Get results from what you see with one single touch. Point at a recognizable image, take a picture, and immediately get results from our providers:

# Spotify: Shoot a disc cover and you are listening the album!
# Youtube: Shoot a film poster and you are watching its trailer!
# Amazon: Shoot a DVD cover and you are ready to buy it!
# Google: Google something without typing a letter, right from your camera!
# Wikipedia: Shoot a popular image and you are in its wikipedia page!

Shot&Find is an image reverse search engine that shows instant results from the selected provider by tapping the screen one single time. This app marks a milestone in phone/tablet usability: no more typing in a tiny keyboard! Use visual search to directly jump to what you are waiting for. Simple and handy you will adopt this app in your daily routine and soon will forget you are using it.

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It’s quick and easy to find the meaning of a word when you are reading on your phone – “select” and “define”. Unfortunately, there is no such option in a real book.

Introducing LookUp: an elegant dictionary, that is completely ad free and takes very little space on your phone.

LookUp allows you to quickly look for the meaning of a word, with its synonyms, etymology and wikipedia content in just one search. It is easy to use and uncluttered unlike many other dictionary apps.

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Lookup requires internet connectivity to search for a word.

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