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Expreem is a fun way to discover your surroundings and engage with nearby people at the scale that Personal interaction actually takes place.

# Interact with local activities, add your content depending on your proximity, follow updates, make deals…and much more!
# Easily share your moments for as long as they are real: it’s a revolution.
# Help you to connect with people face to face in real life: welcome to expreem.
# Your local journal will aggregate your own perfect blend of activities, people, places, deals
# Discover places around by activities, categories and by who’s right there right now!Expreem logog Download Now on ( Free ) App Store


Pegg’d is your Ultimate Online Social Calendar. On Pegg’d user can discover events happening in their city, see which events their friends are attending and buy tickets to those events.

Pegg’d is an amazing Social Event Application that connects you directly to what’s going on in your city.
Pegg’d has an amazing search feature for any event. Whether its Art, Music, Theater, Social Events or Sports. All of the events you want to know about are on Pegg’d. Plan events on Pegg’d, create events with friends and save events later to your Calendar.

Pegg’d features a geo-location to automatically display all of the latest events around you, in any city! And in every state! Pegg’d is available Nationwide! Wherever you go, Pegg’d will be there!

The Event Feed is designed to show you what’s going on, so you can find events fast! Pegg’d promotes events that are local, and specific to your interest and likes! Pegg’d makes it easy to plan events with your friends, anytime, anywhere!

Pegg’d has a ton of amazing features that users can see what’s going on, see what your friends are doing, and Pegg’d them to your calendar! Use the Calendar on Pegg’d to schedule times, dates with other Pegg’d Users! You can find any event on Pegg’d, and you can find someone to go with! And Pegg’d it directly to your calendar! All in one App!

Never miss out on events! The calendar automatically syncs with your smartphone, making it easy to keep track of your event itinerary.

Pegg’d Social Calendar is private and safe to use. Through your control setting you can leave your Calendar on Private, or you can Share your Calendar with your friends, and family. The Pegg’d calendar automatically syncs with your iPhone, making it easy to keep track of all of your events.

Pegg’d Profile – create and customize your own Pegg’d profile. Connect with all of your friends from other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+

# Discover Art, Music, Social, Dance, Sport and Theater Events.
# Sign up through Facebook, Twitter or Email.
# Buy tickets online quickly, safely and securely.
# Social Calendar syncs events to your iPhone, and iCal and provides reminders
# Event Feed shows you everything that going on so you don’t miss anything!
# Search various categories like Art, Music, Movies, Family, Theater, and Sports events.
# Share events with friends, family and all extended social networks on Facebook, and Twitter.
# Pegg’d Profile create a profile on Pegg’d of all of the events you love, and saves them as favorites.
# Geo-location on Pegg’d automatically finds all of the events going on around you.
# Pegg’d is Available in 50 States – Did we mention that Pegg’d works everywhere you go!
# Privacy and security on Pegg’d Social Event Calendar

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For the first time ever a user will be able to naturally monetize their social media posts!

It’s a simple way to share pictures socially that allows you to make and save money while doing it. You can simply tag pictures you share with products connected to our over 19,000+ retailers. Retailers like Amazon, Rakuten, Sony, Auchan, 1&1, Target,, Barneys New York, Sears, Expedia, Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Lowes, Staples, Walmart, Zappos, Tesco, Newegg, REI, Caesars Entertainment, Neiman Marcus and thousands more. Share your photo’s with your friends on Facebook and Twitter from the Leafit app. You will also see Leafs (what we call posts) that are posted by your friends on this social network. You will be able to shop our retailers through the Leafs you and your friends share. Make money and save money with Leafit while doing what you already do.


# Creating a Leaf is simple. You can do it by taking a picture, using your camera roll or searching an online image.
# Buying from a Leaf is as simple as clicking a link. That’s right! From a Leaf that you created or a Leaf # created by someone else you’ll easily be able to click the link at the bottom of the picture to search the tagged image.
# Wishlisting is great for the holidays and any day. Your wishlist will allow you to save something for later and the great part is all your friends will see your wishlist as well.
# Commenting on a Leaf brings a social atmosphere to the network allowing people to talk about anything they want including how cool the product tagged in the picture is. It’s like getting real reviews from your friends all day long on the things you want to shop for.
# Credit Earned is a unique feature that allows you to see the money you’re making from your commissions. That’s right we pay you a commission on every single product that sales from your pictures.
# Instant Sharing to Facebook and Twitter so that you can use this network for all your photo sharing while getting the picture out to your friends on other social networks so you’re not wasting time.
Unlimited Uploads are allowed so upload as much of whatever you want and have fun.
And so much more to come!

