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Reading magazines is the best way of getting news and other knowledge. Now with the evolvement of technology, we could read this information on our mobile device. Thanks to Volv which makes this work so easy and smooth. It is a magazine app that curates breaking news stories with the latest information & news. The unique thing is that it summarizes that into 70 words so that your time could be saved.

Features of Volv:

This app carries out all the classic features. It’s read more option will enable you to read the original story. So if you want to go in detail, just click on “Read More”. To know about the important & trending stories, the app is having ‘Must Read’ stories feature which contains different categories like travel, science, health, etc.

The app is having Artificial Intelligence to present the feed with breaking news. The main purpose of this is to provide all the information in one app. The 70 words story get fit into one screen, using the flashcard interface. This simplifies the reading of the story and the user could scroll through easily.

All the stories will be presented from top publications like Washington Post, CNN, Bloomberg, Daily mail & many more. Daily this application provides the news.

It merits:

This app is having all kinds of benefits.

  • As it summarizes the article in 70 words it will save you time.
  • The app carries all kinds of smart features.
  • With the help of its AI feature, it gives you the information to summarize form keeping the important things and headlines into consideration.
  • It covers all topics so the user doesn’t have to download different apps.
Accessing of this application:

As usual, you need to download and install the application. After that sing up in case if you are a new user. After making the account, you need to log in. It works smartly. Its AI will cut the clutter & present the main heading or the important part of the article in 70 words or less. This will allow you to read 5 stories per minute. You could go on any topic like politics, science, sports, etc.


Volv is a great platform that provides news and other latest information. One should avail of this application to fetch the information easily. It’s a good working app that is highly recommended.


JustOut News is like a boon for me. I get all the latest information with this application in a fast and effective manner. With this app, now it is possible to get the current and important news in Tamil and English regardless of time and place. It’s a very simple and effective way to grab the important information.

As far as if the features are considered as per my view, it is having all the good features. One can easily find the news through the category. After entering the keyword, you can also find the news of your taste. Other than this, you can easily switch to any one language i.e. English or Tamil.

Sharing the particular news on the messaging channel is another tremendous feature of this application. All the news is from popular news channels like News 7 Tamil, Dinakaran, TOI, The Hindu etc. Bookmark your favorite news and get your own interest. Moreover, there is notification option through which you can get a daily notification about trending news.

You can easily get the news of different categories like Politics, Business, Technology, Finance etc within a single tap. There are no advertisements and one can easily read the news continuously. It is an excellent and informative application.

The using of this app is easy and simple. Just you need to download and install like any other application. After that, you can search for news or can use the news as per the category. The news will on-screen and you can read anywhere or anytime.

At last, I would like to say that if you are news addicted, then you must try JustOut News application. It is miracle for those who want to keep themselves updated.

JustOut News


New Orleans, LA  – My Sports Dietitian has launched “Eat 2 Win” the unique time saving mobile app designed to empower athletes and their support team of professionals with the ability to quickly improve eating habits to deliver improved body weight, athletic performance and overall good health. This powerful tool enables a user at all levels of sports participation to build community, motivation and accountability while providing a variety of customized meal plans inclusive of vegan/vegetarian options along with 12,000+ healthy restaurant choices. Designed specifically to be a game changer for athletes, this app is also excellent forthe whole family or anyone interested in finding the nutrition and weight loss/gain support they need. Apple and Google Play versions are available at no charge for download. Watch the video here.


According to Mark Melancon, three-time MLB All Star Pitcher, San Francisco Giants, “I’ve tried other nutrition apps in the past but the Eat 2 Win app is different. It has helped me make better food choices at the right time of day plus it doesn’t constrain me to a tight regimen or ask me to painfully insert every little thing I eat. This is a first of its kind!”


Eat 2 Win Sports Nutrition mobile app improves an individual’s eating habits through these important features:



  • A Network of Support: Includes preferred monitors – sports dietitian, athletic trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, coach and/or parent. Accountability, encouragement and feedback from these professionals or individuals serve as a critical component to meet athletic performance goals.


  • Customized Meal Plan Guides: Provides a comprehensive plan by displaying a wide variety of options for all meals– breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, shakes and post workout. No more guesswork!


  • Motivation Through Competition: Drives participation through scoring points as part of a team and/or group challenge with a leader board for each challenge. Competition helps to keep the athlete engaged and provides motivation to stay focused on goals.


