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For the unenlightened, a Catphishing is somebody who lies online to cause others to accept they are a person or thing they are not – a well-known dating application Tinder has even concocted an approach to leave Catphishinges speechless. They plan on taking action against the untrustworthy practice with a photograph check highlight to assist clients with telling if the individual they are conversing with is who they guarantee to be, report Birmingham Live.   However people still lie and the Catphish game is a fun way to get better at learning who might lie and who is telling the truth.  People record themselves and then mark the story as a lie or the truth.  The player then has to decide.

Identifying fake people

To catphish or not?  The fun part of the game is that you can rise up to a daily leaderboard in figuring out who is lying or not and become the best ‘Sherlock’ in the game.  Practice your detective skills and rise up the leaderbaord by being right.    You can also win at being the best ‘Catphish’ by recording your story convincing people you are telling the truth and then lying and earning a point.   Tell a story and you decide. You can tell a lie, tell the truth, tell a lie and then mark it as true or tell the truth and mark it as a lie. Then let the king Sherlocks figure out the true from the false.

Catphisher filter on instagram

Even Apps like Instagram are trying to figure the catphish problem out.  These days’ individuals are scanning for the Catphishing filter on Instagram to click selfies with. Nonetheless, many have neglected to discover and they have been posing inquiries like “What is Catphishing filter, How to get Catphishing filter, and then some. A few filters improve the essence of the individual tapping the image and more transform them into adorable creatures like canines, mouse, rabbit and the sky is the limit from there.

Thus, there are numerous Catphishing filters accessible on Instagram and Snapchat. The Catphishing filter is accessible for the story segment of the applications where one can click pictures and post tales about it. This default choice looks and acts like a URL shortened, and the normal individual wouldn’t see it.

Catphish game is a fun distraction in this world of truth or lies.   Try it out and see if you can be the top Catphish or top Sherlock for a day

In today’s time, there is an importance of viral. It is because to get famous or fame any content, there is no other platform to viral the things other than social media. In keeping this view, Zoebook is an application that I like to introduce to you here.

The main aim of this app is to allow users to viral the content within 48 hours. The user could easily share images or stories that he or she wants others to see. Moreover, it allows a user to communicate with friends & find new personalities.

Features of Zoebook:

  • Connecting to new: With this application, you could easily connect to new persons. Come in contact with new personalities on this platform.
  • Watching live videos: Enjoy the live video anytime or anywhere in this application.
  • Commenting on the post: If you want to share your words about any particular post, just comment on it.
  • Post details: Tap on the post details option and get the details.
  • Private communication: There is a facility to communicate privately in this application. No other thing will get out in this private chat.
  • Like: If you love any post then like it by just tapping on the Like button
  • Notification: To get any latest information, there is a notification option.
  • Report the post: You could report the post if it’s inappropriate or spam
  • Follow: Like in any other social media, in this also you could follow your best friend
How to use it?

The using of this application is so simple & easy. As a user, you need to make a profile with the help of email ID & number. After that on the home screen, you could easily upload the picture or the video by tapping on the respective icon. Add the description and then post it.

Meanwhile, you could do chatting, or go for VP which stands for Viral Post. To search any friend a user could go for a search option. This process will help in finding your old friends easy & quickly.  The post will get popular after using the option VP.

Merits of using this app:

Coming on the merits of this app. It’s having the following benefits.

  • Simple & Easy
  • User-friendly features
  • Post at any time or anywhere
  • Private communication feature

To make any content viral, Zoebook is the best social media app. A user could easily upload the story that he or she wants to make viral.

Typs: Flirt With Confidence

Are you a person of few words? Or are you a person of many words but get stuck, when it the time to text? If these two sums up any of your situation then our App of the Day: Typs is the perfect pitch to help you Text anybody or everybody across the globe!

What is so tempting in Typs!

We would say, what is not! This deserves a try because the texts are easy and cheesy to ping your date!

We don’t make it difficult for you!

