A tasty new word game that fits in your pocket.

From The Penguin Who Brought You The BAFTA-winning Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet, Coolson’s Pocket Pack is a Fun-size Word Game For iPhone and iPad.

Coolson’s Signature Chocolate Letters Are Dropped Into The Top of The Packing Stage One By One. Your Job is To Take Them Out of The Bottom And Pack Them Into Words. Work Faster Than They Drop in, Though, Because The Game Ends When Chocolates spill over the top! Rack up the points by making chains: two or more words in a row without recycling any letters. It’s a game of spelling, speed, strategy and nerve.

Compete against your friends on Game Center for the title of Employee of the Week!

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Pango hides himself! Will you find him?

Join Pango and his friends in a funny and entertaining hide-and-seek game.

Search for Pango in more than 15 different worlds that you can explore freely, ranging from the African savanna to the snowy mountains, and including gemstone mines, a haunted manor, outer space and many more…
Pango can hide anywhere; in a tree, behind a rock, on the back of an elephant or under a bed. It’s up to you to find him!

Small items have also been lost in every level: the heart, the clover and the key. Try to find them as well!

All backgrounds are entirely interactive, fitting into the tender and colorful world of Pango with detailed animations and funny sounds.

“Pango, Hide and Seek” is an observation and exploration game made for children aged 3 and more, with a progressive difficulty.
No time limit and no competition are involved; children will explore at will, without any stress and with total freedom, discovering characters and exploring backgrounds while having fun.

=>Search Pango in a fun hide-and-seek game
=>Find hidden bonuses for increased replayability
=>An observation and exploration game with total freedom
=>No stress, no time limit, no competition
=>A progressive difficulty, adapted to young children
=>Over 15 fully interactive and colorful levels
=>Characters and backgrounds with sounds and animations
=>An intuitive and responsive interface
=>For ages 3 and up
=>Parental controls
=>No integrated purchases
=>No invasive publicity

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A original Puzzle Game with engaging and funny characters.
Hours of fun on your own or with up to three friends.

Do you know Suzan? Of course you do! Suzan is my father’s son’s sister’s mother’s mother!
Suzan is my grandma!!!

Train your logic by resolving more and more complicated enigmas about increasingly crazier families!

Unlock 3 different game modes which will allow you, depending on your mood, to play at your own pace or to take up real challenges!

Go through the family trees of 5 different families who are each other crazier than the last:
• The Zombies Family.
• The Viking Family.
• The Alien family.
• The Super family.
• The Napoleon family.

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Ready Steady Play is a Wild West-themed game starring an affable cowboy and his trusty hobby horse. Easy to learn and hard to master, Ready Steady Play expands on the beautifully minimal aesthetic and gameplay of its predecessor, Ready Steady Bang.

As part of an expanding series, the first release introduces three games:

• Shooting Gallery
• Hobby Hurdles
• Coin Shooter

…with more exciting additions to follow.

Ready Steady Play utilizes Game Center to provide you with the following features:

• Sync your achievements and high scores
• View online leaderboards
• See your friends’ high scores go past as you beat them in-game
• Challenge your friends to beat your achievements and high scores
• Invite your friends to play against you

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