Apps, new technologies, and freelancers pretty much go hand-in-hand. Instead of a brick-and-mortar place of business, freelance work is built on remote working hardware and software that can facilitate the efficient transfer of information. This is what gives freelancers the power to customize their own daily schedules, their physical and digital workspaces, and maintain what Digitalist Magazine describes as relative resilience against the looming threat of artificial intelligence. In order to have all of this, a freelancer must be aware of the current and most significant developments in new tech – particularly when it comes to the best apps for the job.


This popular app gets the top spot because it’s geared towards growth, and is arguably the easiest way to visually organize your tasks. Designed for collaboration, Trello also works seamlessly for freelancers who prefer to fly mostly solo, but can’t fully ignore the mandatory collaboration that remote work sometimes requires. It’s an engaging, highly visual, efficient, and relatively affordable task organizer for budding and veteran freelancers.


iOS App Spy’s unique feature is it actually puts you in touch with a human Chief Operator (CO) whom you can communicate with using the app. Through AND CO, your CO can create invoices, track payments, remind you of deadlines, and even simplify the way you pay your taxes. It connects with bank accounts and e-wallets to automate payment schedules.


This classic app remains one of the best ways to keep clients and collaborators on the same page all the time. While more popularly known as a file-sharing app, Dropbox is a powerful tool for synchronizing your workspace across different devices. Free to use for a limited amount of storage space, you can opt to pay for more storage depending on your specific work requirements.


Also known as Tinder for business, Shapr subverts the classic swipe-left-swipe-right formula to match clients with freelancers. It’s an innovative and fun new way of meeting fellow professional freelancers as well as expanding your existing client base. It’s a free networking tool that’s bound to hook you up with interesting new clientele.

These are just some of the apps that can allow you to find more clients who rely heavily on freelancers. While people assume that freelancing mostly involves creative work, many businesses are now looking to remote workers who can help them compete in the world’s increasingly tech-dependent business culture. In fact, Yoss reveals how today’s top companies have been looking to the freelance market to find workers with expertise in the tech industry, a growing niche in the business world. This stems from the inherent flexibility requirements of freelancing, which has birthed many multidisciplinary tech specialists who can work remotely. In line with this, Forbes outlines some of the most in-demand tech skills for freelancers who want to thrive. This includes skills closely linked to robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT), AI and machine learning, data science, and blockchain technology. And in order to be successful as a tech freelancer, this will mean utilizing many of the above apps.

As you can see, the world of freelancing is getting more and more competitive by the day. The aforementioned apps are just some of the tools a freelancer should add to their kit. Use them not just to get more jobs, but also to increase your network of like-minded individuals, as well as to hone your skills and stay relevant in the industry.


There are many professionals who are engaged in the color mixing work and artist are one of them. For this reason, there is a requirement of a platform which helps in setting out the color combination. Here I’ll introduce you to Color Query Pro app which helps in making & matching out the color in web designing, painting, and graphic artists.

How to use Color Query Pro?

The using of this application is very much easy. Just point the iPhone on the wall to snap the image. For this, you can use the camera also. The app will analyze the photo to determine its properties like HSB, HEX, CMYK & RGB. When you will compare to sixteen standard pallets, you are able to find the closest color.

How to adjust color?

By touching in the center you just toggle between slider view and component view. Use the sliders to adjust the color. You can also use the color component bars for each of the color space.

Sixteen Palettes:

  • HKS K
  • RAL Classic
  • NCS
  • 日本の色の一覧 Colors of Japan
  • Federal Standard 595
  • Australian Standard 2700
  • British Standard 381
  • HTML
  • Material Design
  • Wikipedia
  • Sherwin-Williams
  • BEHR
  • Valspar
  • Resene
  • Pantone C

Key features:

  • No requirement of the internet
  • No advertisement
  • No in-app purchasing
  • No pop-ups

Last words:

Color Query Pro is a mobile application which is helpful for professionals for determining the image properties in terms of color. It is easy and convenient color converter & mixer which can be trusted by professionals. Moreover, it is highly recommendable.

Color Query Pro

Color Query Pro



Instagram is one of the best platforms to share and express you through the image & video. In the present era, everyone likes to use Instagram as it is really an easy platform to share your captured moments. Here I will introduce you to one of the platforms which will help you in reposting your media. The name is Repost Photo For Instagram which is an application available on iOS platform.

