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The only video app that empowers you to have unlimited design creations to your video.

Add multiple stunning animated decoration and text with the highest quality you can imagine only with your iPhone

More than 180 hand picked high quality decorations that you can use for free!

# Video:
Record video or pick one from the library. Record and pause with just a tap away.

# Decoration:
Add beautiful video effects by adding text, banners, frames, borders, balloons, ornaments, shapes, color tones and more

# Animation:
Decorate your video with live high quality animation

# Themes:
There are more than 180 built in high quality themes to choose from to decorate your family, holiday, party or any occasions. More themes are on the way.

# Customizing:
You can edit appearance of your selected decoration. So many aspect can be customized: color, position, scale, flip, transparency, animation speed, text, font, and many more.

# Trimming:
Choose which part of the video you want to decorate and remove the left over.

# Sharing:
Share your video via Email, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr or just save it to your Photo Library for unlimited sharing with your friends and families.

# Photo:
Take a snapshot (still image) while your video is playing and save it to your Photo Library.

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Faded is the premier all-in-one photo editing app for the iPhone.

Featuring the most powerful photo editing tools and gorgeous film-inspired looks, Faded is the perfect photo app to take your creativity to the next level.

Faded includes 46 free beautiful exclusive filters and offers 36 premium filters available for purchase in the store. Each filter is previewed in a large grid format and emulates perfectly the beauty and nostalgia of classic film.

Faded provides you the ability to save your adjustments as custom presets, called ACTIONS. An ACTION can be easily applied to any photo as your own personalized filter. Now with the ability to apply saved actions to multiple photos and batch export.

Faded comes packed with color bursting gradients, light leaks, emulsions, and unique frames to give your photos an impactful custom effect while also offering you premium effects to purchase, giving your photos depth and complexity.

Faded’s camera is fully loaded with functional tools allowing you complete control of your shots. Tools such as manual exposure, hands-free snap shutter countdown, compositional grid or square format, and split exposure, focus points. Now with burst mode picture taking and the ability to take multiple photos to be saved in the in-app library.

12 professional, custom adjustments to completely customize your photo including fade, highlights, sharpen, exposure, shadows, grain and more!

Overlay allows you to add an image, solid color, or pattern to your photo. You can then adjust the opacity, filter, and blending mode for a completely unique look.

Faded offers you access to your complete adjustment history, allowing you to revert back to any point in the editing process and save your adjustments as custom actions.

Clean and intuitive design allows you to perfect your images very quickly!

3 Export resolutions, including high resolution export to camera roll with the ability to upload your photos directly to instagram, facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr, dropbox, evernote, and email.

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The newest app from the creators of PicsPlay & Moldiv
Rookie™ is the filter camera photo editor that empowers those who wish to go beyond the basic photo editing. Bringing the look and feel of a professional photographer, Rookie lets you express even the most subtle mood on your photos.

Snap photos with the hand-picked quality filters applied in real time.
Camera options : Focus & Exposure Multi-Touch Control, Flash control with torch mode, 6x Digital Zoom, Grid & Leveler, Geo-Tag, Anti-Shake, Self-Timer, Front Camera Reverse, Square shots, Save original photo

Ordinary days can get extraordinary with Rookie. Rookie provides 116 filter effects beloved by professional photographers, all conveniently packed in 10 different themes. Rookie’s themes vary from the feel of film camera to the unique sets of classy moods or fun creativity. Whether you are looking for vintage sentiments or special effects like skin smoothing, blur, textures, or light leak, you will find it all in Rookie.

For those who want the extra something, Rookie provides 60 Textures & Light Leaks. Bring the unique feel to your photos as Rookie combines the sentiment of analog photography with digital film.

Rookie provides editing features perfect for those who wish for a more sophisticated photo editing.
Crop, Rotate, Straighten, Brightness & Contrast, Hue & Saturation, Vibrance, Color Temperature & Tint, Fade, Highlight & Shadow, Sharpen, Double Exposure, Clarity

Find your special design tools in Rookie – text function with 100+ fonts, 261 badges and stickers to express variety of moods, 200+ unique shaped frames to perfect your photos.