If coming aboard? If yes, then we make it simply easy for you! Come with us, using your Facebook profile or Twitter handle. Because some of you want things to be done easily, we also provide registration with an email address!

When emotions are many, texts should be many as well!

We have a range of messages because we know feelings can never be expressed well in just a few words. With 9 categories of different categories, we believe, we have provided you with as many choices as possible!

Show up some love!

We know, how important it is to impress, so we have a range of various texts. How about you are showering some love upon us?

You want our texts to include something more? Want something to be improvised, simply use the options of vote: Upvote or Downvote!

Be creative?

You have got some good expression style? Join us and craft your messages! Know when somebody has started following you or upvoted any of your creations.

We know, appreciating is caring 😉 Who knows, your love of life could be someone, from the gang of Typs!

Make your feed as per your choice.

Who would tell us better what you want, other than you? Because we know you are the best choice for you!

Is there a selective person to follow and keep a note of their amazing texts? It is also completely okay if you want to keep some profiles away from your Feed!

Made your use of Typs easy because we know; you love to protect your privacy.

Want something fancy to be associated?

Own your account and add your personalized touch to it. Have your Display Name and Full Name the same.

You can choose a fancier name as your Display Name! Whatever you pick: the control is in your hands!

How to Use Typs?

With the ease of installing and getting abroad, here is what you have to do once you are on it!

Launch Typs and get to the Leaderboard or the trending section by simply tapping them.

Know the current interests of people from the new section or even compose your cheesy lines.

Last words: With our need to be loved and talked with, everybody can’t create their texts. Typs is a friend by your side to help you with texts in all moments of your life.

We have a campaign — a campaign against the feeling of self-locking! A campaign against self-check and self-pity issues. A campaign to help people be more real and relaxed being themselves!

Embrace Reality and Relax:

which many of today’s social media channels avoid! Here is MashApp — a video and social platform — fully supported by hilarious punchlines. 

Features that help curate stories with expressive videos!
  • An ever-growing chain of punchlines: Users simply record their video punchline and insert it anywhere in the thread of the groups they have been invited to participate in. Then witness a trail of laughter start as an amazing video thread comes to life for the group’s enjoyment.
  • Never leave a friend behind: Life with friends and people who believe in you is really fun! Get YOUR people on board and help them try MashApp. Make exciting and new videos together and keep supporting each other’s ideas and creativity!
  • Snooze when you want: Don’t want to be notified about anything? We have got you covered! Just turn off the notification reminder and you are set to use MashApp when you want to!
  • It supports no spam: We are in support of genuine accounts. Hence the built-in system of verification that keeps spam accounts from being on this platform
  • Coming soon: Like the app? It’s FREE to all. But, MashApp has some paid features on the horizon. In the future look for the ability to sponsor a group! Or maybe, you would like to buy some of the exclusive filters!

Why MashApp

Why should you try video punchline creation? If fun is all you want to have — then Mashapp is the platform for you.

  • Get featured in your friend’s videos and add your punchline piece.
  • Save theMashAppsyour groups have created! Click on the save button and find them in the favorite option.
  • Your amazing recorded punchlines will show up in the punchline screen of MashApp.
  • Create your own group with your own members with similar interests – like movies, music or joke telling. There is the option to mute group members if needed.
  • Easily comment or react to the videos!
  • Share the link and invite friends to your groups: it is that easy!

Last words: Don’t miss the chance to interact with others via a collaborative flow of fun and fulfilling video punchlines.MashApp is a gathering (in private threads) where people can be themselves while riffing and joking with their groups throughout the day. The idea is simple: The more people, the more interesting Mashapping becomes!


Human being is full of feelings and mood. Usually, it happens that we want someone to share out our feelings. In some time, we don’t get the right place or a person for the same. For this reason, Yapa is here for you. It’s a social networking app that helps you in sharing your feelings.

Key features of Yapa:

  • User profile: Filling out all the details, you can maintain your own profile. In your profile, you can set your own picture, name and other details.
  • Searching of the user: One can easily search for the user or find the user name.
  • Local help: Find help in your local area easily.
  • Adding comments: You can easily comment on others profile
  • Chatting with friends: With the help of chat option, you can easily chat with friends.
  • Follower: The number of followers could easily be checked.

