(ATTENTION: This version may crash if you are still using an iPad 1 or very old iPhone/iPod touch. Please make sure your device is running iOS 6 or 7).
This Japanese/English dictionary is going to become your best friend. Contains more than 174,650 entries and 52,000 examples, as well as stroke order animations for kanji and kana. It works completely offline, an internet connection is NOT required.

# Extreme fast startup and search time
# Search English-Japanese or Japanese-English
# Results are sorted by relevance. The best match appears at the top, saving you lots of time picking the right word
# Begins-with, exact match or ends-in search
# You can enter Japanese words in the Latin alphabet
# Entering conjugated forms (ex. 食べます tabemasu) will find the proper dictionary entry (食べる taberu)
# Enter a number to see its Japanese pronunciation

Enter unknown characters in different ways:
# Drawing using the built-in Handwriting Recognition
# By components (for example 日 + 月 will find 明)
# By SKIP code (for example Left-4 Right-9 will find 福)

# Example sentences including reading hints
# All pronunciations can be shown in the latin alphabet (romaji)
# Conjugations of verbs, adjectives and counters
# Compounds (引く hiku is contained in 引き出す hikidasu, 注意を引く chūi-wo-hiku, …)
# Similar looking characters (人 入 八 …)
# Kanji by radical or school year
# Hiragana/Katakana chart

# Mark headwords with different colors
# Create your own vocabulary lists
# Exchange lists with your friends and classmates
# Add notes to dictionary entries

# Integrated SRS flashcard learning system
# You can use nearly any list as a source for flashcards
# Prepare for the Japanese Language Test (JLPT)
# Study kanji by radical or school year

Japanese logog

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The first app to download on your iPhone: An app starter kit with all the essential apps you’ll ever need.

AppStart takes a fresh and fun approach to teach the average Joe (or insert your name here) how to become more familiar with his iPhone and apps. NO THIS IS NOT A BORING MANUAL. We’ll fill you on the basic things that everyone should know, and then get you started with the best apps for you.

Throughout the app you’ll find special sections giving the apps you need to turn your iPhone into a specific kind of tool, or giving a list of the essentials apps for certain types of users. If you see something that sounds interesting to you click it! We’ll give you the exact set of apps to download and you’ll be on your way, no need to scour the top charts in the App Store.

This app starts out pretty basic, but by the time you get to the end you’ll be performing all the tricks that truly make the iPhone “magical.” Oh, did we mention that you’re going to have fun doing it. We love the iPhone and what we love even more is watching each person get the most out of it.

Who is is obsessed with finding the apps that YOU care about. Every single day our team of app enthusiasts creates 30+ articles to keep readers up to date with the cluttered App Store. We teach readers the best apps that come out each day, review the hottest apps to determine if they are worth their price tag,and even give daily recommendations of apps on sale worth downloading.

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For kids, nothing beats Saturday morning cartoons, except maybe learning how to draw them. This app is designed to walk you and your kids through the entire process of learning to draw cartoon characters.

And even though we’re convinced this is the best drawing app out there, we’re constantly trying to improve. So if you run into any issues while using this or any of our other apps,

By the end of the course, you’ll know how to draw:

# The whole SpongeBob universe—characters, interiors and background
# Halloween-themed characters like Jack Skellington, Grim and Count Duckula

And we’ll be adding more lessons each month!

# Characters from Mario Brothers, including Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi
# Characters from Lion King, including Scar, Timon and Pumba

Even though the app starts out with the basics of the proper technique to hold a pencil and how to draw lines and curves, it quickly progresses to more advanced skills including:

# Turning basic shapes into characters
# Adding expressions and scenery
# Drawing characters in different positions
# Building whole scenes with a background and multiple characters
# Putting on the finishing touches like inking, coloring and shading

Using this app, you’ll be able to track your progress through Mahalo’s high-quality drawing video series, taught by drawing expert Ken O’Brien. Ken has worked as a level designer and storyboard artist for several video games, including the SpongeBob Wii game “Creature from the Krusty Krab” and majored in art and animation at Cal Arts

How To Draw logo
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New UNESCO Memory of the World and World Heritage globes available to download through in-app purchase.

Free Communications globe available by download with additional globes available to buy through in-app store.

See the world in context with Atlas by Collins™ through nine themed globes. The latest update includes a store function, allowing you to download new globes and remove others. If you already own the app you will be able to reclaim your current globes once the update is downloaded.