# Edit history : Undo, Redo
# Compare with an original photo anytime
# Preview feature that shows the effects at a glance
# Freely adjust the strength of the photo effects
# Text – color palette, spacing & opacity control
# Stickers & Shapes – color palette, opacity control
# Grid lines to guide stickers and text placement
# Video tutorial

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Add animated text, stickers, music and more to your pictures and videos with Layered.

Create unique images and movies and then share them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and via Email.

Layered Features:

# Use touch gestures to record motion, animate, change color, and transparency levels to text and graphics

# Dozens of animated and still sticker graphics to use on any picture or video

# Over 30 beautiful fonts and cool text labels to your pics and vids

# Add music from your iTunes library to your Layered creations

# Save and share Layered photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or through email

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Pictorl allows you to share and explore photos in a bold new way. It’s free and it’s unlike any other social network. You can swipe through pages of beautiful photos, just like a book, and discovering new photos has never been easier or more enjoyable. Creating an account is completely optional and you’ll never see ads. With Pictorl, you can also upload and edit your photos like a pro, favorite, comment, subscribe, and so much more!


# Upload photos with ease. Bulk uploading is now supported and we always store your originals to ensure the highest possible quality.
# Create and organize albums.
# Edit your photos at anytime with our powerful non-destructive photo editor. Adjust filters, white balance, saturation, and more!
# View photos in incredible detail with pinch to zoom.
# Manage photos and albums even when you’re offline.
# Control the visibility of individual photos and albums with simple and intuitive privacy settings.
# Subscribe to friends and see all their photos in one beautiful stream.
# Search and explore the entire Pictorl community.
# Receive push notifications for photos, comments, favorites, and more.
# Share photos via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Create personalised wallpapers & photos with PhotoBlur!

PhotoBlur creates amazing wallpapers based on your photos. Whether its photo of your trip to Hawaii or your first car, PhotoBlur will automatically use the colours of the image and create smooth & perfect background for you. You can then Modify it with captions, overlay images etc.

PhotoBlur has a plethora of features including –
# flip, modify saturation and brightness of your wallpaper.
# Overlay the original image over your wallpaper.
# Overlay a custom caption and choose between 7 beautiful fonts.
# Share your wallpaper on Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Email or any other social networking app you have on your device
# Beautifully animated user interface.
# Double tap anywhere to preview your wallpaper


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Turn your photos into paintings with Brushstroke.

Brushstroke transforms your album photos and snaps into beautiful paintings in one touch. Edit, sign, and share your work on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Want your artwork printed? We’ve teamed up with CanvasPop to provide the best quality canvas prints available. Pick a frame and size, and you’ll have your masterpiece delivered and hanging on your wall in no time.

# Automatically transform your photos into one of many painting styles
# Load photos from your Camera Roll and other Albums
# Take snaps and watch them transform instantly
# Experiment with different color palettes
# Adjust your painting to get just the right look
# Select from a variety of canvases and surfaces
# Sign your painting to personalize it
# Share your art on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
# Have your art printed and shipped right to your doorstep

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Combine your photos in infinite ways to create mind-blowing scenery, artistic framing, and surreal images.

From the creators of Tangent (App Store Best of 2013) and Fragment, Union is Pixite’s newest app for creating superimposed, silhouetted, and double-exposure photos on your iPhone or iPad. Here is how it works.

# Load a background image, solid color, or transparent layer
# Load a foreground image, solid color, or shape
# Efficiently erase areas of the foreground image using Union’s palette of intuitive, user-friendly tools
# Adjust the position and size of the foreground image to reach desired composition
# Make color adjustments on the background and foreground so they blend seamlessly
# Save your work in full resolution and, if you want, share Union images on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter – or email it to your friends.

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For people who want to have true, creative movie-making power on their iPhone! Edit video, audio and photos at the speed of your creativity. Swiftly arrange your clips on the Storyboard, without giving up the precision and control of the full Timeline. Add transitions, and speed and montage effects. Create and customize titles, and build soundtracks for your movies. Enjoy 1080p output and share your movie directly to YouTube, Facebook and Box, or send your project to Pinnacle Studio for iPad (available in the App Store) to continue editing on the go!

