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Habits are tough to break and they can be even harder to start. It’s easy to find a new reason every day of the week to put off things as simple as starting a flossing routine or opening a savings account. Avibra is here to help with that in a big way.

The Avibra app is there to help people choose good daily habits by rewarding them with free life insurance coverage for their small daily victories.

How does it work? The app uses advanced machine learning to analyze what you buy and do in a day, figuring out what you’re doing well at and rewarding you with boosts in your free life insurance coverage. There’s nothing quite like positive reinforcement to make you want to pick up a healthy new habit! As a user, all you have to do is link up your accounts  – like health trackers and daily purchase history – to the app. Then you just check in once a week (on their Well-being Wednesday) to get the chance to turn your good habits into real life insurance coverage.

What Is Avibra?

The Avibra app went live in 2019, providing everyday well-being advice as well as life insurance protection to everyday users. The insurance plans that Avibra sets you up with are at no cost to users of the app and are backed by big insurance giants with an A “Excellent” rating by A.M. Best, an external independent oversight entity. Plus, your coverage is guaranteed and non-conditional, meaning no one is going to deny you coverage based on your health status.

Something really unique about Avibra is how the app rolls together your everyday life, habits and goals with your life insurance. All you have to do to get started is just download the app and in a matter of minutes you can have between $5,000 – 10,000 in coverage – adding to it weekly with your various good habits.

How Avibra Works

Avibra offers two ways to improve your well-being and earn life insurance within the app.

In-app activities include things like quizzes, short educational videos & guided meditation series. Choosing to complete one of these will help you work toward better habits, but it’ll also give you a bump in life insurance coverage.

The second major way to earn those extra coverage dollars is by simply keeping up with good habits in your everyday life. Arya, Avibra’s AI system, can identify those good habits for you (including some you may never have even noticed), rewarding you along the way.

Sign-Up Process

If you sign up with Avibra now, you can choose between two membership options — Avibra Free & Avibra Basic.

With the Avibra Free plan, you’ll get that basic level insurance policy with coverage that increases weekly based on your good habits. This perk is currently only available to people 18-38 years of age, and that the cap on the policy is fairly limited.

The Avibra Basic plan ($3.99 per month) also offers Avibra users access to financial planning tools and advice as well as dietician-approved meal plans, lifestyle advice and access to a health coach.

There’s no purchase required to download the app or get access to the life insurance perks, as long as you have Avibra Free. All you have to do is follow a healthy and happy lifestyle and you’ll see your life insurance coverage grow over time.



Are you a yoga freak person? If yes then 3D Exercise Yoga Gold Stickers app can be your best app. In this app, you can easily share the 3D stickers with your friends while doing chat on iMessage. It’s a new way of spreading the awareness about the yoga.

Features of 3D Exercise Yoga Gold Stickers:

  • Golden 3D stickers
  • Various yoga and meditation exercise
  • 36 yoga gold stickers
  • Easy sharing of the fitness and wellness message
  • No complex strategy
  • User friendly approach

Benefit of using this app:

Yoga is one of the best ways to nourish your health and mind. With the help of this application you can easily there spread the awareness about the Yoga. Inspire others for fitness and healthy lifestyle. It’s a different and new approach of spreading the fitness concept in the society.

How to use this app?

To use this application, just download this application and then open your iMessage chat. You will be able to get all those stickers in your iMessage automatically. In this way, you will be able to send the stickers in chat. Like this, you will be able to express your fitness emotion in a better way.

The set of all Yoga Stickers are performed by the Golden girl who is doing meditation on the yoga mate.

Last thought:

3D Exercise Yoga Gold Stickers is a mobile application which is sticker pack for all. There are 30 amazing stickers of a Golden fitness girl. I would like to recommend this application to everyone.

3D Exercise Yoga Gold Stickers

3D Exercise Yoga Gold Stickers


Music Momentum


Adding of music in the workout is one of the necessary part to get the continuous motivation. There are lots of applications which are providing fitness music but Music Momentum is something different. In this application, you can easily input your Music and make your playlist. Other than this you can also input your Target Minimum Speed (TMS).

Features of Music Momentum:

  • There is a statistic data through which you can check all data
  • Option to change the view of landscape and portrait mode
  • Music library for accessing of music
  • Features like vibration, music slow and animation
  • No advertisement
  • Music Slow Mo
  • Statistic to check all metrics

How to use this app?

To this application, you just need to download the app and then input you’re Target Minimum Speed (TMS). In this way, your current speed will be continuously compared against the target speed. In case if the user slows down below their TMS, the app will notify them. This app will notify in several ways. The unique approach in this app is the Music Slow-Mo feature. It is also useful in half marathon.