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Simple. Social. FREE. Tilt is the easiest way to collect money with your group.
Featured by Apple in Best New Apps!

Tilt is the easiest way to pool money with a group for FREE! Organizers shouldn’t have to hassle friends for cash or front the money themselves. Tilt makes it simple, social, and free to collect money in advance—perfect for parties, gifts, tailgates, group vacations, community fundraisers, and everything in between.

With the Tilt app, you can:
# Start collecting money in three taps. Contribute in one.
# Easily follow your friends and see what they’re tilting.
# Eliminate risk: no one gets charged unless your goal is reached.
# Let everyone see who has contributed so you don’t have to play bounty hunter.
# Share with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, text, and email.

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Stop the screenshot & cropping nonsense!

Repost for Instagram makes it easy to #Repost your favorite photos on Instagram

# Repost photos & Save from your Instagram
# Search for amazing photos & videos by user or hashtag
# Save videos or photo from your instagram to your galery

And with the Pro upgrade you can:
# Like photos
# Follow users
# Multiple Save
# Use Repost Ad-free

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StitMe offers a completely secure way of connecting with people without revealing your actual mobile Number. It is completely free and we guarantee 100% privacy when it comes to making and receiving Calls.

Privacy is a Right and StitMe gives it right back to you. You can now control who calls you, when they Call you and you can even protect yourself against reverse number look ups.

The next time you make an outgoing call, the recipient will view a unique StitMe connection number Instead of your mobile number. StitMe easily connects to your contact list and assigns a unique StitMe Connection Number to use any time you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Download StitMe right now and ensure that your privacy is not Compromised For !!!!

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Quora is your best source for knowledge. Ask any question, get real answers from people with first hand experience, and blog about what you know.

# Add and browse questions, reviews, and blogs
# Answer questions and write blog posts and reviews with rich text features
# Share interesting questions, answers, and blog posts with your friends and followers
# Vote on the best answers, reviews, and blog posts
# Discover different topics that interest you

Quora is only for English-language content at this time. To provide the best experience possible, we ask that everyone have a Quora account and use their real, full name.

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Your life is more than your last photo. On Everest, every Journey tells a story about a different interest or part of your life. So you can express yourself more meaningfully, and interact with others around shared interests.

Tell stories! Journeys on Everest allow you to share and tell stories in a way that has never been possible on social networks before. For example, you’re able to throwback a moment to post it in the past.

Share more without over-sharing! On other social networks there is a fear of over-sharing. On Everest, you have control over which moments are displayed to your followers, and how prominently they are displayed.

Built by a small yet passionate team on a mission to tell the larger story behind the moments we share.


=>Post photo and/or text Moments inside Journeys.
=>Post Moments as: Quiet, Normal, or Milestone.
=>Find amazing people to follow
=>Get inspiration from the community
=>All community members and public journeys have beautiful web profiles to share with others .

Everest  lgog

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1. Wherever, Whenever, with us, You’ll always know!
2. Know anything about anywhere, right now.
3. Never wonder about a place again.

Life is unpredictable, ya know? Sometimes you get caught in the rain without an umbrella, or run into your ex when you look like crap, or get stuck in a long line at a restaurant during your lunch break. Plaswers can help (well, at least for the last thing in that list). Get real-time answers about any place before you get there. “Is there a long line?” “How’s the crowd?” “How’s the snow?” Simply search for a place, ask a question, and instantly get answers via messages, photos, or videos from the people who are already there.

=> Asking a question costs karma points
=>Answering a question earns karma points
=> If your answer is downvoted, you earn 0 karma points
=>Get upvotes! It feels good to help!

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Creative Writing is Satisfying. Collaborative creative writing is fun. Collaborative creative writing on Coda is pure bliss. Better clear your schedule.

Specially designed for iPhone, this app transports you to the writing world in a totally new way via your mobile device. Download now and start creating a masterpiece!

=> collaborate with other writers
=> write ‘solo’ if you choose to
=> contribute to other Coda authors
=> buy pro to create your own literature
=> decide what words to accept or reject
=> choose when to publish your finished piece
=> chat about a piece with other members
=> follow writers that you love
=> gain followers of your writing
=> invite others to a new writing
=> ‘like’ published or in-progress writing
=> get accolades for your actions in Coda
=> share updates on twitter

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