Using of Yapa:

After downloading and installing, you can make the registration with the help of a mobile number. You will find some users and then you can make the conversation with them. With chatting with friends you can share your feelings and mood. You can also send yap as per your mood.

What makes this app unique?

This app is unique because this is a social networking platform but provide mental wellness. At this platform, one could easily share the feelings and connect with closest friend or celebrity.


Yapa is a social networking application but it is only for sharing your feelings rather than sharing pictures for fun. This application is highly recommendable and useful for everyone. Thanks for reading.






Whenever we are inviting anyone, we are focusing more on the attractiveness in the invitation. We try to make it more unique and classic one. Invitation cards are always used but invitation videos are having something different impression. Inviter is such an application which is all about video invitation making. This makes something unique way of inviting your guest to your party.


  • Different templates for all categories
  • 24 hours supporting
  • No watermarks in any of the template
  • All the customized features
  • Option to share on the different social media

How to use Inviter?

Using this application is quite simple. There is nothing any rocket science in this application. You will have different categories and you can choose any one as per your requirement. After that, you choose the templates and enter the details in the form of text and photos. Edit the templates and your invitation will be ready.

Before downloading, check the preview of the invitation and then download the final HD Quality Video invitation. Share the invitation with your friends and family to invite them.

Last words:

Overall, Inviter is a good application which provides a different way of making the invitation card in the form of video. I’m happy with this invitation application and recommend it 100%.




We all love to stay connected with our friends and that is why we always find that platform. It is something a different experience of being in touch with friends even if you are far away from them. Some of the apps do not only provide a way to chat but also offers to get the information on the latest trends. Numbertank is one of them which I found as a good social platform.

Features of Numbertank:

  • Channel section: If you want to share something then this feature is best. Just tap on “Contribute” button with your followers and allow them to contribute some informative post.
  • Talk: Here you can find something like latest news, Bollywood gossips, any short video clips.
  • Secret chat: You can make yourself hide as long as you want. You can also hide your private chat and protect the same with the passcode.
  • Discover section: The popular stuff will be visible here. Anything like events, polls, contest or channel, you can find here.
  • WhatsApp Status & Xmas Stickers: Get the customized Christmas Stickers and WhatsApp Status feature.
  • PIP (Picture in Picture): This feature enables to watch the video without any interruption.

How to use:

For using this application, you must download this app and make the account. After that, use this application as like other social apps. You can have chat with others. Have a common conversation with your friends, find and share the latest topic. The best thing is that you can find any topic of your taste.

What are benefits and what makes it different from others?

If I talk about the merits of this app, this application is like a boon for those who want to keep them self-update. It’s simple to use with more good features. A user can find informative content on this platform. As per my experience, this app is really something different. Most of the social apps do not provide a platform to get informative topics and content but yes this app is providing. You can share the information with your friends too. Recently it launch a new feature for Xmas Stickers. Its easy to share lover shayari, hindi shayari, sad shayari, motivational quotes, funny clips & other comedy videos

Last words:

Numbertank is the best platform that I used ever. It’s the best way to get the information on any topic. I would like to recommend this app to everyone.






Almost all boys and girls love to have hookup as it the part of the enjoyment. There is no other better way than a dating app to find this kind of fun. Swindr is one such good mobile application which makes it possible to get the adult hook up. It is especially for those couples who love to have a threesome and want to try new things.

Sometimes it is difficult to get the hookup and you don’t get the right fun for which you deserve. In today’s time, alternative dating is the best part to grab the enjoyment. Some couples want to engage in sexual activity with others and this is also a kind of social activity at many places.

What actually Swindr provide?

This mobile application is actually provides the platform to grab the NSA fun in a threesome. As the name of this app is Swindr, it is made for those who want to engage into Husband/Wife swapping. This app is like a community where you can get all kinds of people like straight, lesbian, bisexual, gay and TG. It is no matter you are looking for a casual encounter or one night stand, this app is for everyone.

