Vehicles Cloud 1

Maintenance of vehicles is an important part of our life because when the vehicle will be in good condition, it will give out good output. Now increasing the value of your vehicle is quite easy, thanks to Vehicles Cloud app. The main purpose of this app is to provide certified maintenance for your vehicle. It could be used by individual & mechanics.

Features of Vehicles Cloud:

  • Sharing the information: Sharing of the vehicle information with friends & mechanics is easy with this application.
  • Searching of mechanic: The searching of mechanic is easy by location and distance. A user could get the direction, visit the website, call or send an email.
  • Service Point: You could easily search for the service point using this feature. There are different options for spare parts.
  • My Calendar: Through my calendar feature, you could easily set the date for an event.
  • Notification: Keep your self updated with the help of the notification option
  • Photos: In the photos option, you can easily upload the pictures.

Working on the app:

Firstly you need to add your vehicle to the garage section given in the app. It will use the date of registration, identification & model number to identify each vehicle. Now a user could add photos and fix the date to schedule an event using the calendar feature. For the spare parts & tasks, you can attach the list.

You could easily hide or show an event to those people with whom you have shared the information. Also, it’s easy to share what you want. As a customer, you can search for a mechanic and as a mechanic, you could create your profile. Customers could easily share their vehicles with a mechanic. When a mechanic will accept the invitation, he will join the shared vehicle and you will be able to see the owner in the garage. The Mechanic will have the authority to schedule an event.

Merits of this app:

The benefit of this app is all about its easy accessing. It increases the value of your vehicle. The sharing of information is very simple using this app. It will also ensure the safety for you and people on the street. This app is beneficial for all vehicle owners and mechanics to grab the smooth operation.

Last words:

Vehicles Cloud is an important and useful app that makes your vehicle maintenance easy. For every vehicle owner, it is now easy to fix an event.


It happened many times that we take a picture but forget to add its details to remember. For this reason, only DictaCam is here to help you. This is a dictation device app with the camera. It means you can speak out and add text in the picture. The concept is so easy that you just need to take the photo and then add the details. You can also share the images on the cloud via Google Drive or the Dropbox. Overall it is useful in making picture documentation.

DictaCam Features:           

  • Adding text with current time and date
  • Coordinate system and bubble level
  • Position, size and color of the font can also be changes
  • Saving the photos and images directly in the cloud
  • Bubble level
  • There is a separate saving of the edited image and original text

How to use DictaCam?

Talking about the using of this application. It is very much easy to use this app. Just take the picture and then dictate the text you want to add. All those texts will be added into the picture. This will make the caption and helps you in remembering the details of the images. In this way, you can make the image documentation. The text on the photo will be automatically displayed on the image with the help of speech to text translation.

Merits of using this app:

  • It saves time and money
  • Easy to make the picture caption
  • It minimizes the office work
  • Easy access to the audio files
  • It helps in keeping the track of text picture and photos

Last words:

DictaCam is a useful app for making image documentation. It actually combines the combination of professional camera and dictation device. This will save your money and time. As per my experience, it’s a really nice application.




Art & craft is something which provides the best approach to show the creativity. Here I will introduce you to one app named as Decor which is all about craft & art. This app provides the best of craft video tutorials. They update many ideas on a frequent basis so that one can get the latest idea & information.

Decor Features:

As far as if the features of this application are considered, it is having FAVOURITE option to add favorite crafts. There is also a presentation of the craft in a pictorial way. The description in the app is in easy language. There are user-friendly features and graphics in this app. Different kinds of categories. One can share the creativity on social media also.

How does this decor application works?

The working of this app is really easy and user-friendly. Just download the app and install it. Choose the desired option for which you want to get the information. Play the tutorial video or read the information. You can also read the information if you wish so. It provides easy craft skills for kids, teachers, and parents.

Merits of this app:

  • Useful information on craft & health
  • Easy to use
  • No registration required
  • Good user interface

What this app is providing?

  • Art & Craft ideas
  • Quilling
  • Useful life hack tips
  • DIY Craft
  • Craft for recycling
  • Kids craft
  • Origami
  • Greeting cards and gift packing
  • Health Ideas
  • Beauty Tips
  • Many more

Last words:

The decor is the best app for getting art & craft information. In this app, there are different kinds of information which are helpful in our life’s activity. All the craft videos are very much informative in providing craft information.





If you are into a property profession then MPPA Lite can be your best choice. It’s a mobile application through which you can get all the control in your hand. I’ll share each and everything about this application here. This app is like a boon in the industry and the real estate market. It’s basically used for inspecting the building. Let’s see more about this app.


  • Option to add interior & exterior details of the room
  • Works as an offline app
  • Fast responsive
  • Cool graphics
  • Adding different summary of electrical, plumbing and structural etc
  • Choosing of the dwelling type
  • Option to rate and generate checkers

How to use MPPA Lite:

Initially, when you will install the app, you will see the list of inspections and meanwhile you can also create a new inspection. After creating a new inspection, you can add the details like location, photo, inspection date, time and dwelling type. Other than this you can add an interior, exterior, and summary.

Merits of using MPPA Lite:

This application is beneficial for both home buyers and homeowners. From this app, owners can compare the home with neighbour, friends, and relatives. For the buyers, they can do an inspection of the properties in which they have interest.

Well MPPA Lite is really a useful application if you are engaged in a proper business. I would like to highly recommend this application to Real Estate Agents, Tenants, Landlords, and other buyer’s agents.