Easily Access Your Media
# Work with any media on your device—video, audio and photos
# Capture video and photos from within the app
# Use the “Open In” feature to open compatible files from other Mail or Web apps
# Transfer projects (with media) between Pinnacle Studio for iPhone (or iPod Touch) and Pinnacle Studio for iPad using AirDrop

# Use Montage templates to create multi-layer 3D animations, transitions and titles
# Help your story flow with 16 transitions, including high-quality dissolves, fades and more
# Generate professional-looking motion titles and graphics with full control over text, font, color, size, position and rotation
# Create amazing Picture-in-Picture effects with full control over position, size and rotation
# Pan and zoom on your photos to create high-impact slideshows
# Create slow motion/fast motion for video and audio and maintain audio pitch

# Enjoy a completely new iOS 7-style UI for a clean look and great usability
# Includes 24, 25 and 30 fps support for projects
# Full 64-bit support for new iPhones
# Get started quickly with popup help and all-new how-to video tutorials
# Easily navigate your project with intuitive gestures
# Swiftly arrange clips in the Storyboard
# Make precise edits and trim individual frames in the Timeline
# Use the Split tool to cut on the fly
# Easily replace one clip with another

Create Soundtracks
# Includes 3 tracks of audio + AV sync audio to mix your movie soundtrack
# Trim audio to any length, modify the speed, set levels and fade audio in or out
# Use the Voiceover feature to add documentary-style narration to your videos and slideshows

# Easily share movies via YouTube, Facebook and Box
# Export projects to Pinnacle Studio for iPad using AirDrop, Box or iTunes File Share
# Export to Pinnacle Studio for Windows using AirDrop, Box or iTunes File Share
# Enjoy full 1080p output support

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NightCap Pro is a must have app: it’s the ultimate photo and video camera app for dark or low light situations. It makes your iPhone or iPad camera far more powerful.

It’s a simple one-touch camera that gives dramatically better results – brighter shots, less graininess. It’s finely balanced, easy to use combined with high performance. Add a Light Mode brightness booster, Grain Reduction and 2 powerful extended exposure modes and you have unrivalled, DSLR-like performance.

NightCap Pro can inspire you to create unique and amazing photos (see screenshots). The powerful light boost feature and light trail mode can even capture the movement of stars, a breakthrough for astronomy on iPhone and iPad.

Easy one-touch functions:

# Night Mode puts the camera into a special mode, giving the best possible low light performance
# Light Mode instantly boosts brightness while preserving image detail
# Grain Reduction Mode helps reduce image noise
# Extended Exposure Mode: capture detailed, noise-free low light shots
# Light Trail Mode: perfect for light painting and even astronomy: photograph star trails with unlimited exposure time! See the screenshots for examples.
# Zoom control (camera-style for easy, smooth zoom)

NightCap Pro includes a full set of pro tools too:

# Manual exposure
# Optional high quality JPEG or perfect quality TIFF photos
# Live shutter speed and ISO display
# Quick, separate locking of Exposure (EXP), Focus (FOC) and White Balance (WB)
# On-screen grid to aid composition
# Self-timer
# Burst mode
# Adjust Light Mode and Noise Reduction strength


# Full resolution photo output on all devices
# Full resolution video on all devices
# Long exposure photos in Night Mode (to the maximum your device supports, between 1/3s and 1s)
# Video mode works at 15-30 fps (frame rate reduces dynamically in low light to boost brightness).
# Video mode runs in special, lower resolution modes in Night Mode on newer devices. This dramatically increases brightness in low light. Framerate in Night Mode is 10-30 fps, helping increase brightness even further.


# Hold Steady for a blur-free shot. Tuck your elbows into your ribs and hold your device in both hands for a steady grip, or rest your device on a solid surface.
# The darker it gets, the slower it goes. To increase brightness, NightCap Pro slows the camera down (especially in Night Mode), giving it more time to absorb more light, but it also slows down focusing and makes it easier to blur the photo by moving the camera.
# Video mode may use lower resolution if you turn on Night Mode. If you need HD, use Light Mode or the flash instead.
# No camera works in complete darkness! NightCap Pro needs some light to work its magic.

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