How to use this app?

The using of this application is very much simple. You just need to download and install it. After that, you need to make the account and log with your email ID and password. When you will log in and open your account, you will get different profiles. Meanwhile, you can filter them and get your desired profiles. Contact them through chat and fix your date.

For whom this app is suitable?

  • Open minded couples
  • Committed couples
  • Married and single man
  • Married and single woman
  • Sugar Daddies
  • Lonely housewife
  • Threesome dating (MMF, FFM, MMM & FFF)

Swindr Features:

  • Facility to filter the profiles
  • For any kind of suspected profile, one can report manually
  • Chat option
  • Favorite option to save the profiles
  • Easy to access the application
Points to consider:

This app manually approves the profiles. In case if you use any kind of nude photo, your profile will not get approve and your account will get suspended immediately. The other thing is that you must be above 18 years to use this app.


Swindr is a good dating application. It is mainly beneficial for those who love to have threesome fun. I’m using this app from a long time so I can say that its 100% trust able.



Living as a single is really a boring stuff in life which you must avoid. I generally take the support of social platforms and for this there are different applications. One of the apps is FWBDR which is available on the iOS platform. The main purpose of this app is to provide NSA Casual hookup. This app is absolutely free to download.

It is no matter whether you are single or couple, men or women. This app is for all to grab the NSA fun. The other important thing is that it provides all kinds of profiles of Straight/Gay/TG/Lesbian. This app is providing all kind of solution to find the open minded couples.

FWBDR Features:

  • Message option
  • Searching option to search for the desired profile
  • Filter option through which you can set your own searching
  • Profile image as a display picture
  • Facility to block the profile you don’t want to have conversation

To avoid any kind of scam, there is censor profile and report option. As this app does not support any kind of nudity, your account may get terminated if you use any kind of nude picture.

Important points to note:

It is an adult dating app but it does not support any kind of pornography or nudity. Also your private pictures (the images which you will send in chat) will get removed after 24 hours. For the VIP membership there are subscription options as follow.

  • $19.99 for the 1 month subscription with auto renewal
  • $39.99 (13.33/mo) for the 3 month subscription with auto renewal
  • $69.99 (11.66/mo) for 6 month subscription with auto renewal

All the prices will be in U.S. dollar

How to use this application?

The using of this app is very much simple. You just need to make a sign up in order to make the account. After that you need to set up your profile. You can search for the different profiles of your choice. Whatever the type of filter you will use, you will get profile according to that only. Go with the profile you like and contact them through the chat. You can also post a moment in buzz option.

Merits of FWBDR:

This app is very much easy to use. The second thing is that it makes it simple to grab your date. It’s like a boon for those who are seeking for the NSA fun. The app is safe and secure with all the transparency approach.


FWBDR is a nice dating app for all kind of genders. In my views anyone can use this app without any worry. To convert your boring life into an interesting one, you can easily go with this app. Good platform.




Social platforms are the best way to feel the closeness with our friends. Recently one new app is launched which I am accessing and the name of that app is Clikq. This app is available on the iOS platform. It’s the best way to do a direct message to your friends and enjoy your video calling. Other than this it also enables the user to send compliments which are inbuilt.

Clikq Features:

  • There is a notification option to get the latest updates
  • For the direct message, there is an inbuilt compliment
  • Collect gems every time you do video calling
  • Option to change the password
  • Option to check the users you blocked
  • Topic to choose before you start video calling
  • Turnt up provide the feature of doing group video calling

How to use this application:

This is a messenger app that allows you to follow your friends and chat with them. In this app, you can do video calling but for that, you must follow them. Without following your friend, it will be not possible to do video calling.

Benefits of Clikq:

The main benefits of using this application are that you can do video calling easily with your friends. Other than this they are giving 1000 gems for their first 5 million users. Moreover, it is an easy and user-friendly application.

Well, I used Clikq so I can highly recommend this application. Download it and enjoy your video calling with your close friends.