scans public Wi-Fi hotspots when you connect to them, notifies you about possible security problems and guards your activity and online communication. Using the most recent and advanced encryption methods, its main task is to provide maximum protection against hackers, identity thefts and data leaks, thus restoring your online security.

Key Features:
# Protects your data in public Wi-Fi hotspots
# Detects potential security threats and notifies when you are near them
# Ensures the highest level of online security and safety in cafes, hotels, airports and malls
# Encrypts all the traffic you send and receive over the Internet
# Guards your passwords, pictures, credit card details and conversations from data leaks, identity thefts and hackers
# Automatically connects to the fastest and nearest server available for the best browsing experience

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CSS Calculator gives web designers/front end web developers a way to quickly calculate commonly used values for their CSS properties.

The pixel-to-percentage converter offers a way to simplify time-consuming division that often adds up when dealing with multiple HTML elements. These values can be applied using top, right, left, bottom or margin properties to absolutely-positioned elements.

Hexadecimal-to-RGBA gives designers a way to change a color or background color that suddenly needs opacity applied to it, without needing to switch back-and-forth between desktop applications.

Lastly and perhaps one of the greatest challenges in CSS is determining what a font size value should be. This tool makes converting between px, pt, %, em & rem units a snap.

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Veer is the app everybody needs to ease their mobile communication activities.

Get in touch with your favorite contacts with just one swipe!
It doesn’t get any easier that this. And if you feel like tweaking it, you can customize contacts and actions as you see fit.

No frills, no catches, just an app you will use everyday.

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AptoPad is a unique replacement for the default keyboard. Instead of tapping buttons, you simply write with your finger!

Not only it recognizes handwriting, it also learns from its mistakes to adjust to you perfectly. At first it will be wrong sometimes, as it can not recognize everyone’s handwriting. However, it can be taught to recognize anyone’s handwriting, which is perfect for the personal devices like iPhone or iPad.

Write a character and wait for a fraction of a second so that the AptoPad knows that the character is finished and it can start the recognition algorithms. You will receive the results instantly. AptoPad will insert the character into the text. You can use buttons to tell the AptoPad that it made a mistake – it will correct the text and learn to recognize those characters better in the future!

# RECOGNIZES HANDWRITING: AptoPad uses newest character recognition algorithms, so it can be both fast and light enough to work in the low memory reserved for the keyboard.
# LEARNS YOUR HANDWRITING: every mistake is a lesson for AptoPad! After using it for a while it will be taught how to recognize your handwriting, which is perfect for your personal device!
# IT IS SAFE: AptoPad, unlike some other keyboard alternatives, works without allowing full access, so you can be sure that the operating system won’t allow it to store or send any data.
# REAL KEYBOARD ALTERNATIVE: there are not many keyboard alternatives. It could be perfect for example for older people, who are not familiar with the keyboard layout or have problems with small buttons.

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A smart and comfortable keyboard, with all you need in the foreground: punctuation, numbers, symbols, Emoji. Born from the idea of developing a keyboard for easier use of Iphone 6Plus with one hand, it is also optimized for Iphone 5, 5c, 5s, 6-6Plus and iPad thanks to its characteristics of great utility for all users.

MySpecialKey is a keyboard created for fast, easy and professional use, which allows you to access to each letter, number, symbol or Emoji directly, with specific features which increase the practicality:

#Discreet and professional as the system keyboard

#All in foreground: in particular numbers and punctuation, symbols and Emoji

#Customizable: you can combine to each key phrases, Emoji or symbols that you use most frequently

#You can select characters or Emoji you usually use, without long lists of unused characters that fill your keyboard

#Special position (key-up) can be activated for Iphone 6Plus when you write with one hand: a high placement of the keyboard to have a balanced and safe grip
#The keyboard needs full access to allow customization (the informations you enter will not saved or analyzed)

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Snoozy is your new alarm-clock, you only have to speak to, for a few extra minutes of sleep!
Never has it been easier to snooze in the morning

Snooze your alarm just by telling it to be quiet! Or clap, scream, grumble, curse …
Create your personal playlist from your Music-Library you want to fall asleep to. Snoozy will turn it off slowly for you!
Sleek, minimalistic Design:
Depending on the time, Snoozy welcomes you either with bright colors in the morning or a non-blinding, darker color-scheme in the evening.


# Timer: Use Snoozy for your Power-Nap, Workout or egg timer
# Snooze with the volume buttons, shake your phone or just press the large snooze button
# Wake up to your favorite ringtone from your iPod library
# Automatic weekday alarm repeat
# Flashlight
# 19 beautiful ambient default ringtones included
# All snooze functions work even when the device is locked
# Supports 12/24 hour format
# Individual settings per alarm
# Wakes you even when your phone is muted
# Adjustable Voice-Snooze sensivity
# Activate/deactivate Volume-Button Snooze, shake-to-snooze, Voice-Snooze…

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NOTE: The scanner will scan and automatically delete/clean junk files/memory on RAM/disk, so you need not to do anything after scanning completed.

# Full name: Memory & Disk Scanner Pro – Check System Information
# The powerful app that shows system information on your device (iPhone & iPad) such as Memory usage, Disk space, CPU usage. In addition, the app provides Memory Scanner to clean memory to increase free of RAM and Disk Scanner to clean up junk files or cache on disk to increase storage space.


# Memory Scanner: Clean memory to free up.
# Disk Scanner: Clean up junk file or cache on Disk.
# Auto Scan when the app starts up.
# Show system information such as: Memory, Disk space, CPU usage, list of processes are running and your network

Memory Scanner Settings:-

# “Min” value: This is minimum percent of RAM which this app tries to free up.
# “Max” value: This is maximum percent of RAM which this app tries to free up. However, the app does not guarantee that free of memory is equal this value.

NOTE: User should not set value too high because It may crash. User only needs to set the best value on user’s device after doing some tests.

Memory Information :-

# In this app, “Free Memory” includes “Free” + “Inactive” Memory on your device. This app will clean “inactive” memory firstly, then the scanner may stop if “Free” memory is enough. Therefore, after cleaning, the value of “Free Memory” (free+inactive) may only increase a bit or not change. That is normal.

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Custom keyboard with quick access to passwords and user names.
Password Keyboard® lets you design your own custom keyboard for direct access to all user names and keywords you need.

Password Keyboard® is for all those who manage several accounts for social networks, auction sites, PayPal, eBay or any other password protected account. Instead of typing user name and password, you can do it all with a single tap on the specific key.

The benefit in using Password Keyboard® is that your data is better protected than having a site remember your settings. When a page remembers your settings, everybody using your iPhone has access to these sites. Be it PayPal, eBay, e-banking, Password Keyboard® adds an additional step for security without complicating things.
This means that other people can use your iPhone, but they do not have access to your login data, either a passcode or a finger print is needed for authentication.

Protect your login data as good as you can, serious harm can happen if you aren’t careful.
Never tell any person your passcode, PIN number, password or any information that is meant to protect you!

With Password Keyboard® you can do that, without having to go through the whole process of typing user name and password.

Be sure, be safe, but do not complicate things. That’s what Password Keyword is for !!!

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