Big time tennis fan or a GK aspirant ready to crack some quiz? A common interest for tennis will definitely keep you stuck with this app in the review today!

Key Features of World Tennis Winners

  • Simple and Basic: a Most simple app that has only two keys, “Country” and “Player” to be operated with. Thus nothing to worry about the entire various, “How to?”
  • Information Based: An app that is built to provide information about every tennis player across various countries. Helps in knowing the awards stats along with the ranking as well!
  • Self-segmented: Everybody likes it when things are organized and easy to find! That is the same case when we talk about World tennis Winners. The country and Player segments are self-organized in the alphabetical order and hence make sit relatively easy to find names from the list!
  • No need to update, we have it set right: A centrally based app that needs no updating but the list gets automatically updated. Hence it is a sure help that is easy to set!
  • Search makes it easy: Search icon as an eye helps in searching your desired player easily.

Simple ways to search!

Get on the app and search country by entering your choice of a country name. After country selection gets on the players’ list and finds all the players from the selected country. Simply tap on any player and get the information loaded below!

Last words: An information-based app that has all the power to equip you with tennis players’ awards information across the world.

Summary: Just a click to download this app and the treasure of information is within your reach when your device is well connected to the internet.


FREE – Flick Soccer On Streets 2017

Flick Soccer On Streets – Feel the supreme street football shooting game on your smart iPhone and iPad.

This game has various modes, including Arcade (10 Shots), Time Attack Mode (3 minutes), Friendly Match and manager Mode (Play against AI) and Goal Keeper Mode (Save Free Kicks). Arcade Mode (10 Shots) – Free Flicks – Target Shots – Missions Time Attack mode (3 minutes) – Free Flicks – Target Shots – Missions – Don’t Not Miss – Free Flicks – Target Shots Flick the ball to score a Goal…. Manager Mode – Play Against AI Mode From Beginner to Expert level.

This is the most challenging level and you have to beat an AI player who is an expert in free kicks. Swing the football to deceive the keeper and try to beat the AI player from level 1 to 13. Be a goal Keeper and save free kicks. This mode of flick soccer can be upgraded to two AI goal keepers and 4 defenders. How to Play Swipe the mobile screen and shoot on target if you are in a shooting mood. You can swing the football after the shoot at any direction to beat the keeper. You can be an expert keeper if you dare to defend all the shooting attacks made from the opponent team.

Don’t let the ball reach to the goal. Play against the best AI player in Manager mode and try to beat the computer and move to hard levels.

This game is indeed the best flick soccer game..

Have Fun!!!




BANTASY is a FREE and entertaining FANTASY SPORTS GAME! Compete DAILY with the Fantasy DREAM TEAM you create! NEVER LOSE A DIME because Bantasy is not gambling! You don’t use real money! Enjoy the THRILL of daily competition in American sports: Baseball, American Football and Football Soccer: Spain Primera Division League with QUICK RESULTS, while playing like a HIGH ROLLER!

Pick a Contest
At Bantasy, we believe there’s a direct correlation between creativity and passion. If you create a contest, it’s part of you, and you’ll do everything you can to win it. But creativity is a fickle mistress, so you can always choose from other contests and still beat the pants off of those guys. Of course, all contests are free to create or enter. The more daily contests you enter, the higher your chances of winning are. REMINDER: You love winning!

Draft Your Dream Team, Baby!
What’s better than 50 grand (besides more than 50 grand)? Getting to spend it all at once! It’s a level playing field until you select the line-up for your dream team, and $50,000 is your spending cap to fill all the position slots. This is the kick-off to your strategy, and you’ll choose from among your favorite MLB players. Complete this step, and you’re ready to enter your first contest. Be sure to make any last minute changes to your player roster before the game begins.

Create Your Own Contest
So you like things your way, do you? Well, so do we! In every daily contest created by your peers, there’s plenty of action and excitement, but creating your own contest adds a new dimension of thrill, and you can share it with your friends. Even take turns with your friends creating your own contests, and compare weekly winnings among yourselves.

Free to Sign Up? Free to Play? What’s the Catch?
Short answer: There is no catch. Long answer: If you believe that time is money, we’re certainly not charging you for it. In fact, time is what we’re saving you with our easy-to-navigate platform, real-time coverage, quick results turnaround, and device accessibility options. All you need to play Bantasy are good skills, a good strategy and an appetite for fun and competition. Sign up is free, and you win Bantasy Chips here, not real money.