What is unique in this app?

The uniqueness is that in this app, a user can input their Target Minimum Speed. In this way, one can make get motivation at hand. Its Music Slow Mo feature the user will drop down their target speed, the music will be slowed down half of its playing speed to sound like a slow playing record. A user can create up to 10 customized playlist with each playlist having 10 songs. In total 100 songs within the music library. With the statistics feature, you can review all the session statistics like time & speed.

Last words:

Music momentum is the best application in terms of getting workout motivation. I would like to recommend this app for all workout lovers.



The workout is incomplete without music and this is the reason Yomp is here for you. It is a workout music app which is available on the App Store and Google Play store. It is an incredible music app that offers a playlist for the daily workout. While doing exercise, music is playing an important role because it motivates us for our body. This application is perfect for joggers, runners, and walkers.

Yomp Features:

  • Supporting Multilanguage including Spanish, French, English Portuguese and many more
  • Different tempos for the workout songs for walking and jogging
  • You can stream the jogging music, exercise song anywhere
  • The user profile for having personal account and security
  • Feedback option to share your experience
  • There are pre-made mixes of gym playlist and fun music
  • Different types of music are available like Dance, Rock, Pop, 80’s and 90’s

How to use?

Coming on the using of the app, I found it very much easy to use. There is nothing any kind of difficulty in using this application. You just need to download and install the app. Choose your category and get your music. Other than this you can make your own playlist also.

So this is all about this music app.  Download Yomp and enjoy your workout music. As per my experience, it is a really wonderful application.




Fitness is that kind of thing which most of us like to have. Some of us work hard on the same and are very curious about the results. Yes, it requires time and patience. Moreover, it is obvious that we cannot predict results by not doing a comparison. With the comparing only we can predict the direction of our journey. BodyShapr is one such app that makes this comparison easy and convenient.

BodyShapr Key features:

  • Social feeds – Through this option, you can easily share your progress with your friends and meanwhile you can also check their progress. You can easily share your progress within the apps social feed or you can use the default smartphone sharing option.
  • FAQ option – With the help of FAQ questions, you can easily clear the points about the application.
  • Blogs – With blogs, you can grab many of the informative content.
  • User profile – Set your own profile to keep your data safe in your account.
  • Superimpose – This tool make it sure that all your photos fall into place.
  • Tracking of weight – With the help of this feature, you can easily track your weight.
  • Before and After Times 20 – For getting a perfect visualization of your transformation you can compare up to 20 pictures.
  • Finding Friends – User can easily find a Facebook friend with the help of this facility.

Kindly note that this application is only for tracking your fitness goal. It’s not implemented for getting any medical advice or any fitness canceling.

If I talk about the accessing of the BodyShapr, it’s really simple and sober. Firstly make the account as per the required fields. There are 4 useful tools which enable you to compare 2 to 20 pictures. It’s my personal urge that asks for somebody else to take your picture. Also, take your picture at the same place all the time.

There are four comparison modes. The slider and GIF options can make comparisons between 10 and 20 images. You can make the comparison with the help of make new comparison option. Select the gallery option from the navigation bar. Additionally, all the images will be stored in Cloud securely.

Finally, BodyShapr application is for all and I found it useful. It’s a good application with many of exclusive functions. Download it now and check your fitness progress. Thanks for reading!!





If you feel sad, stressful, annoyed or lonely then Supportivapp can be the best solution for you. This is an app which provides a platform where you can easily share your thoughts. In other words, it will be right to say that it is the anonymous support group. Well after accessing this app, I feel personally that this can be useful for your emotional help. It is having following features.

Supportivapp Features:

  • There are no ads
  • There is a sharing option
  • You can easily contact the team
  • There is a quiz through which you can check your mental health
  • There are emergency numbers like national suicide prevention hotline, national domestic violence hotline
  • No data for sale

There will be mindfulness content, videos, podcasts and best articles that indicate what’s going on in your life. They do a charge of 15 cents per minute. There is a charging of $9.00 per hour. They also give your money back in case if you don’t get support on the first visit.

How does it work?

There is a natural language processing algorithm in this app. When any user enters the type of struggle, this algorithm routes each user, based on your typed. Like this, you can start your conversation and share your feelings. It’s actually easy to use.


Supportivapp is one of the best applications which I would like highly recommend. I found a unique concept in this application which I never saw before in any other platform. You must download and take an experience once.





Tell A Buddy is a nice application for getting online counseling. It’s the best way to get professional help.

Tell A Buddy is really a great app for getting online counseling if anyone is facing battlefield in life. Many of the people are worried about certain things like career, personal problems or relationship etc. I was also facing some certain kinds of problem but Tell A buddy which is a mobile application help me in same.