Founded in 2012 by Sports Dietitian Tavis Piattoly and Athletic Trainer Ronnie Harper, My Sports Dietitian is the trusted leader in providing solid sports nutrition services based on science and evidence-based practices. With the simple mission of improving athletes’ eating habits through an integral “food first” approach, the organization sees first-hand results as athletes reach their weight goals, improve their performance, find the strength they need, recover faster and enjoy overall health and wellness. The company supports not only athletes but has engaged a community of coaches, dietitians, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, nutritionists, personal trainers and educators through comprehensive tools such as eBooks, courses, webinars, podcasts, sports nutrition software and the Eat 2 Win app. To learn more, see or



Available On iOS / Android



ARKit, Apple’s augmented reality framework that CEO Tim Cook recently likened to being as “dramatic” a development as the App Store itself, has now been installed more than 3 million times worldwide through a host of ARKit-powered apps and games, according to a new report out today from Sensor Tower.

The app store intelligence firm also examined the most popular ARKit apps, and found that games are currently dominating, in terms of both which apps are available featuring the new technology, as well as what people are downloading.

What makes ARKit compelling, Cook this week explained in a wide-ranging interview with The Independent, is that it allows developers to focus on their passions, while Apple handles the technical hurdles of implementing AR in the mobile apps.

“The way that you get lots of great ideas is for us to do the heavy lifting of the complexity of locational things and software, and put those in the operating system,” Cook had said.

Initially, however, what consumers are responding to the most are AR-powered games, Sensor Tower found. That’s not too surprising — after all, PokĂ©mon GO is what really brought AR into the mainstream with its AR game for capturing PokĂ©mon out in the real world.


Today, AR games are the single largest category, accounting for 35 percent of ARKit-only apps worldwide. Utilities are in second place with 19 percent of installs followed by Entertainment (11 percent), Education (7 percent), Photo & Video (6 percent) and Lifestyle (5 percent). The remaining ARKit apps (“Other”) make up 8 percent of ARKit apps.

ARKit-powered games are also seeing a lot of traction, in terms of downloads and revenue, Sensor Tower found. In fact, mobile games accounted for 53 percent of ARKit-only app downloads and 62 percent of revenues so far.

Many of the AR games are “a mix of AR-driven takes on traditional game mechanics,” noted Sensor Tower, like strategy or puzzle games.

When looking at the number of estimated installed and revenue, apps like “AR Dragon,” “Zombie Gunship Revenant” and “AR Sports Basketball” were the top three free ARKit apps. Of those, “AR Dragon” from the Australian developers at PlaySide Studios accounted for more than 20 percent of the top free ARKit-only app downloads.

Games have accounted for a total of 53 percent of all ARKit-only app downloads and 62 percent of ARKit app revenue since the launch of ARKit.

With games taken out of the top app listings, apps that allow users to measure 3D spaces or demo furniture are some of the top performers. Among free apps, IKEA Place, the furniture app from IKEA that lets consumers see products in their homes before purchasing, is one of the more popular apps.

The top 10 paid ARKit apps were also largely games, and games held most of the positions on the top grossing chart, too.

A paid AR measuring tool, TapMeasure from the 3D-sensing company Occipital earned the No. 1 spot on the top Paid ARKit app chart.

Though games were prevalent on the top charts, there were some exceptions that showed ARKit’s non-game potential, including the interior design app Homecraft (a Lifestyle app, ranked as the No. 10 free app); the AR measuring utility AR MeasureKit (No. 5 free); and the Entertainment app Paint Space AR (No. 9 free).

When games are removed from the equation, the most popular ARKit apps seem to be those focused on using AR within 3D spaces in the real world — like the No. 4 top free ARKit app, IKEA Place, which soars to No. 1 when games aren’t in the picture.

The makeup of the ARKit landscape may change over time as developers experiment with what works — and what sells, of course.

Apple’s advantage in AR is that it works with iPhone, which has a less fragmented ecosystem than Android, as it controls both the hardware and software for all its devices.

Sensor Tower’s data covers only apps that are primarily focused on the augmented reality experience and it did not take into account apps that offer limited ARKit content like photo modes or mini games.

When iOS 11 launched on September 19, ARKit became the largest augmented reality platform in the world thanks to the huge number of iPhones and iPads out in the wild.

Apple CEO Tim Cook just this week said augmented reality may not be huge right now, but that it will experience a “dramatic” climb to take over the world much like the App Store did when it was first launched.

Source By:  #Sensor Tower

2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and Apple has something major planned to celebrate the occasion.

Apple on Tuesday delivered surprisingly strong fiscal third-quarter earnings and signalled that its upcoming 10th-anniversary phone lineup is on schedule, driving the stock up 6 percent to an all-time high in after-hours trading.

Apple is widely tipped to adopt higher-resolution OLED displays for the latest iPhone, along with better touchscreen technology and wireless charging – which could come with a $1,000 plus price tag.



The phone is expected to launch in September.

The iPhone 8 is expected to feature a radical redesign, with an edge-to-edge display that does away with the top and bottom bezels where features like the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and the front-facing camera are housed. Instead, rumors suggest Touch ID will either be built into the display or eliminated entirely in favor of facial recognition technology, with Apple is confirmed to be working on. Either way, there will be no physical Home button on the iPhone 8 and no bezels aside from a small area for the front-facing camera.