Real-time Coverage? Not yet, but…
Our gargantuan, fire-breathing competitors offer you real-time stats, but where’s the love? Do they send you free cupcakes like we don’t? We hate to make you wait until the end of the game to see the results and collect your winnings, but we’re a small start-up, and real-time coverage is a pricey enterprise. We’ll deliver that to you, too, once we’re sure it won’t bankrupt us. In the meantime, we’re counting on the ever-decreasing level of patience you and all we humans possess. Thank you. The bright side is your winnings are generated immediately at game’s end.

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Are you a football maniac? Do you have football frenzy? If yes, Best Real Speed Pro football 2016 will keep you engrossed and entertained. This well crafted 3d football game is a great app which you keep your friends occupied on their fingertips for hours!!

Presently, the free best football game is available with two teams: Italy and Germany…but worry not, soon some more teams will be added from all the 5 continent Europe, Australia, South and North America, Asia, and Africa like France, UK England, Japan, United States of America (USA), Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Russia, China, Switzerland, Belgium, Korea, Netherland, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Argentina, Chili, Paraguay, Thailand, Iran, Irak, Uruguay, etc. This is not the end of the list for Crazy football 2016 fans like you, big football clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Paris saint Germain, Atletico de Madrid, AC Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan, Raja Casablanca, Ahli, Zamalek, Guangzhou Yiyao will soon be available at your fingertips.

Have you ever dreamed to Play football Real football 2016 game with Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Iniesta, Lahm, Bale, Xavier, Ronaldinho, Neymar, Sanchez, Rodriguez, Muller, Kahn, Ribery, Puyol, and the old best players too like Maradonna, Pele, Figo, Zidane, Bekham, Tevez, Batistuta, Buffon, and many other football good players? Free best football game will allow fulfilling your dream in reality; with this free app downloaded on your ios devices, you will be able to play and enjoy virtually 3d football league 2016 at your fingertips.

Loaded with 3d and HD graphics and lively animations, the free best football game is an awesome example of super football app game and you will surely love it.

How to play:

You will have here a special button How to play, it will explain you the use the joystick and about the pass and shoot button to play…..

You have to manipulate the football 2016 football players with joystick, use pass button for passing or taking over the ball from the other team players, and shoot button to shoot for making prodigal goals as Messi does in real performance!

The features of the app:

# Free 3d football game for young and adults: you will surely enjoy this crazy 3d football game play on your iOS device,
# Vivacious animation, awesome HD graphics, and realistic game play will keep you enthralled,
entertaining sound effect is an extra attraction,
# You can play this football 2016 game without Internet connection, you just have to download it and enjoy.
# Compatible with all the iOS 6.0 devices
# The free game app is really addictive: it will keep you engaged for long time!
# You can share the goals and scores with your friend on Facebook and Twitter.

Best Real Speed Pro Football 2016 logoDownload Now on ( Free ) App Store


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This app is for sport clubs and individual players of any sport. This league / challenge ladder application allows a new user at your club to find and meet existing players who play at their skill level. The fundamental obstacle to growth in your sport and utilization of your club facilities is for new players to find and meet existing players. Challenge Cheetah removes this obstacle.

Key Features:-

Find leagues near you for ANY sport and CHALLENGE your way to top!
View other player’s profiles to see their skill level/match history
Match results are emailed to all players in your league
Send comments to selected or all members of your league or team
Find a coach, equipment reseller, or equipment repairer

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Live football for everyone.
Whatever your lifestyle, Footballover is the right app for you and this fantastic sport.

The fastest push notifications and live events from over 800 championships make it really unique.
In football timing is everything. With Footballover you can set up notifications for every event, such as goals, confirmation of line ups, substitutions and many other features.
From today you will have a seat booked in every stadium in the world. Just for you.