Some of the features of this app are as follow.

  • Support groups
  • User-friendly
  • Daily motivation
  • Emergency number option
  • User profile option
  • Various categories like Friends, School, Girls Talk, Relationship and Family

There is also an option for a private chat with the professionals where you can share your things in a private manner.

The app is also providing certain types of services like career counseling, self-development, family difficulties, anger management, work & life stress. Additionally, it is also having collaboration with SADAG to serve client cases. At last, I would like to say that it is the ultimate place for getting professional help.

At last, I would like to say that Tell A buddy is a nice application to deal with various life problems. Join your hand with this platform to share your problems. If you are seeking to share something regarding your feeling then download this app now.





There is nothing best then fitness. It’s really important to open to door for good health. Getting fitness is not as easy as we need some kind of guidance in the same. Fortunately, I get one platform that can be the best adviser for gaining the fitness. It’s having some of the best features which I will describe in this review.

What is Pro Gym Workout?

It’s a normal app which is like a substitute for your personal trainer. It contains detailed information regarding the speed of workout, weight use in workout and rest.

What are the features?

  • There is no requirement of internet
  • Fat calculator, calories calculator, protein calculator & BMI calculator
  • Listed workouts program
  • Receiving of new training
  • Receiving of notification

After using this app I get totally dependent on this platform to get the fitness goal. It provides all kinds of workout like abs workout, biceps workout, legs workout, calve workout etc. It’s also having some programs like beginner & advance bodybuilding, fat loss, quick belly fat destroyer.

Availability: The app is available at Google Play store and App store.

Last words:

Pro Gym Workout is a good app that provides all means of getting fitness goal. This app is a complete package of health and fitness. Forget your personal trainer and get join with Pro Gym Workout. Thanks for reading.



Pregnancy time is very crucial for every woman. Special care is needed in this time period. However, with the advancement of technology, things get very much advance. Now to have a pregnancy test, we just need to have some platform. One such is Femometer which is nothing but a simple app.

On the recommendation of one my friends, I access this app and believe me it’s a wonderful place with ultimate features. It’s the best way to track your fertility. Additionally, with that ovulation & periods can also be a track with this app.


The features of this app are as follow

  • Monitoring of early-stage pregnancy
  • PMS symptoms tracking
  • One can add diet details, sleep duration & other details
  • It will remind you about your prenatal checkup
  • Tracking of the sexual activity every day
  • An Automatic draw of BBT chart
  • Pregnancy calendar
  • Making of notes along with pictures
  • Facility to log first and last day of menstruation
  • Keep the history of your fertility, cycle and ovulation

Benefits of Femometer:

Here I will share those merits which I get personally. Using this app, one can get better fertility tracking. With this app, now I can take full control of my health. I can check my body weight easily with this platform. I can even sync my basal body temperature. After using this app, now it’s easy for me to track everything related to my periods, fertility or ovulation.

Last words:

At last, I would like to recommend Femometer to all those who are reading my experience. It’s the best way of tracking your important days. I am happy to use this app.








completeBURN Fitness is a best app to get complete fitness tips and solution. Its design and developed for these real users who really wants to live a healthy and fit life. This app includes all types program for your fitness exercise and guldens to train you and build your body fitness.

In this app you can easily get images and video instruction or guideline from beat fitness trainers. It’s provides you daily bases fitness tips and nutrition diets. You can get and manually schedule your diets and nutrition’s according to your health.

completeBURN Fitness provides you features to get On-Demand Fitness Videos (Pick what you like) , 90-Day Scheduled Program for your fitness, Live streaming workouts with our Trainers every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am PST , New Programs Being added regularly, and Archive Library of Select LiveStream Workouts.

After create an account and complete registration with completeBURN, it’s offer your first 30 days for FREE! After 30 days free trial period your subscription will auto-renew at $7.99 per month basis for the use on the app and its workout programs.

completeBURN provides following Types of Workouts POWER Bodyweight – is a quick Bodyweight HIIT training class that will BURN calories long after your workout ends.

POWER Weighted – is an efficient nonstop weighted workout that will MELT fat while
sculpting muscle. CORE – is a endurance challenge that will BLAST your core, carving you into a HERO!
AGILITY – fuses Gymnastic drills and unconventional Plyometric movements in a KICK-ASS
workout. Perfect your balance and flexibility. Get ready to SWEAT!

YOGA – Restorative yoga class designed to complement your Complete Burn workout. This class
will revitalize your muscles and enhance your flexibility.
STRETCH – Recover with this quick 15-minute stretch class, perfect complement to any workout
or used on its own.