Current globes available:
# NEW • UNESCO Memory of the World – Documents, arts and people that have shaped humanity.
# NEW • UNESCO World Heritage – View some of the most breathtaking places on Earth.
# Development – Demographic statistics and context from the World Bank
# Economy – Global economic statistics and context from the World Bank
# Satellite map
# Physical maps – Physical features such as oceans, mountains and deserts
# Political maps – Current states and territories, political and economic alliances, and historical maps showing the effects of exploration, colonialism and conflict
# Environment – The impact of human life on the natural world, and how countries compare on environmental issues such as pollution and forest loss
# Population – Statistics about the people who inhabit the world, including population trends, migration, and birth and death rates
# Communications – How technology connects the world, including mobile coverage, Internet usage and number of telephone lines
# Energy – The distribution of energy resources, and patterns in energy production and consumption

With Atlas by Collins™ you can:
# Explore colour-coded world maps showing up-to-date information on topics from mobile phone coverage to energy resources and economic development around the world
#  Share interesting maps and information via social media or email
# View mapping offline down to 1:3,000,000 scale
#  Zoom-in on any location down to street level when online through your in-device map app
# Research in-depth country profiles for every nation on Earth
#  Discover over 200,000 cities, towns and major natural landmarks instantly through search, even when offline
#  Keep up-to-date with new data releases so you’re always in the know about changes to our world
#  Switch seamlessly between iPhone and iPad without losing your place

Atlas by Collins logo
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Ultra-fast translation dictionary that works without an internet connection.

# Offline translation. Most translation apps require an internet connection. Languages stores all words on the phone itself so you always have translation when you need it, whether you are traveling internationally or simply don’t have a connection.
# Lightning fast. Start typing a few letters and boom, you already have the translation you need.
# Unified search. Type a word from either language and you’ll get the results you want. No more switching modes.
# Search or browse. Search is great but sometimes it’s useful and fun to explore a language by browsing through the words alphabetically.
# Innovative A-Z index for quick browsing.
# Common phrases included for most languages.

12 complete language dictionaries included
# Spanish-English
# German-English
# French-English
# Italian-English
# Dutch-English
# Portuguese-English
# Swedish-English
# French-Italian
# French-Spanish
# German-French
# German-Italian
# German-Spanish

Most offline translation apps charge $5+ for each language pair. With Languages you get all language pairs for one low price.

Pro Tips
# Tap and hold the index to magnify the letters.
# Swipe to the right to search.
# In search, swipe to the left to go back to the dictionary.
# In search, swipe to the right to clear a search (much faster than reaching for the clear button).
# Pinch to close a language dictionary.
# Tap and hold to move a dictionary on the shelf.
# Tap a word to copy it or to jump to the main entry for that word in the dictionary.
# Tap the flag icon to switch the primary language.

Languages  logo
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Thesaurus Rex by revolutionizes the thesaurus for the first time in 160 years. We’ve added modern content and synonyms for new words such as epiphany & stakeholder, plus 30,000 more new entries. WORKS OFFLINE.

Save time with proprietary features: Sort synonyms with filters such as Relevance, Complexity, Length and more. Create personalized lists of your favorite synonyms. Quickly refine any style of writing & find the perfect words.

TIP: Student? Find the perfect word and synonyms fast with our “best match” feature. Writer? Refine and sort your synonyms by Length, Complexity, Relevance and more. Poet or songwriter? Rhymes & Syllables is only available here and will help any lyricist.


# The only advanced English thesaurus with modern content, with over 550,000 new and modern synonyms, antonyms and definitions from and
# Refine & sort your synonyms & antonyms across 4 different filters
# Get recommendations for the “best match” words with Relevance feature
# Find a more difficult or simpler synonym with our Complexity dial
# Shorten or lengthen your synonyms with our Length feature
# Save personalized shortlists of all your favorite synonyms
# Offline access-no Internet connection needed for most content
# Audio pronunciation
# Learn new words in context with Word Origin & History
# Improve your writing with Examples & Tips (available via in-app purchase)
# Rhyme and sort by exact syllable count with Rhymes & Syllables (available via in-app purchase)

Thesaurus  logog
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Night Sky 2 is a beautiful new stargazing app that gives you access to a unique package of Night Sky Live features, enhancing the stargazing experience each time your device is pointed towards the sky above to view stars, planets, constellations and satellites! Night Sky 2 will be instantly recognisable to the millions of users that enjoy its predecessor, The Night Sky.

Night Sky 2’s stunning redesign and array of new features will provide a wholly more stunning and awe inspiring experience. Night Sky 2’s new and improved features include:

# Beautiful New Sky View with Original Art Work Constellations: All new high quality imagery and super smooth sky tracking, with the ability to ‘share your sky’ through social media and email.

# Search and Locate: Simply type in the constellation, planet, star or satellite you’re looking for in the sky above and Night Sky 2 will navigate you to your chosen object!

# Night Sky Community: A new community has been created! Night Sky Community allows users to share ideal stargazing locations across the world! Using advanced light pollution mapping technology all integral information including directions and reviews about some sites are included. This feature is set to be a huge hit with avid astronomers, and those looking to enhance their night sky explorations.