Functions :-

# A new and smart filter allows you to surf easily between championships being played.
# Choose from over 15000 teams the ones you love most. We will make sure you are kept updated!
# Which is your favourite team? Choose it, it will be a part of the application and you will have rapid access to all information about it.
# Personalise the fastest notifications ever.
# Thanks to the accompanying championship menu you can quickly access leagues and calendar, or set up notifications with a simple tap.
# Get into the details of the match to get live events, statistics, twitter, line ups, reporting and video

 Footballover  logoDownload Now on ( Free ) App Store


Bowmaster 2, the sequel to the immersive #1 worldwide hit archery game is finally here with a brand New free to play tournament! The Merry Five are back to reclaim the Bowmaster mantle so draw your Bow, take aim and release your inner Robin Hood once again!
# Improved version of the popular touch control mechanism in the first Bowmaster.
# Challenging 3D AI opponents with individual strengths, weaknesses and character traits.
# An all new highly detailed 3D medieval world.
# Innovative new game modes with integrated physics elements.
# Olympic inspired base scoring system with bonus points.


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Step up to the plate in Wil & Shelby’s Baseball Battle and take on the world in classic pitcher-vs-batter duels. Hit and pitch with ease using intuitive multi-touch controls. Earn points to increase your power, accuracy and intuition with each victory. Featuring input from 2013 Rookie of the Year Wil Myers and St. Louis ace Shelby Miller, the battle for baseball supremacy is on!

Sign in with Facebook and challenge your friends to duel or battle random players across the globe. Hit multipliers across the field and strikeout foes to accrue crucial points to earn that W.

Use a variety of power-ups to baffle batters and make pitchers pay.

Give your player a unique style with over 100 equipment and clothing items at your disposal. Mix and match uniforms, hats and shoes to boost your attributes and create an all-star athlete that’s out of this world.

Build your stadium from the ground up. From lighting to seating to scoreboards, you’re in charge of the look of your arena.

Refine your hitting and pitching skills in the training ground. Even better, earn coins while you’re at it.

Game Overview
# Equip a variety of bats and gloves to improve your stats
# From pirates to astronauts, become a real character with hundreds of customization combinations
# Show your civic pride with over 25 authentic city skylines for your stadium
# Sign in with Facebook to challenge your friends and sync your save data across all your iOS devices
# Earn achievements and climb the leaderboards with Game Cente


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Handy Soccer is a football game like no other of its kind.
You control the soccer pitch by changing its tilt and in response the pitch moves the ball according to Gravity.
During the game you aim at earning SHOW POINTS rather than scoring goals.
You can earn SHOW POINTS for spectacular rallies with the ball followed by a shot on goal, provided You haven’t been stopped by other players or crossed the pitch edges.
The winning team’s SHOW POINTS are exchanged for the player’s points.
In case of a draw, the player does not receive any SHOW POINTS collected during the match.
After reaching the required amount of SHOW POINTS, each of the teams is awarded with STARS which Multiply the acquired SHOW POINTS.
To change the currently attacking team, you need to score a goal or place the ball in one of the holes on The pitch so the ball switches to the other half of the pitch.
It’s up to you which team you want to play and which one is going to score SHOW POINTS, STARS and Reach out for the CHAMPIONSHIP.
For practicing purposes it’s a good idea to start the game with a single match – FRIENDLY.
After a warm-up session you should check out the CHAMPIONSHIP mode in which you can complete 8 Championship rounds and get a chance at scoring the highest amount of SHOW POINTS.
The game is simple, but can anyone beat our High Score – 10,000 points?

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BOOM! Dominate your friends in intense head-to-head shootouts. This is MADDEN NFL like you’ve never Seen it on mobile. Collect current and legendary NFL stars, then put them in action on your favorite NFL Team. Play all season long – we’ve got live events and fresh challenges to connect you to the action Anytime, anywhere.

If you’re a MADDEN NFL fan, try this fast-paced and original MADDEN game – built exclusively for mobile!

Choose your favorite NFL franchise and make it your ultimate MADDEN NFL team. Customize your roster with real NFL players you collect, manage, and upgrade. Make savvy selections and play out your football fantasy.

MADDEN NFL knows you’re a player first, so test your team on the field. Tap rivals all over the map, and challenge friends, too. Go head-to-head in quick offensive shootouts – or go big in a full 16-game season and take your team to the Super Bowl. Run your offense and defense with an improved analog stick control system and gameplay smooth as a perfect spiral.

Live updates from real events and players put all the intensity of the NFL season right in your hands. Rush into daily challenges and earn awesome rewards – all season long.

This is the next generation of football games. This is MADDEN NFL Mobile.

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