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Technology is becoming increasingly prevalent, and despite all of its benefits, is threatening to make communication less personable and relationships less genuine. It is becoming harder to assess which of your “friends” are truly there to support you and which are just acquaintances.

Candid Connection provides you with the opportunity to exchange honest feedback with your friends, while protecting your privacy. This provides a means for sincere communication and allows you the opportunity to gain self-awareness and transform into the kind of person you truly want to be.

Your privacy will always be our number one priority and you will only be visible on the app if you choose to download it. You can only exchange feedback (openly or anonymously) with your Facebook friends who have also signed into the app (friends-of-friends or strangers will not have access to your profile). You can also choose to make your feedback public (visible to your friends) or private (visible just to you) and you are free to deactivate your account whenever you choose.

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DingDatt is a fun, easy-to-use, picture and content competition tool where users can include mobile pictures and video for comparing their content, and businesses can sponsor competitions for cool giveaways! The app is free to download and play, account data is minimal, notifications are optional, and all contests are decided by user votes!

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Ipartycrash is a social media, promotions, networking and navigational app for determining what’s going on at parties before you get there, as well as locating events and friends locally and internationally.

It has a grid screen with maps for determining your current position relative to the parties or events on the map grid. The map grid screen contains information about events and parties such as location, finding friends on the map, rating, ability to message locations, ability to post live pics at the location, rating locations, getting directions, purchasing tickets, map chat rooms and much more.

Outside of the grid screen is a search screen for searching through flyers and events as well as a member screen for finding members. An upload screen is included for flyers and personal pics as well as a profile page which shows status and checkin location as well as uploaded pics, friends and bookmarked and rsvp events.

Any member can upload flyers which goes directly to the mapping grid allowing chatting and uploading functionality to those locations. It also includes a mailbox for messages. All information from the status and checkin are also recorded on to the timeline as well as pics and flyers you have uploaded.

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isituation is meant for social networking app which connects with new and interesting people all over the world.isituation helps you to share your situation with your followers and friends,like you can share funny situation,Sad situation,Situation need consult,Situation need to put brand marketing and many more. It is available
to user at free of cost.One can download it from iTunes store. It is developed by Khalid Alzahrani. Its latest Version is 1.1 and of size 6.5 mb. isituation requires ios 7.0 and later. This app is good package for entertainment and Social networking.Basically we can say it is a combination of all social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram beside that users should classify every single post in the proper category.Where the people can read particular topic in particular field.This app is available in 9 different languages: English, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Chinese.


isituation is a very user friendly app like Facebook,Instagram and twitter.It is one of the best social networking app in app store.You can simply download this app from app store and install it on your iPhone for free of cost.Fill your basic information and create your account on isituation and you can start posting or share your situation by simply upload a image(optional) of that situation.but you should select or post in a correct category which suits or matched with your can also add friends to your profile and also comment post on your friends posting.User can also send message or chat with their friends by using isituation.


It can run on ios 7.0 and later platform.


Follow people and see what they are up to

Share updates and photos.

Get notified when someone start follow you.

Do private conversation and have fun.


isituation latest version is 1.1 .Its updated version is bugs free.


isitutation has very user friendly interface.The interface has been designed in such a way that one can understand all details on first look.Interface is decent just designed for a social network app.


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Walrus is a unique social network focused on gamification.

Through its exclusive and fun universe, you can post photos / videos / slideshows and challenge your friends and other users in the quest for popularity!
The higher you ascend in the rankings, the more you will be rewarded.
Collect as many Wals (points) as possible to increase your rank and gain visibility for your posts.

Every week, Walrus designates a “Popular Walrusler”, the user who has received the most Wals on his/her published posts!

Every two weeks, the two “Popular Walruslers” compete in the election of the “Top Walrusler” but it will be for the Walrus user community to choose their favorite Walrusler!

Don’t be shy, become a Walrusler and come get some Wals ! 😉

Main features :-
# Levels and ranks to reach
# Rewards based on progression
# Number of posts, virals (shares) limited: 3 each 24h
# Evolving score depending on the posts’ popularity
# Walrus promotes its most popular users
# Adding sound on a photo
# Evolving avatars

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Introduce Fillpic.

Create your own label. You can easily make anything into a label and share in Fillpic.

Attach a label to the photo. Create a variety of creative labels and share them with others.

Exploring a creative labels. Look for the label’s creative people. You can immediately label your favorite photo.

Create a variety of creative labels and share them with others. You can easily make anything into a label and share in Fillpic. Try adding your label or labels of other people to your photos.

# Labels:- Labels are creating new forms of communication by combining hashtags and photos. This makes it possible to communicate across languages. Anyone can create a label that can be used together.
# Home Feed:- You can see the photos of the people that you are following.
# Explore:-  Allows you to find new users, labels and photos. You can search for your favorite photo or fancy labels.
# Notification:- You can receive updates about the labels and new content on photos of users you are following.
# Profile:- The photos and labels that other people can see are managed here.
# Share:- Labels and photos can be easily shared on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking services (Excluding private accounts.)

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Connecting you with cool people who share your excitement, passion, hobbies and interests at your fingertips with a swipe of your thumb. Just like IRL, customize your profile to fit the group you are in without having to log in and out.

Why Use The Amino App:

* KEEP YOUR PRIVACY: With friends, be yourself, but Amino App lets you create three profiles — or palettes — including public and private personas. Use one palette for your friends, one for school and one for work. Switching between palettes is as easy as swiping your screen.

* CREATE OR JOIN DISCUSSION COMMUNITIES: Your can create or join communities to share your views, interests & passions and use different profiles for each group.

* PRIVATE AND PUBLIC COMMUNITIES: You are in control on who you let in, make it just for your friends or let everybody in.

* NO ANNOYING NOTIFICATIONS: You can customize what notifications you choose to receive in your settings.

* PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS: You can send 1-to-1 messages whenever you want to keep it private between you and your bestie.

* MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS WITH ONE LOG-IN: Create up to three profiles, which we call palettes. And let people know as much or as little about yourself when you join or create a community. Each palette is managed completely separately.

* DON’T BE TIED TO 140 CHARACTERS: Write a post, link to a video, use images that are worth a 1,000 words.

Amino app lets you create discussion communities with like-minded people throughout the United States and Canada. Invite only friends to join or let it grow with people you can discuss daily news, politics, arts, music — absolutely anything you have an interest in.

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RICHARD BRANSON & STEVE WOZNIAK awarded Stopover the ‘Rising Star’ award in the 2014 Talent International Competition! Judge Steve Wozniak lauded the App, “I could actually want this app, and i love the drive that Motivated this app!” With great praise from the worlds leading entrepreneurial minds, we’re sure you’ll love it too!

Stopover is the new and exciting app revolutionizing the airport experience. Stopover connects like-minded People in airports you can; Try Airport Dating, Learn a Language, Meet other Travellers or expand your Business Network. Whether your flight gets delayed, you work at the airport or just have a long wait; Stopover provides Endless entertainment in a safe and social environment. Simply create a profile, and connect with other travellers Nearby. Join the Stopover community and make your wait worthwhile.

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