With an edge-to-edge design, the iPhone 8 may be similar in size to the 4.7-inch iPhone, but with a display the size of the 5.5-inch iPhone. Rumors suggest it will feature a 5.8-inch display with 5.15 inches of usable area, with the rest dedicated to virtual buttons that will replace the existing Home button.


Inside, the iPhone 8 is expected to have a 10-nanometer A11 chip that will be both faster and more efficient, plus rumors suggest it could also include features like induction-based wireless charging and biometric additions like facial recognition that would be used for device security, perhaps to replace Touch ID. In higher-end models with a dual-lens camera, both lenses are expected to feature optical image stabilization.

Based on information from supply chain sources and accessory makers, Japanese site Mac Otakara believes the iPhone 8 may be introduced in September, but that it won’t ship out until the first half of the first fiscal quarter of 2018, aka October or November.


Report the news as it’s happening right now. Upload pictures of news events and share them on twitter and Facebook.
See what’s happening in your local area by viewing events on the map or as a list.

Finding out about news happening around you is easier than ever as all reports are added by users as they happen. Swipe to move through listed stories and vote them up or down.

Key Features:
# View as map view or list
# Select local, national or global range of stories
# Share on twitter and Facebook
# News reports ordered by popularity
# Stories delete after 7 days



While browsing web or scanning through news or top stories, you come across some interesting stories. But due to lack of time, you can’t read them now. How would you be able to instantly access them later at your own peaceful time, read them even offline or use a personal narrator to read those favorite articles for you? Very simple. You would need these best read it later apps for iPhone to get things done for you.

Though there are several read it later apps at the App Store Today we are going to tell you about PaperSpan which allows you to save web content for a later time, so that when you have the time you can read or listen the content.

Main features of PaperSpan

# It could save web pages for reading later. You can read them while you wait, commute, or at your leisure. It is possible to listen to them while you walk, cook, or just resting your eyes.
# You can send to Kindle device or app, highlight phrases, take notes for an article, organize with folders, and sort by date or reading time, change day/night mode, and much more features.
# The app is also developed in such a way that works seamlessly so that global users could continue using even if your device is offline.

If you really like something you just read, you can share it with others through the standard social media outlets: SMS, Facebook, Twitter, email and more. This app free to use but PaperSpan Premium paid




When we were kids, our generation spent time playing outdoor games with friends and neighbors; a huge contrast to the alias generation who know how to navigate their favorite game or show, without needing our help.

In this techno-digital era lives have become fast-paced and digitalized. Everything is at our disposal with the tap of a smartphone. However, no balancing act is more nuanced than handling our kids’ effective use of technology. This is a struggle parents constantly face.

Children are of carefree nature as they easily venture into the wilds of internet without contemplating its dark side. With the increase in the volume of crimes related to kids such as cyberbullying, sexting, abduction, etc. parents are concerned about their kids’ safety.

A research states that 48percent of the parents check their kids phones to monitor the ongoing activities. Fortunately, the new wave of innovation has provided us with monitoring tools such as parental apps to track the activities of kids, online or offline. One such app designed to give parents a sigh of relief is, TrackMyFone.

Below is a detailed trackmyfone review                that can help you raise an effective user of technology, and can be an elusive key towards their learning and development.

TrackMyFone- The first impressions

Whether to snoop or not to snoop in your child’s phone is no more a problem. TrackMyFone is an app designed to help you monitor and report the activities of your child within real-time. The app aims to function undetectably, so your child will never know he was being monitored.

What’s interesting about the app is that it is designed keeping in mind the not-so-tech-savvy parents, so the user interface is powerful yet minimalistic. It has intuitive and simple controls in order to ensure a healthy parent-child relationship. This is why the app is remote and discreet in its functions.

As a parent, all you need to do is install this app in your child’s phone and monitor his activities via an online control panel on your device. As it works best in stealth mode, its icon is hidden even if your kid tries to look up for any monitoring apps in his phone. It also offers budgeted pricing which is commendable.

How TrackMyFone works?

It is pertinent that a parental app must help you keep your kids safe from prevalent evils in society. This is exactly what TrackMyFone does. Since it is difficult to limit the kids access to tech gadgets, this trackmyfone review will help you determine its installation and compatibility.

Before making a purchase decision about any app, it is worthwhile to know its compatibility so that it offers optimum utility. TrackMyFone is compatible with both iOS and Android devices which are the sophisticated gadgets used today. If your target phone is jailbreak, then physical installation of the app is mandatory. However, if the target phone is non-jailbreak, then to make things simpler, all you need is the iCloud login credentials of your child to begin monitoring. Unlike iPhones, all android phones whether rooted or non-rooted require physical installation of the app.

