Love playing Hangman or Wheel of Fortune? Then unleash your vocabulary with Word Hack.

Word Hack is a colourful twist to Hangman where speed and accuracy are pivotal to your success.

# PLAY the word-building puzzle built for speed and accuracy

# UNLEASH your vocabulary and puzzle solving skills

# DISCOVER a brand new way to play a classic game

We want Word Hack to be your new favorite word game; leave a review or send feedback and tell us What you think.

Please note: Word Hack may run slowly on the iPhone 4. Word Hack is optimized for iPhone 4s and Above hardware.


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What’s “Zombie Crush: the brain game puzzle ”
If you like puzzle games, brain games, picture puzzles, and other games , then you will love Zombie Crush.
It’s is a simple addictive Brain puzzle game & is one of the most entertaining & challenging puzzle Games for your Apple Gadgets !!
Exercise your logic & enjoy this ultimate vivid electronic game pastime! Be careful: it’s impossible to Stop playing!

“Zombie Crush: the brain game puzzle ” is a fun, quick paced iOS game of Brain exercise skills & simple Mental calculation. If you are looking for a brain puzzle & time pass game to keep your IQ skills sharp This is the one for you
Play for free on your iPhone/iPad/iPod as you match & detonate as many zombies’ faces / monsters as You can in endless action-packed & compete with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & the new Google Play Friends board
I know you will fall in love for this game Why?
# Universal: You can play & enjoy on your all iOS Devices
# Guess what? “Puzzle & Zombies” is FREE, just fun & Entertainment
# “Puzzle & Zombies” is a addictive must have:
# Free Hints to solve puzzle & kill Zombies
# Play game on Different-Different modes.
# WOW Music … You Should Listen Game Sound (Like Uhaa Uhaa I loved that)
# Intense zombie and monster blasting puzzle game play
# Easy to learn, hard to master
# Colorful and vivid splash graphics
# Challenging & 3 unique modes Play Levels, Timed Mode , Endless More
# Choose your Background & make endless fun
# Leader boards to compete against your friends through Facebook
# Purchase from Store: – Hints, Change, Bombs

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Word Search Puzzle Mania is a new, free and exciting word search puzzle quiz game that will keep you Addicted with hundreds of trivia theme levels and your brain challenged for hours.

Unlimited feature trivia vocabulary Fun levels and multi challenging levels to unlock on a huge amount of different trivia theme subjects!

Synchronized with Facebook feature to play with your friends

Unlock free level option too!

Multi Language Quiz Puzzle Game!

Over 500 wordsearch puzzle levels.

Categories include
The list goes on and on !
You can play in
English, French , German, Italian and Spanish

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Can you guess the Picture catchphrase?

Phrazed is a New free and completely addictive picture phrase quiz game that will keep you entertained and your brain challenged for hours!

•Over 60 brain puzzling picture phrase puzzle levels
•puzzle the brain and try to guess the answers to the picture quiz phrase questions!
• A great social quiz. Ask your friends for help to guess the picture phrase puzzle on Facebook if you need backup!
•Even challenge your friends to the picture phrase puzzle game by inviting them by email, text message or Facebook to do better??

How to Play Phrazed picture phrase puzzle !

You’re presented with 2 picture photo phrase puzzles which together make a commonly known catchphrase, phrase or Expression!


Fill in the spaces to complete the hidden picture phrase puzzle word and win the gold coins and points and progress to the next puzzle level!

If you’re stuck you can use the hints and tips and LIFELINES available to move on to the next level!

You can ask your friends for help to the picture phrase puzzle buy sending them an email a message or Facebook

Phrazed picture word phrase puzzle quiz will keep you addicted for hours.

Phrazed picture word phrase game quiz is also a great social game to play with friends

Don’t say we didn’t warn you !!


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Download the #1 number tiles puzzle game Now!!

See why Emoji 4096 is everyone’s Favorite Game!

“It works Perfect, the Best Game Ever!!”

“Fun and exciting … the funniest I’ve joined the numbers and i got the Emoji 4096!!