Repost Photo For Instagram Features:

  • Easy to understand and use
  • Works on tapping strategy
  • Option to share the app with others
  • Feedback giving feature
  • Option to give a rating
  • Video in the application for the guideline
  • Supporting different languages like Arabic, Greek, German, Korean and many more

How to use this app?

The using of this application is really easy. You just need to tap on the given TAP button. Copy the URL and click on the back option. Finally repost the media back to Instagram with the original instagramer’s mark. The app is free to download.

Post your images on Instagram easily with the help of Repost Photo for Instagram to catch the great attention.

Well, I’m very much happy with Repost photo for Instagram application as it is the finest platform. I found it very much user-friendly and easy to use. It’s 100% RECOMMENDED.

Repost Photo For Instagram



Virtual Private Network is something which is really important for the secure browsing. As in the technological world, security is an important term so that data stay safe and do not get theft. Well, there are many apps which are providing the approach of safety but here I’m going to introduce one app name as VPN-Box which is all about getting the happy and safe browsing.

I’m using this app and trust me it is really easy to make a confidential connection and that too within a few minutes. There is no such rocket science in it. With the help of VPN-Box, you can easily get the Virtual Private Network. The main thing is that the app is really easy to use.

Key Features of VPN-Box:

You will be a wonder to know that there is no requirement of registration in this app. Just download the app and use it easily. There are no logs saved. It also enables the user to check the uploaded and downloaded data space. Additionally, there is just one tap the requirement for establishing a connection. The other options are also there like feedback, privacy policy, and rate in the setting option.

 This app is really helpful in establishing a VPN connection. One can safely broadcast the sensitive data and this allows the user to surf securely.

So this is all about the VPN-box app which I love to use and also suggest to others. To make the connection secure, this app is best.




It happens many times that we want to keep our media files confidential. It is no matter whether your media belongs to personal life or business. Recently I got platform name as Photo Vault which provides the way to store your images and other media files. This app is available on the iOS store. The main purpose of this app is to provide the security to your media files.

Photo Vault Features:

  • Passcode – You can set your pass code to provide the security to this application.
  • Folder Structure – Make your own folder.
  • Restore media – You can restore the media to the gallery at any time.
  • Easy Accessibility – The accessibility of the app is really easy and nice.
  • Editing – You can go for edit option and delete the folder or image from the app.

How to use this app?

The using of this app is really easy. You only need to upload pictures into this app. If you wish you can make the folder also and insert your image there. In this way, your media files will be safe. Other than this, the app is totally transparent in use. A user can delete the images and folder at any time on your choice. The app is free to download but there are some in-app purchasing.

Final words:

Photo Vault is an application which provides the way to save images. A user can save the images and videos on it. I am happy with this app and 100% recommend. No complex strategy in this application. The using of this app is really easy.

Photo Vault



Time and again, everyone feels a need for a reliable alarm app that people can use to keep track of events. Recently, I came across Galarm app and was pleasantly surprised by the innovation that the app developer is trying to bring to the alarms. It is a social alarms and reminders app that allows you optionally add other people (participants) to your alarms.

In addition to being a very good standalone alarm app, addition of participants to alarms brings along very strong and unique features. For example, you can add a participant as a backup for an alarm that you normally miss. The next time you miss the alarm, the backup can remind you about it. Adding alarm for someone else is another interesting capability that the app provides . So, next time when you want your spouse to bring ice-cream on the way back from work, just set a Galarm instead of sending a text and don’t be disappointed when he/she is back.

Features offered by Galarm:

  1. Personal alarm (for personal use cases such as waking up in the morning, going to gym etc.). Participants are added as backups for alarms
  2. Group alarm (for group events such as parties, movie outing etc.). Participants are alerted simultaneously at the time of the alarm
  3. Buddy alarm (for creating alarms for someone else)
  4. Alarm chat
  5. Block unwanted users
  6. Custom alarm ringtones (You can pick any song on the phone as alarm ringtone)

How is it useful for me?