Whether you are a novice or a tech-wizard, the app has simple and fewer processes. Before you begin, you need to buy a subscription, as per your needs. Then you create a login account and fill in your email id and password. Once you’ve logged in, you will have to choose the device which you want to monitor, iOS or Android. This will then take you to web-based control panel from where you can access all the information about your target, stored in their smartphone.

Features- Breaking the stereotypes

TrackMyFone offers an extensive range of features which I’m sure will not disappoint you. This trackmyfone review will depict how these state-of-the-art features have a prominent existence in the monitoring spectrum.

The connotation ‘monitoring’ or ‘tracking’ is often used in a negative sense, manifesting some illegitimate activity. But living in the digital world, where social networking arena has influenced our cultural landscape, monitoring app are used with a sense of urgency. TrackMyFone offers the users to monitor call logs of their kids to determine the incoming and outgoing calls along with detailed information such as contact names, their numbers, call duration, date and time stamp, etc.

Moreover, due to the proliferation of communication channels, kids exchange messages with each other on these platforms therefore there’s a huge risk of sexting or online predators being in contact with your kids. TrackMyFone enables the parents to keep a track of texts and chats on WhatsApp, Skype, afcebook Messenger, iMessages, etc. Here you can view not only the message content but also multimedia files, if shared any.

For parents whose kids often stay away from home, TrackMyFone offers GPS tracking so that parents can find out the exact, real-time location of their kids. They can also browse the location history of the target for an entire day. Watch-listing of location be done via geo-fencing feature which enables parents to mark certain places as ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’ so that whenever the child enters an unapproved place, parents will receive instant alerts on their phone.

The other remote commands made by the app include wiping data, blocking apps, live-screenshots of the phone screen, locking the device, etc. These features can help you if your kid’s phone is stolen or is in the hands of a hacker or bully.

The verdict!

In the world where the technology is a gamified process, it is difficult to stay non-reclusive. No matter how much you try, you cannot keep your kids off of certain online endeavors. Therefore, the best approach is to embrace a monitoring software like TrackMyFone which can help you secretly watch over your kids and keep them away from potential online dangers. The app is affordable, and promises enhanced capabilities to the users. All in all, it is indeed a decent pick.

Apple is getting ready to roll out a new iPhone and its next OS, but in the process it could kill 187,000 apps.

Analytics firm Sensor Tower anticipates that thousands of 32-bit apps will become obsolete once Apple releases iOS 11, which is expected to only support apps that run on a 64-bit processor.

A quick refresher: After years of encouraging developers to update older apps to make them compatible with the 64-bit processors that debuted with the iPhone 5S, it seems that Apple will begin to force developers’ hands with iOS 11. Warnings that “this app will not work with future versions of iOS” began appearing in beta versions of iOS earlier this year, feeding speculation that Apple will finally end support for these outdated apps once and for all.

While we knew that “app rot” as it’s known in developer circles is a real problem, it was hard to quantify just how many apps could be impacted by such a change. We now have a much clearer idea thanks to new data from Sensor Tower.

As it stands now, at least 8 percent of all apps in the App Store could be rendered obsolete overnight if Apple chooses to end support for 32-bit apps. That adds up to about 187,000 apps, according to the firm.

This, by the way, is somewhat of a conservative estimate. Sensor Tower came up with the number by looking for apps that were submitted prior to the launch of the iPhone 5S in 2013 (when Apple first started supporting 64-bit) that haven’t been updated since.


Apple could kill almost 200,000 apps


Though the company introduced 64-but chipsets in September 2013, Apple didn’t start requiring developers to support 64-bit architecture until nearly two years later in June of 2015, so it’s likely there are far more incompatible apps than the number reflected in Sensor Tower’s report.

And while the vast majority of these apps won’t be missed, there are quite a few classics — some of which still enjoy devoted followings — from the early days of the App Store that could be at risk should Apple force them to update or die.

Of course, we won’t know the fate of these apps for awhile longer. Apple has yet to comment on iOS 11, and probably won’t ahead of its formal unveiling at WWDC later this year. And while beta software is a good indication of changes to come, nothing is certain until the updates become official.

Still, there are other signs Apple is ready to start ditching old outdated apps. The company removed more than 47,000 apps last fall, according to Sensor Tower, so further clamping down on languishing apps wouldn’t be surprising at all.



With the CityInformation App you’ll always have all the information you need about your city or town within reach. The local news, the weather, the best events, public transport information, the local radio and so much more; all in one App!

You can easily find cinema times and programmes for your local theatre or concert venues, and you can use the App to order tickets in just a few clicks! Catch up on the latest (sports)news or get tickets for their next match. Book a table in your favorite restaurant or order takeaway from the comfort of your home or hotel room! Also, check the best deals in town and use the convenient map function to get to your destination.
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