“YOU will play each time & fall in love with this game ”

“It’s a great game, love playing it! Could sit for hours playing Emoji 4096”

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Free Adventure Pet Puzzle Blast Game!
Bubble Popper Pet Puzzle is an exciting Free & Fun popper game that will keep you playing for hours.
With hundreds of fun levels to play through and boosts available to help you

Bubble Popper Pet Puzzle Features;

# Eye Catching graphics and colourful adventure gameplay
# Quick to learn, but with hours of fun and challenging levels
# Lovable bubble pets of all varieties, puppies, bunnies, piglets and many more!
# Spectacular boosters and bonus rewards unlocked after many adventure puzzle levels
# Bubbles, exploding bombs, and free boost claim feature in store
# An exciting GameCenter for your friends and competitors
# Seamless synchronization with the Facebook and Twitter

How to Play
Match the Pet bubbles to burst them and set the pets free .
Clear the screen as fast as you can!
Use your boosts pets to help you through the more challenging levels by swapping a pet for a matching pet to make a link
Use the store to get FREE boosts also

A great game for You yours Friends and your Family. Very Addictive

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A trivia quiz puzzle game with a unique twist!
It beg’s the ‘question’ – Is Smart Q45 the next addictive mobile game?
Smart Q45 is an innovative questions and answer puzzle trivia game with a difference.

Do you enjoy playing puzzle and trivia games that help increase your knowledge? Would you like to Play a game that combines them both? Then why not download Smart Q45! Soon it will available you To play against your friend and family.

In Smart Q45, players must guess what the hidden image at the bottom is by answering as many Questions on the top before the time runs out. Get a question right and one of the bottom tiles will be Cleared, revealing a part of the hidden image but get it wrong and you will lose a life. The game is over When you either lose all of your lives or run out of time.

Stuck? Then why not use your gems to give yourself an advantage and either get a hint for the hidden Image, clear a random tile at the bottom or eliminate one answer. You can buy more gems in the game Shop via in-app purchase

Take the challenge! Have you got what it takes to get on top of the Smart Q45 leaderboard?

# Global Leaderboards for the top 100 players
# Over 165 levels (with more levels coming soon)
# Unique gameplay
# In App Purchases
# Achievements
# Social Sharing

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Jacob Jones is back in Episode 2 of one of Apples ‘Best of 2013’ games and an App Store Editors Choice.

Following the events of Episode 1, Jacob and Biggie set off to the spooky Crackskull Mountain to try to uncover the secret of Biggies childhood.

Join the new best buddies on a brand new adventure and unravel more of the mystery in a series of brain twisting puzzles and crazy collectibles.

More crazy characters to meet, from statically charged beavers to the charming Miller and his not so charming wife.

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery logog
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Journey through time with Primitives! Challenge time and space in this all new puzzle game! Experience challenging, yet intuitive puzzles, as you travel through beautiful dimensions, and move in harmony to original zen music.

Drag the primitives through over 90 unique levels to find your way out of each enigma. Interact with colors and triggers, prevent collisions and smash time bubbles to save trapped stars. Go back in time and change paths to solve puzzles.

Primitives requires focus, creativity, balance and timing. Each level brings lively and spirited designs, new obstacles, and mind-bending challenges.

Earn stars to unlock advanced levels. Share your highest score and progress with friends!

What’s Inside:
# Over 90 beautifully crafted levels
# Fluid time scrubbing mechanics
# Different characters each with different time perceptions
# Mesmerizing and colorful and puzzles

Primitives logog

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Ernest is 94 years old and world’s best swing jumper. At least in his mind. He has been jumping from a swing his whole life. Unfortunately there has never been any swing jumping competitions where he could have proved himself. One day everything changes when Ernest learns about the upcoming and first ever Swing Jumping World Championships. He decides to participate and prove his hidden talent. During the warm up round he accidently jumps too far and ends up in a cargo ship leaving the harbour. Ernest is now facing the biggest challenge of his life. He needs to make it back in time for the competition. Only you can help Ernest.

Swing Game is compatible only with iPad 2 & newer devices, iPhone 4S & newer and iPod Touch 5th generation. It’s NOT compatible with iPhone 4 , iPod touch 4th Generation and earlier devices.

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