There always needs to have a well-organized way to always keeps reminding about things. Well, it is not possible to keep the information about things in mind all the time. To keep those recording, QRKool is one of the applications which make this task a simple one. At this platform, you can record, find and share your belongings with your friends, family or customer. It makes it easy for someone to find the belongings which are stored for a long time.

QRKool Features:

  • User Profile
  • Sharing with your contacts
  • Tutorial option to get the help
  • Writing description
  • Searching for any recorded item
  • Shop option
  • The configuration of your profile

How to use this app?

To use this application, first, download this application. After that, sign up with your details and get log in successfully. After that, you can add an item by taking pictures of your real things. You can tag and write the complete description of the same.

The managing of the record is very much easy. You can edit the item list at any time. It enables to update the list across any Android or iOS device. In case if you are retailer then you can easily set the price of your item to show your customer. This simplifies you’re business and work too. Use Kooltag to indicate location.

I must say QRKool is a very much useful application for home and office. I highly recommend this app to all my readers. Use this application and make your managing of items more simple.




FlyVPN Pro is one of my favorite apps on my mobile device. The reason is very simple it provides a fast and secure path of getting the VPN. Secured data is very much important to prevent any kind of difficulty in our personal and professional life. The Internet is all for today but we can’t neglect this thing. While accessing internet we need to be aware of our privacy too.

Many of people are seeking privacy and security for their data. VPN provides the best way for this. There is nothing important than this. For this purpose, I would like to suggest FlyVPN Pro which is a simple app. I will tell you each and every thing about this app. So let’s first see its features.

  • No registration: There is no requirement of registration. Directly one needs to download the app and start accessing.
  • No log saving: There is no saving of logs.
  • One tap connection: Just do tap and make the connection within few minutes.
  • Check Uploaded & downloaded space: There is transparency in this app and you can easily check downloaded and uploaded data space.
  • Deleting profile option: You can easily delete the profile

My experience:

I can now access my internet securely with this app. It’s easy and fast. The concept is really appreciable and to the user point of view. Now I don’t need to worry about my sensitive data transmission.

Last Words:

FlyVPN Pro is best VPN app in my opinion. Through this app, one can make the connection in a secured manner. It’s really very convenient to use. Readers can download this app through the below link.





Visiting the museum and exhibition is my one of the favorite hobbies. It’s because I have a keen interest in historical stuff. Also, I love to make notes on them to keep the information with me. Earlier it was quite time-consuming but now thanks to Pollicino app which makes this work quick.

Exploring more about this app, you will surprise to know that this app work on Beacon technology. That means name, description & address of exhibition will appear automatically. The information can also be added manually if you wish so. You can also create your own totem with the help of QrCode.

Features of this app:

  • NFC tags reading
  • Track Eddystone, Qrcode, GPS, Apple iBeacon & BLE
  • It supports multi-media contents like audio, video, external links
  • Automatically creating crumbs or you can also create them manually
  • Customized features
  • iBeacon simulator
  • Share and invite your friends
  • Easily compatible with your business
  • All features are customized
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Get all your nearby promotions and nearby events

How to use this app?

To use this app, you need to download and install it. After that open the app and click on Start option. Read the introduction part through touch me option. If you want to add by yourself then choose the options manually from the plus sign option. There will be other options too like photo, QrCode, NFC tag. Choose your desired option and go with your accessing. To make the notes, you can take picture and exhibitors contact. You can export all your important details in PDF format and share the same with your near and dear one.





Core is an all-in-one personal organizer, journal, note taker and secure storehouse for capturing and organizing private information about your life.

A comprehensive tool that allows you to capture and organize personal information for day to day activities, such as:

# Your House
# Your Finances
# Your Sporting Events
# Your Collections
# Your Heath Documents and Information
# Your Travel Itinerary
# Books
# Films
# Music
# Private thoughts
.. and just about anything that you wish to plan and organize!

A user can now access inputted information across multiple devices by synchronising between them (this function is an inapp purchase in the Settings page). By this means, a person owning both an iPhone and an iPad will be able to access inputted information on both devices

Organize your life by downloading the Core Organizer, Journal & Notes app today!







Keep your privacy when visiting various websites, without being worried about your IP address, geolocation, or personal communications being disclosed.
With Cargo VPN iPhone and iPad users also get a built-in DNS Firewall for the best protection from tracking, logging, malware, etc.

With Cargo VPN for iPhone and iPad you are getting:

# Your IP address, location and online identity are hidden for the top privacy.

# Your data is kept safe when you connect to public WiFi. Our iOS VPN app will automatically detect if a network is not secure and encrypt your Internet traffic.

# You can get to an unrestricted global media even if it is censored in your country.

# While you are using the VPN app for iPad/iPhone your online activity, location, communications are kept safe from unwanted surveillance.

# Your login details, account numbers, billing address are safer this way especially if you are using someone else’s WiFi.

# Did you know that flights, hotels, rental cars and more are priced differently for different geolocations? You can save money by simply adjusting iPhone VPN settings in our app.

# There are more than 70 server locations with over 1000 high-speed servers all over the world.

# Stay protected from malware websites.

# Downloading of torrent content is easier and safer.

# One subscription includes up to 5 devices in one account.

In-app purchase offers additional features:

# Exclusive Static IP address.
# Personal Server for utmost speed and safety.
# Additional slots for new devices.