# Stargazing Weather: Detailing cloud cover, temperature, wind speeds and visibility, categorised into simple icons informing you of whether stargazing conditions are good, fair or poor for the night ahead.

# Push notifications: An optional feature in which a notification is sent directly to the user’s device informing them of the stargazing conditions for the night ahead. Ensuring users can stargaze with ease and optimise their experience!

# Education: Select a constellation, planet, star or satellite and Night Sky 2 will provide you a wealth of information on all of the celestial bodies it identifies.

# Sky Info: Including accurate weekly live data on moon phases, sun rise and sun set times, daylight duration and sun elevation, ensuring users are both fully equipped and well-informed in their stargazing.

So next time you’re gazing up in to the Night Sky and wonder the name of a star, planet, galaxy, constellation or even a satellite, just get out your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and let the Night Sky 2 app amaze your gaze!

Night Sky 2  logog

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*** Type once, search everywhere ***

Launch Phlo, type your search, and find what you’re looking for on any search engine. If you can’t find it on Google, maybe you’ll find it on Amazon or eBay. It’s just two taps to try your search on every engine, so it’s the fastest way to find your answer. Phlo comes preloaded with over 30 popular sites, and you can easily add more. It’s your one search box that searches everywhere.

Phlo is built for iOS 7 with support for link sharing via AirDrop, automatic text resizing with Dynamic Type, fast navigation with edge swipe gestures, and more.

Key Features:

# Switch between results on any site without retyping your search term
# Saved history of your searches—put an end to endless re-typing
# Instant search suggestions from your history, Google, and Bing as you type
# Nifty ‘re-use’ button to edit or tweak search phrases from your history or suggestions
# Swipe to copy or delete search terms from the history
# Open links and results in Safari or Chrome
# Add new sites to search using our free Phlo Assistant extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
# Share links with others using AirDrop, Messages, Email, Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp
# Save links for later using Safari Reading List, Instapaper, or Readability

*** Search everywhere from every device with Phlo Sync ***

Phlo Sync can keep your search history and search services in sync across all your devices. You can add new sites to search on any device, or add them with one click via our free Phlo Assistant extension for Mac browsers. Every search you make and every site you add will stay in sync between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Phlo Sync is available as a yearly in-app purchase.

Phlo logogg

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Discover your ancestry anytime, anywhere. Learn where you came from, who you came from, and why it matters. Not sure where to start? No problem. Tell us what you know and we’ll start the search for you. The Ancestry app puts your family history at your fingertips. Start tapping.

• Build your family tree and uncover long-kept secrets.
• Get hints and discover new family connections, facts, and photos.
• Share your discoveries with friends and family.

Winner of the 2013 Appy Awards!

# Redesigned look for sleeker, more intuitive use
# Build your tree faster by connecting to Facebook
# Preserve memories by adding photos to your tree
# Explore high-res images of historical documents and records
# Access the world’s largest online family resource with over 11 billion historical records
# Ancestry Hints help you discover new family connections by finding historical records and photos for you

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Explore the majesty of nature in breath-taking 3D with Professor Brian Cox as your personal tour guide.

The follow-up to multi-award winning Wonders of the Universe gives you:

# Over 30 3D creatures and habitats

# Over 2 hours of HD video (wifi connection required for streaming)

# More than 1000 crisply high-res images accompanied by expert commentary

# And it’s all set against a soundtrack that will blow your socks off

# Additional bonus content can be accessed by signing in. (Completely optional! Press “Skip” or “No Thanks” to continue after the Introduction.)

From the vast networks of subterranean freshwater caverns of the Yucatan peninsula to the Great White Sharks haunting the South Neptune Islands, from the Hermit Crabs of Christmas Island to the Red Kangaroo of Western Australia, this app will help you uncover the secrets of life in the most unexpected locations and in the most stunning detail.

Explore the vision of the Kangaroo, the DNA of the Chameleon or the hearing of the Mohave Desert Sand Scorpion in its natural habitat in scintillating 3D detail, delving deep down variously into the detail of microbial life, the inner eye, the second law of thermodynamics, and more.

Along the way you’ll learn how everything on Earth, from the smallest microbe to the largest giraffe, is constructed from the same fundamental building blocks and is subject to the same laws of nature.

Professor Cox and BBC Head of Science Andrew Cohen underpin the experience with over 80 articles delving into intricacies of the natural world and the laws which bind it, alongside over 2 hours of footage from the series and 30 mind-blowing 3D models, all optimised for the iPad’s retina display and set in an interface designed bespoke for IOS 7.

The app seamlessly complements the Wonders of the Universe app (chosen by Apple as one of the best apps of 2012), adding in a tranche of additional information to Brian’s compendium of information on our solar system.

Brian Cox’s logog
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