I have a keen interest in automobiles and cars games. Moreover, I also like to play those games which are engaged in the business type. Here I will talk about Junkyard Tycoon which is a virtual car business game. It is a simulation game in which you can start your own garbage garage. The task in this game is all about buying vehicles, detach vehicle parts and sell those parts to earn virtual money.

Features of Junkyard Tycoon:

  • It supports different languages like Spanish, German and French etc
  • Feedback option for the user
  • Reset option to vanish all points
  • Graphics are realistic
  • Casino coin bonus
  • Classic sound effect

How to use play?

The main task is to detach the parts of the vehicle and sell them. Create your own company with the company name. A vehicle will come in which there will be a car. Initially, you need to buy the car, bike, truck & boats and detach its parts. These parts will be battery, engine, fluid, rims etc. When all the parts get detached, sell them out at vehicle part stockroom. Eventually, you can also buy diamonds if you feel it necessary. In this way, you will be able to make money in an easy way. You can also see the tutorial for understanding the game when you play it for the first time.

Last words:

Junkyard Tycoon is a really a good business game that gives a realistic approach of selling parts of vehicles. If you want to start your own scrap heap challenge then this game can be your best cup of coffee. Download it now!!

Junkyard Tycoon