Galarm provides me with an easy way for managing my personal and group events. I find the capability of adding alarms for someone else very unique and one that I have been using frequently. Group alarms are also an easy way of managing group activities where I don’t have to continuously text/call people to confirm their status.


I highly recommend this app if you are looking for an alarms and reminders app. The app is available for free on the App Store and the Play Store. It does not contain any ads or in-app purchases.





There is always a requirement of the good online control panel. This makes our work easy to manage all the things in an easy manner. I’m happy to say this that fortunately, I get one such panel name as TOS Dashboard. This enables me to see the information instantly. I can manage all my account easily. Let’s see the features of this app here.

App Features:

  • Push Notification
  • Fingerprint/ Pass code lock
  • Appointments
  • Browser History
  • Contacts
  • Call log
  • Geo location
  • Bookmark, GPS, SMS, Call all in one place
  • Log in and log out option
  • Check mic bug, video bug,

Thanks to this app which makes my work easy, earlier I had to use web for the dashboard. Now I can easily manage all my accounts.





Are you looking for perfect password manager? If yes then you must try PassVult app. This is a really awesome app that makes your password management system to the best one. Its main aim of this app is to give the ownership to the user regarding accessing of the password. This way you will become the king of your data.

As I am accessing this app, I found it perfect for managing the password. This is one of my best friends in need. Whenever I forget any password I simply open the app and find the password. Additionally, I am not worried about my password and data stolen as these are protected by every mean.

Check out some interesting features:

  • Get all your passwords at one place
  • Sensitive secret question and answer
  • Physical codes management
  • Manage your credit card information
  • Generate your own complex password from this app
  • All the data are stored in the local database in AES form
  • Breach check feature to check email disclosure
  • All the data are protected with master key
  • FAQ questions for all your questions
  • Report your bug
  • Graphics are simple and easy to understand

In all these options, you can also save the service name and notes regarding the service. In the credit card option, you will be able to save information’s like card number, CVV number, expiry date etc. If you forget your any password then just log in PassVult and get the password. Your data and passwords will always with you. All the data are saved in Advanced Encryption System.

This app is touch ID & face ID enabled so this is another security feature. This means your data will be protected and without you, nobody else will be able to access your data. Another important thing is that you can also raise your issue using the report bug feature of this app.

Mind it sure that it is secured app. Your data will remain protected in this app and will not be shared with any third party over the internet. Also remember that in this app, you will not be able to reset your PassVult password. You can change the password only after login the app.




Please note that ChatLock does not expand the original WhatsApp Messenger, and only provides the following features to your previously imported chats!

With ChatLock you protect your imported chats from unauthorized access and archive them in no time!
You can import your WhatsApp-Chats directly into ChatLock!

Use the built-in statistics to find out interesting and funny details about your imported chats: Which Emojis do you like most and who responds the fastest? Find out now!

ChatLock can be used completely free of charge and offers a wide range of useful features! Optionally, some additional features can be purchased separately in the app.

# Import messages, pictures and videos directly into ChatLock
# Select the time period you want to import messages from
# Share parts of your chats with friends
# Decide if you want to import your chat with or without media
# Organize your photos and videos in an extra gallery
# Search through your chats with the intelligent search
# Customize the names and the appearance of your chat partners and select a background image for your archive

# Protect your archive by choosing a personal passcode
# Unlock ChatLock with your fingerprint (Touch ID)
# Use the automatic logout for best protection
#ChatLock will save everything locally on your device to ensure the highest protection of your data. No one can access your data – except you.

Analyze the chat behavior of you and your friends. Statistics allows you to find out everything you want to know about your habits when using WhatsApp.

There are four categories of statistics:
# Emoji: Which Emojis you and your friends use the most, and who is the real master of Emoji?
# Activity: Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Which is your favorite time, to chat with your friends?
# Conversations: Who responds the fastest and who need a bit of time?
# Messages: Novel or one-liner? Which type are you?
Find out now!




RMBR is an application that enables you to link events, people and information in order not to forget anything. Birthday of your boss’ son, date you met your partner, presents given to your wife or received from your parents-in- law. Diploma dates of your children, first rendez-vous, ideas for holiday destinations, you can store it all within RMBR and access it whenever you wish. To be even more efficient you have the possibility of inserting pictures and voice memos.